143 Chapter 143: Sealing the Dou Qi

The Snake-People on the ground showed great consternation at the capture of the bald Grand Commander with the strength of a Dou Emperor.

The same was true for Queen Medusa in the air.

No one had expected Xiao Ming to have hidden a trump card in his attack, just like the Grand Commander did.

This caused them not to react until the Grand Commander was captured, and even Queen Medusa, who was the quickest to react, only managed to get a little closer to the Grand Commander and did not have time to rescue him.

Of course, this does not mean that Queen Medusa did not react quickly, only that Xiao Ming was faster.

Looking at the Grand Commander, who was enveloped by the giant white snake, while rolling his eyes and bleeding from his right arm, Queen Medusa said with a cold face, "Human, if you release the Grand Commander, I will let you go, you can't last much longer with your secret technique, right?"

"If you want the Sand's Datura, we can exchange it for you."

After making the Spirit become a thin thread to bind the bald Grand Commander, Xiao Ming laughingly said.

"Hehe, how long can my secret technique last? It's not for Your Excellency Medusa to worry about, if you want this Grand Commander of yours to stay alive, prepare the Sand's Datura, and the day after tomorrow, wait for me at the oasis near the Mei Snake Tribe."

"By the way, I hope you're not thinking of ambushing me somewhere, I don't need to remind Your Majesty of the power of an Alchemist's Soul, do I?".

After saying this, without waiting for Queen Medusa's reply, Xiao Ming held the Grand Commander with his right hand, and with a flick of his silver wings, he turned into a silver light, shooting off into the distance.

The Snake-People on top of the city wall did not dare to attack because Xiao Ming was holding the Grand Commander, while Queen Medusa chased him for a while, but found that Xiao Ming quickly disappeared from her sight, forcing Queen Medusa to stop.

Behind, Hua She'er and Yue Mei, who had Dou King strength, were also following closely behind her.

"Your Majesty, where is that human?" Hua She'er asked cautiously as she looked at Queen Medusa with a bearish face, and paused in midair.

"He ran away, he was very fast, he must have practiced some kind of Dou Technique that allows him to increase his speed." Looking at Hua She'er, Queen Medusa said in a deep voice.

"Ah, what shall we do about the Grand Commander?" Hua She'er's complexion turned ugly, the Snake-People didn't have many strong people, there were only a dozen Dou Kings and Dou Emperors, and the loss of a high star Dou Emperor could be said to hurt the core of the Snake-People Tribe.

"What else can we do? We'll give him the Sand's Datura in exchange for the Grand Commander." Queen Medusa sighed and said somewhat helplessly.

To be honest, she was a little surprised that things had developed to this point, the Snake-People were generally more powerful than humans at the same stage, and the Grand Commander was even a great realm higher than Xiao Ming, and yet, Xiao Ming still captured him.

Queen Medusa did not know whether to say that the Grand Commander was too useless, or that the other party was too strong.

She knew that it was not possible to say that the Grand Commander was too weak, she herself had fought against the Grand Commander and knew that, although the Grand Commander's strength was not as good as hers, he was still a powerhouse among the Dou Emperor, so she could only accept that Xiao Ming was too strong.

However, if she exchanged the Sand's Datura for the Grand Commander, it was obvious that she would not get the Snake Spirit Sacred Fruit, let alone the refined pill with it.

After thinking about it, Queen Medusa asked Yue Mei, "What other information do you know about this human, other than his name and being from the Jia Nan Academy?".

Upon hearing Medusa's question, Yue Mei hesitated for a moment and said, "He did not reveal any other information. However, my tribe is in the direction of the Jia Ma Empire, and it is possible that the other party is from there."

"Someone from the Jia Ma Empire? If this is true, this person possessing this strength at a young age, he must possess considerable fame within the Jia Ma Empire, why not...? Hua She'er had a bold idea.

But before she could finish, she was interrupted by Queen Medusa.

"Forget it, the internal environment of the Jia Ma Empire is complicated, there are many strong people, and the other party is a sixth-tier Alchemist with great attractiveness, trying to find trouble in the other party's territory is definitely asking for trouble."

"Then, should we ambush him at the place the other party said? As long as he is in the Tager Desert, we have some secret techniques that can hide our breath very well, even if the other party is an Alchemist, it will be hard to detect us."

"We can't take that risk, let's talk while we go to the place to retrieve the Grand Commander. Oh, by the way, go to the treasury and take a few more herbs, let's see if we can exchange them for that Snake Spirit Sacred Fruit". said Medusa with a frown.

"Got it!"


After taking the bald Great Commander and flying for a long time, Xiao Ming's speed began to slow down until he landed in a part of the desert.

At this time, Xiao Ming's aura was a little weak, these were the sequels after using Sky Fire Three Mysterious Change, however, Xiao Ming didn't mind too much, he first probed behind him and made sure no one was following him, then casually threw the bald Great Commander to the ground.

The bald Grand Commander was thrown towards the ground, colliding with his crippled arm, and the intense pain caused him to wake up with a loud cry.


"Shut up! Or I'll slap you!"

The screaming abruptly ended at Xiao Ming's warning.

Seemingly embarrassed at his reaction, the bald Grand Commander looked at Xiao Ming in front of him in shame and humiliation.


As he approached, Xiao Ming slapped him.

This slap was so powerful that it directly buzzed the bald Grand Commander's brain, causing the left half of the face that came in contact with the palm to swell.

After a while, the Grand Commander finally came to his senses and once again glared at Xiao Ming fiercely.

Xiao Ming raised his hand again and gave him another slap.

After two minutes of repetition, the Grand Commander began to see several Xiao Mings in front of him and no longer dared to show his vicious gaze.

Rubbing his somewhat sore palm, Xiao Ming muttered to himself.

'This Grand Commander's cheek is really thick, my hand is a little sore from the beating.'

Xiao Ming slapped the Grand Commander's face purely to get back at him for his previous insults, so he only used a little physical strength, but being able to make his hand feel some pain also showed that the bald Grand Commander's physique was not bad.

Looking at the Grand Commander who was shrugging his head like a quail.

Xiao Ming shook his head and took out a pill from his storage ring.

As an Alchemist, Xiao Ming's ring possessed several Qi Return and Wound Healing Pills.

Of course, he had no intention of giving this pill to the Grand Commander, but put it directly into his mouth.

Feeling that his Dou Qi was recovering, Xiao Ming nodded in satisfaction.

Then, his soul power surged, searching for some caves nearby.

A minute later, Xiao Ming opened his eyes and disappeared, taking the Grand Commander with him.

The next time he appeared, he was already in one of the caves nearby.

After driving the third-ranked scorpion out of the cave, Xiao Ming threw the Grand Commander to the ground again, then found a clean spot, sat down cross-legged and used his Dou Qi to heal his wounds.

The cave was silent, not a sound could be heard.

The Grand Commander who was lying on the ground looked at Xiao Ming who was motionless but his qi was slowly recovering, his eyes were constantly rolling and he was inwardly anxious.

'This human's wounds are recovering, no, I have to find a way to escape from here!'

The Grand Commander tried to stretch his arms, trying to stretch the Spirit that enveloped him.

However, no matter how hard he tried, the Spirit would not budge, but rather the movement hurt his wound more, and the pain made him break out in a cold sweat.

Seeing that he could not withdraw the Spirit from around his body, the Grand Commander had another idea, so he began to twist his body and crawl out of the cave.

The Snake-People had many secret techniques, one of which was the ability to exchange their position with the snakes they came in contact with, and there was no lack of snake species in the Tager Desert, as long as he managed to get out of the cave, he could easily find snakes and use the secret technique to escape.

After crawling like a worm, the Grand Commander had exhausted all his strength, but he was finally about to get out of the cave.

Suddenly, Xiao Ming's voice rang in his ears.

"If I were you, I wouldn't have done this, baldie."

"When did you get here!?"

The Grand Commander's movements froze.

Xiao Ming laughed lightly and did not respond, instead dragged the other party's tail into the depths of the cave.

Throwing the Grand Commander to the ground, Xiao Ming's hands swiftly moved as the Dou Qi fused in his hands, traces of flames floating on them.

"You.... you... What do you want to do!? I'm warning you not to act recklessly!". The bald Grand Commander shouted with a stern tone.

Xiao Ming coldly snorted as his hands stopped and a strange seal entered the Grand Commander's body.

As soon as the seal entered his body, the Grand Commander only felt an unprecedented emptiness throughout his body.

"Human, you actually sealed my Dou Qi!"

"Oh, who told you to be dishonest? This secret sealing technique was taught to me by my master, which uses a trace of Heavenly Flame on it, unless I personally remove the seal or you take a sixth-tier pill to undo it, otherwise, you will only be a Dou Grandmaster for the rest of your life." Xiao Ming laughed playfully.

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