19 Chapter 19: The richest of Jia Nan Academy

'Heh, the Dou Qi continent is really dangerous, you can be kidnapped even when traveling on the way home, this Dou Emperor woman is really...'

The corners of his mouth twitched as he thought about what the Dou Emperor woman from the simulator had done after capturing him.

In theory, after being captured, the other party was still a female Dou Emperor, so following her would have produced some advanced inputs into the system, such as sixth grade pills, high-grade Dou Techniques, advanced medicinal materials, etc.

It's not so bad to get caught, it's just what happens in the simulator anyway, it doesn't really affect him, so, at least it increases the contents of the prize pool right?

These things can be common enough for a high ranking Dou Emperor to not even give them a glance.

Besides, the simulated version of himself was at least considered a high level alchemist in the North-Western Region, so how could he not make use of it, but see what happened!

In the hundreds of days that he had been trapped, his Dou Qi had been sealed from start to finish, and what appeared the most was actually a second-grade elixir called Tiger Return Life Essence Pill, and any other mention of a high-grade pill had only appeared once or twice.

"Uf-" Exhaling slightly to calm his mind, Xiao Ming made his choice among the options given by the simulator in his mind.

[Third tier pill, "Cleansing Ice Spirit Liquid", 600,000 gold coins, Second Rank Wind Magic Core]

Second Rank Wind Magic Core was not considered, something that at most cost tens of thousands of gold coins.

For this thing, the Cleansing Ice Spirit Liquid, it was a pill recipe that Elder Huo had found for himself, in order to eliminate the fire poison in his body.

This kind of third tier pill was of no use to him now, 600,000 gold coins, he could buy a lot of herbs, and he himself could refine some bottles at any time.

It was obvious which one to choose.

"I didn't expect pure gold coins to be the best this time."

Touching the four or five storage rings that were strung on a string and hung between his neck, Xiao Ming sighed as he thought about his lottery draws over the years.

What he wanted was actually still some of the wonders of heaven and earth like Heavenly Flame and Green Rock Mystic Water.

He had lost count of the exact number of simulations he had done over the years and hadn't specifically bothered to count them, but a rough count now was about two hundred times.

Each time he pulled out an item, which was the most common among the three choices?

The six most common categories were gold coins, Dou Techniques, Qi Methods, medicinal herbs, pills, and weapons.

This is because these are the most common items that most cultivators need and can afford.

Of course, after he became an alchemist, there were many alchemists he also dealt with, and recipes for pills and precious herbs, as well as magic cores, appeared more frequently.

Xiao Ming referred to them collectively as the Eight Heavenly Simulator Kings.

Treating the items extracted by the simulator like a lottery pool, the life simulation process was equivalent to injecting prizes into the pool.

Even if the odds ratio did not exist, whichever category had the most items, the probability of drawing them was greater.

With the Eight Heavenly Kings, something as rare as a Heavenly Flame is naturally the one with the lowest probability in a prize pool of hundreds of items, and he hadn't drawn it since he first drew Fallen Heart Flame.

This also goes to show that, while simulations can bring good things, it's actually a bit difficult to get the items you specifically want to show up.

The good thing is that the eight heavenly kings are the ones that everyone needs and knows most often, but there really are a lot of good things.

Xiao Ming had drawn and picked tens of thousands of gold coins thirty times as he had just done, and although it wasn't 600,000 each time, it all added up to a whopping eight million gold coins.

That's right, you heard it right, with the simulator alone he got more than eight million gold coins, the income of the entire Xiao family for eighty years.

Many powers with great strength in the Black-Corner Region were also unable to raise that amount of money.

The gold coins were still a small amount, the Qi Methods and Dou Techniques obtained from the simulator were the big ones, thirty-three low Xuan class Qi Methods and Dou Techniques, nineteen intermediate Xuan class Qi Methods and Dou Techniques, and ten high Xuan class Qi Methods and Dou Techniques.

The three Lower Di Class Dou Techniques and Qi Methods were the Ice Attribute Dou Technique "Cold Heaven and Icy Earth", the Thunder Attribute Dou Technique "Nine Revolutions of Frightful Thunder Duel", and the Fire Attribute Dou Technique "Hao Ran Gang Yan Sword".

An Intermediate Dou Technique of Di Class with Fire Attribute "Sanyan Void Spirit Seal".

An Advanced Dou Technique Di Class with no attribute "Duel of Nourishing Spirits".

Other than that, there were also pills.

The pills obtained from the simulator were, two vials of Second Tier Pill, Peiyuan Pill, five vials of Ice Heart Pill, one Ice Spirit Pill, one vial of Nourishing Spirit Pill, one Ice Jade Bone, two vials of Bone Builder Pill, and one Nourishing Qi Dispersion.

Third tier pills.... Ten bottles in total.

Fourth tier pills... Eleven bottles in total.

Fifth tier pills, one is the Wang Breaker Pill, the Blood Lotus Pill, and the Qi Cultivation Pill.

Lower level sixth tier pills, one is the Broken Wang Pill and the Vitality Pill.

Sixth grade pills, one is the Longevity Green Meditation Pill and the Qi Burning Pill.

Seventh grade pills or higher, one is Life Devouring Pill and Life Returning Pill.

The Life Simulator gives one pill or one bottle, with a standard pack of three pills per bottle.

There were also quite a few weapons, but the best was a sword with a fifth-grade fire magic core that Xiao Ming had selected on his way to the Jia Nan Academy, and the other few weapons were all sold by Xiao Ming, earning about a million gold coins.

Six or seven precious medicinal herbs, a fifth rank magical beast fire with wood attribute, "Peach Blossom Flame", a four outlets for fire Medicinal Cauldron and a fifth rank magical core with ice attribute.

Dou Technique "Sanyan Void Spirit Seal" experience card, and third tier alchemy experience card for "Swift Wind Pill"...

Five storage rings, including a fire red intermediate storage ring, the others were all low grade storage rings.

Thanks to these storage rings, Xiao Ming was able to put in so many gold coins, knowing that the gold coins given by the life simulator could all be cash.

Other than that, the rest of the things are all worthless gadgets.

After careful thought, Xiao Ming actually discovered that he had obtained quite a few good things.

If he sold all these things, Xiao Ming felt that he could compete for the title of Jia Nan Academy's richest man.

After all, apart from the things he obtained from the Life Simulator, Xiao Ming had also made quite a few pills himself.

There were also Qi Methods, Dou Techniques, pill recipes, etc. that his master, Elder Huo, had given him.

These added up to Xiao Ming's entire fortune.

It wasn't too much of a competition to be the richest in Jia Nan Academy, was it?

Of course, Xiao Ming had no intention of selling these things at this time, after all, he already had a strong cash flow.

Therefore, Xiao Ming intended to keep these techniques to himself and bring them back to the Xiao family when the time came, to add some reserves to the Xiao family.

After all, the Xiao family had treated him well, and he, Xiao Ming, was not a person to forget his roots, so he could help a little.

Sometimes, Xiao Ming felt embarrassed when he thought about how the Xiao Clan, once one of the eight ancient families, had fallen to the point where the highest fire attribute Dou Technique was a High Level Huang Class, and the highest level of Dou Technique was an Intermediate Level Xuan Class, and this could only be practiced by the clan leader and elders.

Of course, he knew why the Xiao clan had fallen, aside from the Xiao family's own lack of talent, the people of the Gu clan should have been responsible for this, and some of the Xiao family's Dou Techniques had definitely fallen to the Gu clan.

Gu Yuan had once promised Xiao Xuan to take care of the Xiao family, and the care had become like this now, and then Gu Yuan even sent Gu Xun'er to steal the Tou She Ancient God's Jade, Xiao Ming really felt that Gu Yuan should change his name to Shameless Gu.

Unfortunately, the cultivation world was a world where the strong eat the weak.

There was nothing Xiao Ming could do to Gu Yuan right now, he would only remember to collect this interest in the future.



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