254 Chapter 254: Life Simulation

Sizzle! Sizzle!

As soon as the fiery net touched the fierce spirit's body, white mist seeped out, permeating the air with a constant sizzling sound. Even though it did not possess much spiritual wisdom, the Fallen Heart Flame was able to directly affect its soul, causing burning pain that was unavoidable.

As the fierce spirit struggled, a blood-red sticky mist continued to gush out from its body, colliding with the surrounding invisible fire net, viciously eroding each other.

"Hmph!" Seeing the fierce spirit's resistance, a cold color flashed across Venerable Tian Huo's eyes, and the seals on his hands abruptly changed. The fire net began to shrink, and as it did, the fierce spirit within it also became smaller.

"Xiao Ming, increase the intensity of the Fallen Heart Flame!" Venerable Tian Huo ordered.

Hearing this, Xiao Ming, who was watching from the side, immediately nodded and snapped his finger, sending a stream of Dou Qi that landed on top of the burning net. As the net engulfed the Dou Qi, the invisible flames surrounding it grew denser and denser. The fierce spirit emitted constant shrieks of anger, but no matter how violently it struggled, it was still unable to break the bonds of the burning net.

As more and more Dou Qi was added, the temperature of the Fallen Heart Flame became more and more terrifying. Only moments later, the fierce spirit finally exploded with a miserable shriek, turning into a sticky, bloody mist floating in the fiery net.

Seeing this scene, Venerable Tian Huo finally let out a faint sigh of relief. The seals on his hands changed, and the fiery net gradually dissipated, turning into a flaming cauldron about three meters in size. Inside the cauldron was the sticky, blood-colored mist. The temperature within the cauldron was extremely frightening, and under the high-temperature refining, the mist slowly began to fade.

Xiao Ming knew that as long as the blood mist was completely refined, the fierce spirit would turn into pure soul power. However, this refinement process was slow, and it would take at least three to four days to complete.

"Next, I need your help to maintain the cauldron. I can't handle its consumption in my current state," Venerable Tian Huo said to Xiao Ming, looking at the blood-colored mist refining in the cauldron.

"Hm." Xiao Ming smiled and nodded. He only needed to provide enough Dou Qi to maintain the Fallen Heart Flame while Venerable Tian Huo controlled the flame. It wouldn't consume too much energy.

Venerable Tian Huo closed his eyes and sat cross-legged in the air, emitting a trace of soul power to control the flames in the cauldron.

Xiao Ming retrieved the high-level alchemy inheritance he had obtained earlier and began to assimilate its contents by dipping his soul into it.


It was past midnight, and the flickering light illuminated Xiao Ming's perfect profile in the quiet secret room.

[Ding, it has been detected that the host has a life simulation opportunity, would you like to start the simulation?]

Hearing this mechanized voice, Xiao Ming slowly opened his eyes, then looked at Venerable Tian Huo in the air. Seeing that he was still sitting cross-legged, he withdrew his gaze.

'Start the simulation.'

[Ding, the current number of simulations is one.]

[Starting the simulation--]

[Day 1: You sit in the secret room, controlling the Fallen Heart Flame while studying the high-level alchemy inheritance you received from Yao Lao.]

[Day 2: You sit in the secret room, feeding the Fallen Heart Flame with plenty of Dou Qi, and you feel that this consumption is only a minor problem for you. As you pore over the contents of the Medicine Sect Inheritance, you feel confident that you're on the cusp of perfecting the Emperor's Stream Pulp Recipe.]

[Day 3: With the completion of the fierce spirit refinement, you watch as Venerable Tian Huo disappears into the white high-level storage ring, and then you exit the secret room.]

[Day 4: You sense Medusa's aura nearby and grow impatient with her persistence. Later in the evening, the princess of the Jia Ma Empire pays you a visit and brings a bounty of medicinal ingredients, including the rare Withered Wood Immortal Vine, Hundred-Flowered Jade Nectar, Purple Crystal Flower...]

[Day 5: You start working on the finishing touches of the Emperor's Stream Pulp Recipe and feel happy looking at the almost-finished recipe.]


[Day 16: You feel that the first transformation of the Sky Fire Three Mysterious Change is not powerful enough, so you want to improve it. You think about improving the flame strength by fusing the Heavenly Flames. To better understand how to fuse them, you take out the Flame Mantra and continue to study it.]


[Day 17: You take out a grain of Spirit Nourishment Powder from your storage ring and examine it repeatedly under Zi Yan's curious gaze.]


[Day 25: You are cultivating the soul technique in your clan and feel very comfortable when suddenly, someone reports to you that a letter from the Jia Ma Imperial Family has arrived.]


[Day 27: You arrive at the border of the Empire and see two Dou Ancestors powerhouses.]


[Day 210: You arrive in a city with a space wormhole and pay a few thousand gold coins for some small pendants to give to your companions.]


[Day 361: While walking down the street with your companions, you notice many women looking at you. Suddenly, a girl's horse runs out of control and almost runs you over. In a hurry, Xiao Yi Xian slaps the horse to death, causing the girl to cry hysterically next to the dead animal.]


[Day 450: You attempt to refine a high-grade seventh-tier pill, the Sand Spirit Pill. You fail and feel immense pain as you watch the ashes of the herbs fly out of the Medicinal Cauldron.]


[Day 671: You are confronted by a powerful member of the Serpent Clan who demands the Serpent Tendril Flower, blocking your path. Impatience gleams in your eyes as warnings go unheeded, leading you to strike and wound him. He threatens to take your life when his father arrives, and you respond with a slap that leaves his head crooked.]

[Day 700: You encounter a Sixth-Rank Magical Beast blocking the road and forcibly seizing married women. Unable to bear it, you casually kill the beast.]


[Day 900: Your cultivation reaches a bottleneck, and after a day of training, you realize that your strength has not increased significantly.]

[Day 1261: In an attempt to improve your strength, you explore a Dou Venerate ruin with Xiao Yi Xian and Qing Lin.]

[Day 1262: You encounter no opponents during the exploration.]

[Day 1263: You obtain a four-colored eighth-tier pill known as the Soul Cleansing Liquid.]

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