249 Chapter 249: Hidden Title (4)

Seeing that Xiao Ming dared to charge at the two of them alone, Protector Wu and Protector Xuan sneered.

Chains emerged around their bodies, lunging towards Xiao Ming like poisonous snakes, and at the same time, both of them disappeared from sight.

"Brat, you don't know life or death, how dare you come here alone? Since you are so eager to die, then we will grant it to you!"

"You want me to die, just with you two?"

With a sneer on his lips, Xiao Ming launched a powerful punch, causing the surrounding Dou Qi and flames to surge in tandem. The size of his punch was like that of a sandbag, creating shockwaves that rippled through the space with unparalleled force. The impact was accompanied by a burst of intense wind, striking with brutal force.


Where his fist landed, a black shadow appeared. Their fists collided, causing waves of energy to spread out in all directions, creating muffled sounds like thunder in the sky. The black shadow did not withstand the impact and was sent flying backwards.

Turning around, Xiao Ming delivered a whip kick with a crisp collision sound, and another black shadow was forced back.

Shink! Shink!

The three figures disappeared once again into the sky, only to reappear a hundred meters away in a matter of moments. As they moved, the thunderous roars from the sky and the flashes of their figures filled the air. Each time they appeared, their powerful clashes produced explosions that shook the earth and made those below shudder with fear.

The black clouds swirled overhead, creating an ominous atmosphere. Occasionally, when there was a fluctuation of energy, the thick layer of black clouds would briefly open up, allowing a ray of sunshine to penetrate the darkness. However, even the sunlight failed to bring warmth to the intense battle raging below.


While Xiao Ming fought in the sky against the Hall of Souls Protectors. After he left, Yao Tian Huo waved his palm and from each of his five fingers, a small flame floated out and under the infusion of his soul power, it burst out forcefully.

"Five Ring Flame Expelling Technique!"

In an instant, the five flames changed and merged to form five fire spirits - Wolf, Leopard, Lion, Tiger, and Dragon. Each of which was no less than fifteen meters in size, roaring skyward in a mighty manner and emitting a blazing, domineering aura.

These five flames were all beast flames that Xiao Ming had prepared for him.

Yao Tian Huo was most skilled with his famous technique, the Five Ring Flame Expelling Technique, and even in his current soul state, with his flame control achievement, he could control several beast flames with ease.

Forming a seal in his hand, the five fire spirits attacked in all directions, scattering all the black fog within a hundred-meter radius of the sky where they passed, and arranged themselves in a pentagonal shape.

At the same time, five pillars of fire of completely different colors shot out of their mouths and headed straight for each other's bodies, forming a perfect pentagonal shape of light!

As the pillars of fire entered their bodies, the five fire spirits also burst forth with a brilliant radiance. Beams of light shot out from the spirits and intertwined in the air, creating a complex and intricate pattern.

The crisscrossing of the light beams formed a very complicated luminous matrix in the sky in a short time.

The five kinds of beast flames, each of which was only at the fifth and sixth rank, temporarily merged with the wondrous veil of fire, and the destructive aura emitted caused people to feel a terrifying sensation.

"Sky Incinerating Expelling Flames!"

Under the curtain of fire, fantastic flames intertwined in five colors steadily emerged and became a towering sea of fire that headed toward the Spirit Envoys within the formation. In the process, it was unknown how many soul bodies released by Protector Xuan had been incinerated, while the flames avoided the people of the Jia Ma Empire on the ground, so due to Yao Tian Huo's control of the flames, they were basically harmless.


Clang Clang Clang!

Two black patches of fog flew out backwards, and when the fog dissipated, their shapes became clearer, and the figures of the two Hall of Souls Protectors faintly emerged.

"Damn! This Xiao Ming is not easy to deal with." Protector Xuan's voice trembled slightly. The Protectors of the Hall of Souls were all soul bodies, and in the battle just now, Xiao Ming had used a kind of Heavenly Flame that could burn the soul, which was very restrictive for them.

Therefore, although he and Protector Wu had done their best so far, they still suffered quite serious injuries.

Protector Wu felt very uncomfortable as well. One had to know that he was an Earth Grade Protector, a five-star Dou Ancestor. Earlier, Protector Xuan had told him to be careful, and he had not understood the reason, but now he did. This Xiao Ming was only a one-star Dou Ancestor, but he actually fought back and forth against him and Protector Xuan, and even hit them so hard that he felt like he was going to vomit blood.

"Damn brat! Protector Xuan, has your fierce spirit formed yet? Summon it quickly and let's besiege him together!"

"Well... yes, but it's been stopped!" Protector Xuan's tone revealed helplessness.

Not far away, Xiao Yi Xian had Dou Qi coalescing around her body as she fought against the fierce spirit.


"Are you two done babbling amongst yourselves? It's time to send you to the afterlife!"

Xiao Ming calmed the churning Dou Qi around his body for a moment, then his hands began to fiercely form seals.

"Sky Fire Three Mysterious Change: Fallen Heart Transformation!"

As Xiao Ming's words fell, his aura rose sharply, and only stopped when he reached the three-star Dou Ancestor.

Seeing Xiao Ming, whose aura had skyrocketed, Protector Xuan and Protector Wu's faces changed greatly.

Holy crap! This brat had beaten them up with his one-star Dou Ancestor, causing them injuries, and now being a three-star Dou Ancestor, wouldn't he easily deal with them?

There was a big difference between each star in the Dou Ancestor realm.

"Protector Xuan, use the secret technique!" Protector Wu commanded urgently, knowing that they were running out of options.

"I have given all my soul bodies to be released and used to make the fierce spirit!" Protector Xuan's voice was hoarse, as all of the Hall of Souls' secret techniques were made with souls. "You don't have any more?" He then asked anxiously.

"You said you wanted to make a formation; didn't I lend you all my soul bodies?" Protector Wu gritted his teeth and replied.

"Right now, I only have Yao Chen's soul body with me."

Yao Chen's soul body was his hope to claim credit and improve his strength.

He could not swallow him just like that.

Xiao Ming didn't mind waiting for them to search for a soul body to enhance his strength, he directly turned into a red glow, and appeared in front of the two of them.

"Hao Ran Gang Yan Sword!" he roared, unleashing two red sword Qi's that measured three meters long and hurtled straight towards their heads.

Protector Wu managed to evade with great effort, but Protector Xuan did not have the same luck, and under Protector Wu's eyes, the long red sword Qi pierced straight through the weaker Protector Xuan, followed by a wave of invisible flames.

"AHHH!" With a miserable cry, Protector Xuan directly turned into fog and dissipated from the world.

Witnessing this gruesome scene, Protector Wu's heart skipped a beat.

"Hmph! You made me do this!!"

A soul body spewed out, and immediately, his hands moved in strange and complicated hand seals, and an instant later, a sharp cry abruptly resounded through the heavens!

"Nine Forest Hundred Soul Devourer!"

As the screeching cry fell, a strange black fog abruptly emerged from Protector Wu's body, enveloping Yao Lao's entire soul body, and immediately, a chewing sound slowly spread out from the black fog.

The fluctuations of the black fog became increasingly violent, and in the end, it boiled like a pot, constantly spitting out black circles towards the sky. After a moment of spitting out the black circles, the black fog began to shrink rapidly. Finally, a figure shrouded in a set of black armor appeared under Xiao Ming's gaze.

The black armor was dark and its material was unknown, covered with strange patterns. Looking closely, it turned out to be a grim-faced head pattern, and upon closer inspection, it was actually Yao Lao's head!

When Protector Wu appeared again, a terrifying cold aura, which was several times stronger than before, slowly spread, and finally enveloped the entire Misty Cloud Mountain.

"Although I lost a lot by swallowing Yao Chen's soul. By offering the Heavenly Flames to the Hall Chief, as well as a Dou Venerate soul body and three Dou Ancestors… the reward won't be much worse! Jie Jie..."







Title: Yao Lao's Death


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