232 Chapter 232: Han Feng's Instigation

After the initial shock passed, Han Feng realized that something was amiss. The Yao Lao in front of him seemed to be a soul body, just like him, and the atmosphere between them was far from friendly.

As various thoughts raced through his mind, Han Feng's expression became uncertain. He then settled on a fierce expression, thinking that he might be able to rely on Xiao Ming to kill Yao Lao!

With murderous intent showing on his face, Han Feng raised his head, looking like a venomous snake ready to strike, and spoke in a hoarse voice.

"Xiao Ming, don't you also like collecting Heavenly Flames? Let me tell you, this old man in front of you has the Chilling Bone Flame, which ranks eleventh on the Heavenly Flame Ranking!"

"Tsk Tsk, the Chilling Bone Flame?" Hearing Han Feng's words, Xiao Ming turned his head and feigned interest as he looked at Yao Lao.

When Yao Lao heard Han Feng's words, he frowned in concern.

Although he had always had a positive impression of Xiao Ming, who had always been kind when he was in the clan, this was because there had never been any interests involved.

Wasn't Han Feng himself an example of this? Having been raised as Yao Lao's own son yet still capable of killing him when tempted by interests.

The temptation of the Chilling Bone Flame was something that could make many alchemists lose their minds.

He couldn't guarantee that under the temptation, Xiao Ming wouldn't lose his mind as well.

Seeing that Xiao Ming was only looking at Yao Lao without any intention of making a move, Han Feng became somewhat anxious and quickly added, "Don't worry, I won't lie to you. As his first disciple, I know his details like the back of my hand. If you kill him, not only will you get the Chilling Bone Flame, but you'll also be able to take his high-level alchemy inheritance!"

This was obviously a fabrication by Han Feng. He had always thought Yao Lao was dead, so how would he know what valuable things Yao Lao had now? He only said it to arouse Xiao Ming's greed and make him attack Yao Lao.

Every time Han Feng spoke, the air around Yao Lao grew colder, and eventually, Yao Lao became extremely silent, obviously irritated by Han Feng.

At that moment, Xiao Yan, who had already calmed down considerably, stood up with an expressionless face and waved his palm. A fierce flame emerged from his body, spinning like a tornado on his palm before attacking Han Feng.

"Master-killing motherfucker! Damned scoundrel!"

As soon as Xiao Yan launched his attack, Han Feng's pupils narrowed. Normally, as the soul body of a sixth-tier Alchemist, he should have been unfazed by Xiao Yan's attack. But what made him react in such a way was that he had detected the use of a Heavenly Flame in Xiao Yan's attack, and also a familiar aura in his Qi Method that was strikingly similar to the one he himself cultivated.

Upon closer inspection, he realized that Xiao Yan's Qi Method was even purer and more orthodox than his own.

Years ago, in his pursuit of the Flame Mantra, he had not hesitated to poison his Master, but he had only obtained a fragment of the technique. And yet, it was this fragment that had allowed him to control the Sea Heart Flame.

There could only be one Qi Method in the world that was purer and more orthodox than the Flame Mantra fragment - the complete version of the Flame Mantra!

'I never expected that the 'Flame Mantra', which I begged him to teach me, would be given to a brat like you. Did he think you were better than me?' Han Feng spoke to himself in a dark and bitter tone, his voice containing unmistakable jealousy and resentment.

'If he had passed the Flame Mantra to me back then, I would have still treated him with respect and gratitude. But who can blame me? That old fool didn't have any eyes, he couldn't see my talent.' Han Feng's face was full of resentment and his emotions seemed a bit agitated.

He had always thought that if Yao Lao had been willing to pass on the Flame Mantra to him in the past, the current situation would have been vastly different.

As Han Feng spoke to himself, he did not worry about the attack launched by Xiao Yan, as he believed that since Xiao Ming had released him, he would not let him die easily.

In fact, as he was thinking, a figure suddenly appeared in front of Han Feng.

The figure extended a hand and directly smashed Xiao Yan's attack which seemed so powerful.


With a faint sound, the attack was completely wiped away, leaving no trace.

Xiao Yan pursed his lips as he looked at Xiao Ming's palm, which had not moved at all as if his previous attack had not affected it in the slightest.

He had accumulated his strength for a long time and even used his Heavenly Flame in the previous attack, but he did not expect Xiao Ming to emerge unscathed. A Dou Ancestor powerhouse was truly terrifying!

"Cousin, using this Han Feng as a bargaining chip to negotiate with my Master... that's not too good, is it...?"

Xiao Yan was about to say something else when he was interrupted by Yao Lao.

"That's enough! I'll make a deal with you. As long as you hand over this rebellious disciple Han Feng to me, I can give you the high-level alchemy inheritance, as well as the method of refining a body!" Yao Lao's voice trembled a little, and it was uncertain whether it was due to being upset or for another reason.

Seeing Yao Lao accept the deal, Xiao Ming was inwardly happy.

He had released Han Feng to provoke Yao Lao's anger, but he had not expected that Han Feng would actually be so useful that Yao Lao quickly accepted the deal.

But Xiao Ming's happiness did not last long.

"Hm? What about the soul technique?" Seeing that Yao Lao did not mention the soul technique, Xiao Ming frowned and secretly thought that things would not be that simple.

"Hehe, although this rebellious disciple means a lot to me, his actual value is not at all comparable to a high-level alchemy inheritance or a body refining method. Not to mention something like a soul technique, which would be coveted even if placed in the Central Plains. Don't even think of trying to snatch it either. I don't have a copy of the technique with me, so you won't be able to get it even if you kill me."

Although Yao Lao was angry, he had not become irrational.


Xiao Ming was silent. Among the conditions he had proposed, the one he was most concerned about was actually the soul technique, which was related to whether he could quickly break through to an eighth-tier Alchemist in the future.

With the method to refine the body, the soul body could be revived if it was still intact after death.

The latter was the High-Level Alchemy Inheritance. Because he had obtained Han Feng's storage ring, Xiao Ming did not have too much need for a High-Level Alchemy Inheritance in the short term.

Unexpectedly, this Yao Lao was quite cunning, would he really directly give away his most precious soul technique?

Of course, he wouldn't, and unfortunately, there was nothing Xiao Ming could do about it.

This was because Yao Lao was right, this Han Feng really wasn't worth such a high price.

Han Feng couldn't believe it when he saw that Xiao Ming was going to exchange him with Yao Lao, and he shouted frantically, "Xiao Ming, are you stupid!? If you kill the other party, all his stuff will be yours, so why are you still exchanging with him?"

"You just have to kill him, and you can get everything you want from him, including the Heavenly Flame! They have two Heavenly Flames! And yet you want to exchange with him, are you crazy!?"

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