233 Chapter 233: Soul Technique

Han Feng was frantically shouting, wanting Xiao Ming to deal with Yao Lao.

The reason for this, aside from his fear of falling into Yao Lao's hands, was that he really didn't understand Xiao Ming's thinking.

Who was Han Feng? He was a ruthless man who could kill his Master if there were enough benefits involved.

He believed in the principle of profit above all else, and the Dou Qi Continent was a society where the strong dominated the weak.

Now, in front of Xiao Ming was a massive opportunity for profit.

Not to mention the soul technique, the high-level alchemy inheritance, and the method to refine a body.

What he had in front of him were two Heavenly Flames!

Han Feng could not understand how Xiao Ming could be indifferent to two Heavenly Flames, wasn't it something he could pocket with a wave of his hand?

He was now so anxious because of Xiao Ming that he couldn't wait to take his place and directly kill Xiao Yan and Yao Lao. He did not believe that under all kinds of torture, Yao Lao would not surrender all his possessions.

Even if Yao Lao didn't give in, wouldn't the Heavenly Flames still be there?

Han Feng's shouts made Yao Lao's eyes become warier as he looked at Xiao Ming, and even he had to admit that Han Feng's words were really convincing.

Ordinary people really couldn't help but make a move.

However, Han Feng's words went in one ear and out the other for Xiao Ming. It wasn't that Han Feng's words were without reason, but because Xiao Ming knew that Yao Lao was not lying - he did not have a copy of the soul technique that was of most interest to Xiao Ming.

In the original story, when Yao Lao was captured by the Hall of Souls and Xiao Yan inherited his Bone Flame Ring, there was no soul technique in it. Although many things had changed dramatically from the original story, Yao Lao still had no reason to create a copy of the soul technique.

This soul technique had to be something mysterious, and not something that could be replicated just by thinking about it.

As for taking the Heavenly Flames by force, this was not something that was in line with his character, after all, Yao Lao had not offended him before.

Although Xiao Yan and Yao Lao had provoked him by proposing to use his partner's Heavenly Flame as a bargaining chip, killing someone solely for that reason would be excessive.

Of course, if Xiao Ming had known that Xiao Yan had considered seizing it from her, the situation would have been different.

While contemplating how to acquire Yao Lao's soul technique, Xiao Ming stood there in silence.

Yao Lao, perceiving this, thought that Xiao Ming was deciding whether to make a move or not. His face fluctuated with emotions before he finally let out a sigh.

"Fine, let's make a deal. I can offer you all three things, however, I will not give you my own high-level alchemy inheritance. Instead, I will provide you with something I obtained in some secret realm."

"In return, during the three-year agreement of Xiao Yan-Zi, you must be present and escort him safely to the foot of the mountain. I will give you the high-level alchemy inheritance and the body refining method in advance, but I will only provide you with the soul technique after the three-year agreement is fulfilled. How does that sound?"

Xiao Ming did not expect Yao Lao to suddenly change his mind, After a moment of reflection, he realized that Yao Lao might have misperceived his intentions.

Nevertheless, he didn't bother to correct Yao Lao's misunderstandings, as long as he could achieve his goal.

One issue remained to be negotiated, however. "You're saying that you'll only hand over the soul technique after the three-year agreement?" Xiao Ming asked to confirm.

"That's right." Yao Lao replied.

"I disagree." Xiao Ming firmly refused. He remembered that in the Simulator, he was unable to obtain the soul technique from Yao Lao, and he was sure it was because of Yao Lao's condition of handing it over after the three-year agreement.

Even if that was not the case, Xiao Ming did not want to wait any longer, he preferred to get his hands on the soul technique as quickly as possible, and thus avoid sleepless nights.

"Give me the soul technique first, I won't change my mind about this, and you can give me the high-level alchemy inheritance after the three-year agreement."

Yao Lao narrowed his eyes as he thought for a moment before reluctantly nodding.

"Alright, give this rebellious disciple to me first!"

"Xiao Ming, you son of a...!" Han Feng was shocked at the agreement between the two and was about to curse loudly, but Xiao Ming quickly silenced him with a wave of his hand.

Han Feng's mission to upset Yao Lao had already been accomplished, so there was no need for him to keep speaking.

Instead of handing over Han Feng immediately, Xiao Ming said, "First, give me the soul technique and the method for refining the body."

"You don't trust this old man?" Han Feng being silenced restored Yao Lao to his former composure.

Xiao Ming smiled noncommittally and did not respond.

"Forget it." Yao Lao sighed, and with a wave of his hand, the storage ring on Xiao Yan's finger came off and floated in front of Yao Lao's illusory body.

After searching for a moment, a scroll appeared in front of Yao Lao's soul body.

"This is the method to refine a body, I really don't have any copies of the soul technique, so come closer and I'll tell you."

Xiao Ming was not afraid that Yao Lao would play a trick on him, so he walked straight towards him and then stopped beside him.

Yao Lao did not play any tricks and directly began to recite a mantra.

To Xiao Yi Xian and the others, Yao Lao's mouth only opened and no sound came out, so one could not tell what he was saying.

Xiao Ming, on the other hand, heard it loud and clear.

"Reach the peak of the soul... Embrace stillness in meditation... Clear the mind of all distractions... Absorb the soul into emptiness... Temper the soul and purify the heart."

Yao Lao's old voice reverberated quietly in Xiao Ming's mind, like a sound that made people go into a trance.

After reciting it silently three times, Yao Lao stopped. And Xiao Ming revealed a satisfied smile.

"This fellow Han Fen is all yours." After casually pointing his finger at Han Feng, Xiao Ming walked towards Venerable Tian Huo and handed him the body refining method he just obtained.

Only after Yao Tian Huo had read it, Xiao Ming looked at him as he held the scroll with a delighted smile on his face, and said:

"Senior Yao, what do you think of this method to refine a body to bring you back to life?

"It's very good, with this secret method and your Fungus Green Pill, I will be able to easily recover my strength to the fullest."

This method to refine a body wasn't really simple, in order for a refined body to contain the soul of a Dou Venerate, three main things were needed.

First, a Bone Growing Blood Fusing Pill - a legendary pill that could instantly revive even a person who was half-dead, and was at the peak of the seventh tier or even higher.

Secondly, the blood essence of a seventh-tier magical beast - a powerful ingredient that requires no further explanation.

Thirdly, the corpse of a Dou Ancestor powerhouse - another critical element that speaks for itself.

All of these things were difficult to obtain, but Yao Tian Huo had great confidence in Xiao Ming.

After Yao Tian Huo returned the body refinement method to him, Xiao Ming casually glanced at it and was also very confident.

Having obtained a corpse of a seventh-tier magical beast from the simulator, he already had the blood essence.

When he improved his alchemy skills a bit more, he could also start preparing to refine the Bone Growing Blood Fusing Pill, it was just that finding the medicinal herbs would be a bit troublesome.

The only missing ingredient was the corpse of a Dou Ancestor powerhouse, which Xiao Ming did not currently possess.


While Xiao Ming was going through the obtained items, Yao Lao was not idle either, as he directly pulled Han Feng to the side.

A few moments later, Han Feng was directly burned to death by the grief-stricken Yao Lao, putting an end to his sinful life.

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