331 Chapter 330: Hidden Danger of the Serpent Soul

"The soul of this Ancient Heaven Serpent is not that simple," Venerable Tian Huo stated, remaining vigilant as his face displayed no signs of joy despite the smooth progress.

As someone who had existed as a soul for countless years, he had a deep understanding of soul bodies. Based on his judgment, if the soul body of the Ancient Heaven Serpent had resisted, they would have needed to exert considerable effort to subdue it.

The fact that the serpent soul was not resisting now meant it had its own plans.

"I will find a way to neutralize its ability to resist," Xiao Ming declared, squinting his eyes as he fixed his gaze on the massive Ancient Heaven Serpent.

The serpent's soul was currently obedient because it lacked a physical body. If it wanted to survive in Qing Lin's body, It could only let itself be controlled by her Triple Jade-Green Snake Flower Pupils. However, as the power of the Ancient Heaven Serpent gradually recovered, it would inevitably attempt to overpower its master and take control of her, leading to an alternative kind of resurrection.

But with Xiao Ming present, it could only dream about that.

In Xiao Ming's eyes, the Ancient Heaven Serpent was nothing more than a tool. He knew how to erode its will, such as by cultivating in the Ancient Dragon Tomb on Ancient Dragon Island. It served as the resting place of ancient dragons over generations and contained an extremely abundant dragon energy that could suppress the nine-headed Heavenly Serpent's soul, allowing it to be fully refined and absorbed.

When the time was right, he would make the necessary arrangements. With his connection to Zi Yan, she would undoubtedly support his decision. By then, Qing Lin's strength would also skyrocket.

Speaking of increasing strength, Xiao Ming thought of his partner.

After condensing the Poison Pill, Xiao Yi Xian's strength would also increase to some extent, making it possible for her to reach the low-star Dou Venerate level without much difficulty. If there was an advanced version of the Poison Pill Method, the Poison Mark Method, her strength would increase even further.

Currently, the Poison Mark Method was not available, but the Poison Pill was feasible.

However, they still needed a place with abundant Yang Qi, which was not easy to find.

The only place Xiao Ming knew of was the Sun Fire Ancient Altar of the Ye Clan.

With his thoughts in motion, Xiao Ming contemplated his next steps:

'It has been a few months since I've been away. It's about time for me to return and officially assume my position as one of the Eight Great Elders. Moreover, I can leverage the Pill Tower's extensive network to search for the burial place of the Woeful Poison Body.'

Xiao Ming realized that he didn't need to search for it himself. What's the most powerful aspect of an alchemist? Connections, of course.

As an eighth-tier alchemist and a prominent figure within the Pill Tower, he had invaluable connections. With a mere order, numerous individuals would eagerly assist in the search and come running to him to claim the credit.

He wasn't concerned about others having ulterior motives regarding the Woeful Poison Body's burial place. Yao Chen had already visited it, and apart from the possessor of the Woeful Poison Body, the remaining items were probably worth less than toilet paper to others.

Xiao Ming felt reassured and didn't have much to worry about.

Alongside that, he believed it was time for him to dedicate some time to seclusion and cultivation. Constantly being on the move wasn't advantageous.

In fact, the higher one's realm, the more challenging it became to make further progress. As long as there were no significant events, the likelihood of encountering some old monster was incredibly low.

This explained why there were countless powerful individuals in the Central Plains, yet few were active on the surface. Most were engrossed in secluded cultivation.

While Xiao Ming's thoughts raced, only a moment had passed outside.

Xiao Yi Xian glanced at the imposing nine-headed serpent, her expression filled with concern.

She voiced her worry, "Is Qing Lin really alright?"

"I feel fine, Sister Xian'er" Qing Lin remained calm and had a gentle smile on her face as if she had not been affected at all. However, seeing Xiao Yi Xian's worried look, she thought for a moment and said.

"The Ancient Heaven Serpent isn't entirely under my control. It's more like it has attached itself to me. Although it has a strong killing intent, the Triple Jade-Green Snake Flower Pupils are currently suppressing it. As long as I don't overuse its power, there shouldn't be any problems."

Relieved by Qing Lin's words, Xiao Ming nodded and added, "Once we return, make sure to diligently practice the soul technique I taught you. I'll also refine some Spirit Nourishing Powder for you. When you break through to the Spirit Realm, the influence of the Ancient Heaven Serpent's soul will be further minimized."

He continued, "If there are any unusual changes with the serpent's soul during this period, inform me immediately. Regardless of the reason, since it willingly fell into your hands, it will obediently become your strength."

Qing Lin's heart warmed, her bright eyes shimmering with tenderness. She lowered her head slightly, saying, "I understand…"

Xiao Ming smiled. With the Ancient Heaven Serpent under their control, this part of their journey could be considered complete. However, besides this achievement, there seemed to be no other significant gains from their expedition.

The burial ground of the Ancient Heaven Serpent seemed exceptionally special, and Xiao Ming even discovered that it had a blocking effect on exploration. But it was still a little disappointing.

Just as Xiao Ming was feeling regretful, Qing Lin looked up and said, "… Young Master, when we subdued the Ancient Heaven Serpent's soul, I managed to obtain fragments of information from it. This blood pool was formed after its fall, and it holds great power for snakes. Perhaps we can allow Xiao Cai to absorb it."

Xiao Ming looked at the blood pool in surprise. It seemed that this had not been mentioned in the simulations before.

Thinking of the features of the simulator, Xiao Ming shook his head inwardly. The simulator was like this. It was impossible to present every detail of the simulated life.

"Does it have a great effect on snakes?" Xiao Ming whispered as he raised his right hand, rolling up his sleeve to reveal a small seven-colored snake coiled around his wrist.

With a flick of his finger, he lightly tapped the head of the small snake. In response, the snake shook and slowly opened its eyes.

As the seven-colored snake awakened, it floated in front of Xiao Ming. Its tiny head rubbed against his cheek, exuding an affectionate demeanor.

Xiao Yi Xian and Qing Lin, who were standing beside him, couldn't help but feel a twinge of envy when they witnessed the snake's affection for Xiao Ming.

Women naturally found cute creatures irresistible, and the Seven-Colored Heaven Swallowing Python was no exception. Otherwise, Xiao Ming wouldn't have brought it along on their journey.

Xiao Yi Xian and Qing Lin were aware that the seven-colored snake was none other than Medusa, but they still found it incredibly endearing. However, the Seven-Colored Heaven Swallowing Python showed intimacy only towards Xiao Ming and Zi Yan, displaying a rather cold attitude towards others unless they brought food in front of it.

Venerable Tian Huo observed the scene silently, sometimes he couldn't help but marvel at Xiao Ming's fortunate encounters. He was surrounded by individuals with extraordinary physiques and bloodlines - the Woeful Poison Body, the Triple Jade-Green Snake Flower Pupils, the Seven-Colored Heaven Swallowing Python, and even Zi Yan, that little girl was also not simple.

"Okay, okay."

He pointed towards the not-so-wide pool of blood and said, "Go and see if that thing is helpful to you."

The Seven-Colored Heaven Swallowing Python halted its movements, its curiosity piqued by Xiao Ming's gesture. It followed his finger, directing its gaze towards the blood pool brimming with potent energy.


With a swift movement of its tail, the rainbow-colored snake vanished from Xiao Ming's sight, reappearing above the blood pool.

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