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What would you do if you were reborn in the world of Battle Through the Heavens without a distinguished background or an elder in your ring and just a decent talent? Luckily, Xiao Ming has awakened the Life Simulator System! [The Life Simulator is on] ... ... [You have experienced an ordinary life.] [Elements are being chosen.] [Currently available: Green Lotus Core Flame, Flame Mantra, Woeful Poison Body.] [Please choose one.] Every seven days, he can choose to extract one of the elements from his life simulation. In this way, Xiao Ming began his ordinary life. --------------------- Support me and get access to additional chapters. www.patreon.com/kisshot -------------------- Disclaimer: I don't own the cover image. If you are the owner and want me to remove it, kindly DM me on Scribble Hub: https://www.scribblehub.com/profile/102727/kisshot/ ------- This is a Translation ------- Original Author: Fish in the Sea of Clouds MTL: https://www.69shu.com/42195/

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Chapter 18: Simulation

After he narrowed his eyes for a moment and carefully observed the situation, seemingly unable to sense the other party's cultivation, the large man weighed the money bag Xiao Ming threw and replied with a fake smile on his face.

"Very well, mister, sit here."

Xiao Ming looked in the direction he pointed, but found that all the tables there were full and there were no more empty tables.

"There are no more seats there."

"Sorry, sorry, please sit here." After Xiao Ming reminded him, the scar-faced big guy said as if he had just come to his senses.

After looking at the scar-faced man, Xiao Ming walked towards that place without saying a word.

Looking at Xiao Ming's back, a fierce smile appeared at the corner of the scar-faced man's mouth as he walked backstage.


A fat man with a black face, his obese upper body exposed, asked to the scar man.

"What do you think, have you figured out who's coming yet?"

"Heh heh, must be a little kid who came out of nowhere."

"Really? Make no mistake, don't look at someone short for a boy, there is miscegenation here in the Black-Corner Region, it's not like there aren't shorter races. Last time you looked at someone's pale face and said he was injured and not strong enough, causing us to suffer a great loss in an oversight, if it wasn't for our boss's strong strength, we would have been buried." The fat man named Weng Sheng, said with words full of distrust, evidently having once been compromised by him.

The scarred man's face was a little embarrassed by such a remark, and he wanted to retort loudly with a red face, but for fear of attracting the attention of others, he could only lower his voice and shout.

"Fuck, there must be a reason, who knew that Lung Consuming Ghost was actually practicing a cold Yin technique like Xuan Yin Dao, making him look inhuman and ghostly, besides, we didn't lose out last time, that Xuan Yin Dao was a low level Xuan rank technique."

Seeing that the fat man was still a bit suspicious, the big man had to explain again.

"Don't worry, I won't be wrong this time, even though this guy deliberately set his voice like an old man, hid in his black robe and even disguised his hands, he still showed a flaw."

"When he threw the money just now, his wrist was exposed. Compared to the wrinkles on his palms, the skin on his wrists is younger by an unknown number of years, and when I deliberately asked him to sit on a seat where there was no empty table, he actually calmly told me that there was no seat left, hehehehehe, this is definitely a brat out of nowhere, not very old, and definitely not very strong."

"In that case, when we do our business in the evening, we'll deal with him on the way, heh." A hint of a fierce smile appeared on the fat man's naive face.

"Well, just to be on the safe side, add some spices to his dish." The scarred man also had a sinister smile on his face, though based on his judgment, he thought the black-robed boy wouldn't be too strong, but just to be on the safe side, he thought he still needed some extraordinary means.

"Well, I'll throw in some soft bones powder."


It was evening.

On the bed, Xiao Ming, who was fully dressed and in a sitting position, opened his eyes with a start and muttered.

"It's past midnight and it's time for another life simulation."

The simulator's voice in his mind rang out.

[Ding, the current number of simulations is detected as one, indicate whether to start the life simulation].

'Simulator, start life simulation'.

[Simulation starts--]

[Day 1: Five hours before dawn, you are immersed in cultivation, suddenly your ears clear and you hear a subtle sound, you come out of your cultivation state and quietly leave your room only to find the fat man you saw yesterday dragging a man from his room, after observing you discover that they are attacking the inn's patrons.

You think you should attack first, but after silently making a move, you are discovered. After a fierce fight, you are slightly wounded. You kill all those who besieged you in the inn, leaving only one man, from whom you learn where your target is.

You count the spoils of war and obtain "Xuan Yin Dao", a low-level Xuan Dou Method, the Qi Method "Withered Wood Technique", and a high-level Huang Dou Technique, "Tuyan Jue" ...

After sunrise, with your wounds healed, you leave the inn and head straight to the location of your targets. After waiting for them to show up and not seeing them for a long time in a secret ambush, you find a place to rest and make other plans].

[Day 2: The two ambushers finally arrive, you swallow the pill to make sure, and while they are off guard, you first break in for a stealth attack and severely wound one of them, and defeat the other after a fight... You count the loot and obtain the Green Rock Mystic Water, and the low-level Xuan Dou Technique "Green Poison Palm of a Thousand Corpses" ...]

[Day 3: Your wounds are fully healed and you have allowed the Spirit to absorb the Green Rock Mystic Water, causing it to become more spiritual and have the corrosive properties of the Green Rock Mystic Water. The Spirit feeds you some of the energy it consumed from the Green Rock Mystic Water, and you make your way to a two-star Dou Grandmaster, and leave Greenyan City].

[Day 4: You wake up in the open and continue on your way...]


[Day 9: You find that your Dou Qi is more condensed ...]


[Day 16: You arrive at the outskirts of a secret realm, observing a bit you find several people, and there were not a few powerful people, you frown, the secret realm opens and you enter it].

[Day 17: In the secret realm, you and several others find a medicinal field, unfortunately, there are too many people traveling with you, you only get Ice Spirit Flame Herb, Poison Essence Herb and Fire Dragon Fruit].

[Day 18: You managed to snatch the Xuan rank intermediate Dou Technique "Angry Lion and Wind Slash" by chance, you suffered the greed of a powerful Dou Spirit and were forced to flee, he was attracted by a stream of energy and you managed to escape].

[Day 19: You and some Dou Grandmasters you just met are walking through the secret realm forest when you encounter a severely injured powerful Dou Spirit, you recognize him as the Dou Spirit who hit you yesterday, you surround him, the powerful Dou Spirit dies, you find the intermediate level Xuan class Dou Technique "Three Waters Ice Refining" from his storage ring...].

[Day 20: You felt Dou King High's fighting fluctuations, sensing that something was wrong, you began to rush back, during which you encountered other groups several times, nothing happened, and finally left the secret realm]...].

[Day 21: You realize you are being followed again, kill the fourth wave of thieves and continue on your way].

[Day 22: You sell part of your unused techniques and buy more herbs].

[Day 23: You spend 600,000 gold coins at the auction house and get a sixth rank magical beast flame, the Blue Crystal Ice Mangled Beast Flame, and leave early for safety].

[Day 24: You devoured the beast flame and swallowed two Purple Heart Barrier Breaker Pills to raise you to five-star Dou Grandmaster, in order to stabilize the Dou Qi deficiency caused by successive breakthroughs, you took the Qi Body Pill].

[Day 25: You have counted down the time and learn that the Inner Academy tryouts are about to begin and you rush to the Academy...].

[Day 26: In Jia Nan City, you return to Jia Nan Academy on a Griffin and visit the instructors and classmates...]

[Day 27: The Inner Academy trials officially begin and you easily defeat your opponents].


[Day 34: You defeat your last opponent and get the first place]…

[Day 48: Hu Gan takes you and four others to the Book Collection Hall of Jia Nan Academy. At the Hall, you obtain the secret method Spiritual Transformation of the Three Fires, which allows you to improve your strength for a short period of time].


[Day 49: You and the others who managed to advance to the Inner Academy traveled on a Griffin Beast. On the Griffin Beast, you watched as the elders beat and killed the magical beasts that attacked the caravan, and your respect for the strong increased].

[Day 50: You hide from the older students of the Fire Energy Hunting Competition...]


[Day 60: You enter the Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower to cultivate, a flame from Fallen Heart Flame appears inside your body, and your cultivation progresses rapidly].


[Day 99: You are engaged in pill refining and refine a third tier pill, the Cleansing Ice Spirit Liquid].

[Day 100: You are addicted to refining pills].

[Day 101: You are addicted to refining pills and have refined a third tier pill, the Wind Pill].

[Day 102: You leave your residence and go to a shop to sell the pills you have refined for fire energy].


[Day 120: You make some friends].

[Day 130: Someone approaches you for a challenge, you see that their strength is similar to yours, you accept and go to the arena to compete, you manage to win and deduct the fire energy they wagered from the loser's crystal card].


[Day 151: You go to the residence of your master, Elder Huo, to receive instruction].


[Day 157: You go to the residence of your master, Elder Huo, for instruction].


[Day 169: You prepare to make a fourth tier pill, go to the herb storehouse, where you obtain the Cold Spirit Herb and a Fourth Tier Ice Attribute Magic Core...]


[Day 399: You enter the Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower and cultivate for a full day].

[Day 400: Someone seeks you out to refine a fourth tier pill].


[Day 670: You defeated a certain first star Dou Spirit who noticed your age and tried to challenge you].


[Day 710: Upon entering the forest outside the inner courtyard, you killed several fourth rank magical beasts and obtained a fourth rank magic core].


[Day 1295: You received a letter from your family saying that Xiao Yan, a genius within the family who was only below you, had lost his Dou Qi inexplicably and wanted you to think of a solution. In fact, you knew the reason, but you felt that this matter was beyond your control and wrote a superficial letter]


[Day 1460: You received another letter from Xiao Zhan, the head of the Xiao family, who wished you could return to the family for a trip, mentioning his son Xiao Yan in his words, as well as the family's help towards you. Out of desperation you had to say goodbye to your master, Elder Huo, and borrowed a magical flying beast].


[Day 1470: Sitting on the flying magic beast, you suddenly feel the fluctuation of a strong person's aura, you open your eyes and a voluptuous woman being a high star Dou Emperor appears in front of you, after she looks you up and down, she nods her head with great satisfaction and you are captured].

[Day 1471: You have been stripped of all your belongings, and at this moment you are poorer than a beggar].

[Day 1480: Looking at the Dou Emperor beside you, you failed to activate the sealed dou qi of your body for the ninety-ninth time, and the Dou Emperor woke up and gave you a good lesson].


[Day 1998: The Dou Emperor's enemies arrive at the door and you, with your dou qi sealed, are shaken to death by the aftereffects of the dou qi].

[End of simulation -]

[Talent items are being selected-]

[Currently available: third tier pill, "Cleansing Ice Spirit Liquid", 600,000 gold coins, Second Rank Wind Magic Core]

[Please select one].



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