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Chapter 183: Strength Improvement, Poison Pill Method

"Xiao Ming, you finally came out!"

Inside the courtyard, Zi Yan, who was bored and waving her little legs, saw Xiao Ming, and her big purple eyes lit up as she flew towards him.

Xiao Yi Xian, who was next to her, also happily approached.

Xiao Ming smiled and captured Zi Yan, who came flying towards him and stroked her little head. Then he turned to look at Xiao Yi Xian and smiled at her.

Xiao Yi Xian smiled back as she looked from the side.

A moment later, Xiao Ming turned his head to look around and discovered that Qing Lin's small figure was not here, so he looked at Xiao Yi Xian again and asked, "Where is Qing Lin?".

"Qing Lin has already gone to Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower to cultivate, she is very serious about helping her Young Master as soon as possible in the future, so she has been cultivating very hard these days."

"You don't have to worry about her overexerting herself, I have been taking care of her and only allowing her to cultivate in the Tower for a safe time." Xiao Yi Xian said gently.

In fact, it wasn't just Qing Lin, Xiao Yi Xian had also been cultivating very hard these days.

However, her way of cultivating was by controlling her poison by day and ingesting poison at night, that was why she did not accompany Qing Lin to the Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower.

These days, she had already consumed all the poison pills that Xiao Ming had left for her before entering seclusion, and now her strength had risen to five-star Dou Grandmaster.

The speed of her cultivation was so fast that the previous Xiao Ming could not even dream of catching up.

From this, one could imagine how terrifying the Woeful Poison Body really was.

If this Woeful Poison Body didn't usually meet a tragic end, it would undoubtedly be a top-tier physique sought after by everyone in the Dou Qi Continent.

However, this would not be the case, as there was Xiao Ming to prevent it.

Hearing Xiao Yi Xian's words, Zi Yan, who was in Xiao Ming's arms, also raised her head, and gave Xiao Ming a pitiful look as she said, "I'm sorry, Xiao Ming, I said I would help you, but I wasn't present at that moment."

Zi Yan was very embarrassed at this moment, earlier, she had made a whole scene at the midnight, trying to convince Xiao Ming to let her participate, mentioning that he was her good friend and would beat up anyone who dared to threaten him.

Later, when Xiao Ming was refining pills, Zi Yan stayed by his side the whole time.

However, Zi Yan herself was a character who could not sit still.

It took Xiao Ming two months to refine the pills, so Zi Yan could not sit still and decided to go out for a moment to look for herbs.

Who would have guessed that just the day she decided to go out would be the day Han Feng and his group would attack Xiao Ming? When she returned, it was long over.

She was so angry that she directly punished herself by eating an herb that had not been refined into a pill.

Well, that medicinal herb had been taken from the Herb Warehouse...

"Hehe, I don't care about these things." Xiao Ming said as he pinched her cheeks.

It wasn't like he hadn't imagined that something like that would happen, so he didn't mind.

"Although Mister Gold and Mister Silver were strong, they didn't really cause me any major injuries."

"Then why have you been in seclusion for so long? You were secluded for a month! Weren't you healing your wounds?"

Zi Yan blinked her big eyes and said, she thought that Xiao Ming had been secluded for so long because he was injured from fighting with others.

"Actually, I was devouring a Heavenly Flame." Xiao Ming scratched his cheek and said, he also didn't expect it to take him so long this time, in fact, it didn't take him that long to devour the Heavenly Flame, what took him longer was absorbing the energy.

This month had been neither too long nor too short.

But it was always worth it, after absorbing the Sea Heart Flame, Xiao Ming's strength had increased to seven-star Dou Emperor.

It had to be said that Han Feng really brought him good luck.

If he had chosen to devour the Sea Heart Flame in the Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower, Xiao Ming would have had a 30% chance of directly breaking through Dou Ancestor.

However, after deep consideration, Xiao Ming had no intention of doing so, for one thing, his current strength was progressing too fast, he had only broken through Dou Emperor for a very short period of time, and had already reached the seven-star by devouring the Heavenly Flames energy, and he hadn't even cultivated normally yet.

It was always important to cultivate step by step and steadily, so he then planned to cultivate on his own for a period of time.

Anyway, with his talent, it wouldn't take him long to advance to another star if he concentrated on cultivating.

Secondly, the probability of breaking through Dou Ancestor by devouring Sea Heart Flame would have been very low.

If his own realm was a little higher, the probability of breaking through Dou Ancestor would also be higher.

Xiao Ming estimated that when he would be in the peak Dou Emperor, the probability of directly reaching Dou Ancestor by devouring the Fallen Heart Flame would be more than twice as high as it is now.

Therefore, Xiao Ming was in no hurry to get the Fallen Heart Flame from the Academy.

Speaking of this, Xiao Ming suddenly thought of something, and with a flick of his mind, the ring on his finger flickered blue and a white scroll appeared in his hand.

"What is this?" Seeing this scroll, Xiao Yi Xian and Zi Yan were a little puzzled, not knowing why Xiao Ming suddenly took out this scroll.

"This is the Poison Pill Method," Xiao Ming said as he handed it to Xiao Yi Xian.

"The Poison Pill Method!" Hearing this, Xiao Yi Xian was surprised and hurriedly took the scroll.

Xiao Ming had always said that there was more than one method to solve her physique, two to be exact.

But not even a shadow of the Nether Poison Flame had been seen yet, and the Poison Pill Method, although it was almost ready according to what Xiao Ming had said, she had never actually seen the exact method to solve it.

Now that she had finally seen it, Xiao Yi Xian unconsciously felt more at ease.

The scroll was something Xiao Ming had found in the Serene Sea Storage Ring, and as Xiao Yi Xian looked at the contents of the scroll, Xiao Ming said.

"To refine the Poison Pill, roughly divided, three items are required, the first is three kinds of Heavenly Flame, the second is the Monster Core of a seventh rank Sky Poison Dragon Scorpion Beast, and the third is the Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva."

"Needless to say, I already possess the Heavenly Flames, and I also have the Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva, so I just need to find a seventh-rank Sky Poison Dragon Scorpion Beast."

"Xian'er, you should know that I already asked the Academy for help in finding this seventh-rank Sky Poison Dragon Scorpion Beast, so it's only a matter of time-"

Before Xiao Ming could finish his words, he was interrupted by Xiao Yi Xian's movement.

Xiao Yi Xian's soft cherry-colored lips kissed his cheek, while her melodious voice sounded softly near his ear, "Mhm, I know, I trust you."

In Xiao Ming's arms, Zi Yan's mouth and eyes were wide open, then she reacted and cried out.

"You... what are you doing!? Get away from Xiao Ming already!"

Only when she heard this, Xiao Yi Xian moved from Xiao Ming's side to where she was standing previously, her beautiful green eyes flashed with joy and she said with blushed cheeks, "I was just thanking him for doing this for me".

Xiao Ming didn't even say anything, and Zi Yan replied very unhappily, "Is this how you thank people? You are not allowed to do this next time!"

"Hmph, don't think I don't know that it was your scent that I smelled on Xiao Ming's chest that day, taking the offensive when no one is present, and this is how you call yourself my sister!?"

Zi Yan was a little annoyed but mostly surprised, she didn't know how the usually calm and reserved Xiao Yi Xian had gotten the courage to make such a move, and in front of her!

"Sister Zi Yan, why are you so angry? You could have done this very thing if you wanted to". Xiao Yi Xian replied while covering a giggle with her hands.

Xiao Ming couldn't help but cough at her words, "Cough, cough, Zi Yan is still a child, don't teach her that kind of thing..."

"A child?" Zi Yan was not convinced, she didn't like that he looked at her this way "You two are the only children, I'm older than all of you!"

She then glared at Xiao Ming and said with a pout, "When I breakthrough to Dou Emperor, I'll see if you call me a child again, hmph!"

After saying this, Zi Yan jumped down from his arms and left, she had to go to the Herb Warehouse to see what was new and eat some medicinal herbs in order to grow faster.

Zi Yan's departure left Xiao Ming and Xiao Yi Xian alone, and given Xiao Yi Xian's actions just now, it turned the scene into an ambiguous environment.

In this environment, Xiao Yi Xian felt her body temperature begin to rise.

If she had been alone with Xiao Ming, it was fine, but it was not like her to have acted like this in front of Zi Yan, and she only dared to do so because she was completely excited, so now that she calmed down, she became a little shy.

Just then, Xiao Ming's voice suddenly rang out, causing her to come out of her thoughts with a small start.

"Xian'er, I plan to take you to find the Nether Poison Flame when your strength improves a little more."

"With the help of the toxins accumulated over a thousand years by the Nether Poison Flame, I believe that your strength can skyrocket to a rather terrifying level in a short period of time."

"However, absorbing the Heavenly Flame will endanger your life, so you'll have to consider for yourself whether you want to devour this Heavenly Flame or not."

"After all, there is only one additional material left for the Pill Poison Method, and you don't need the Nether Poison Flame at all to control your poisonous body."

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