BTTH: Inheriting Desolate Heavenly Emperor

Reincarnating in the Dou Qi Continent, he became Xiao Ning, a small side antagonist. He was just beaten and humiliated by Xiao Yan during the Coming-of-age ceremony, but he fortunately activated the Heavenly Desolate Emperor's template. In the beginning, he inherited the supreme body tempering technique "Immortal Sutra", and gained one hundred thousand kilograms of divine power in one arm at the first level of practice! As long as you keep killing, you can activate more of the Heavenly Emperor's inheritance.  "Nine-leaf Sword-grass Treasure Technique", "True Dragon Treasure", "Thunder Emperor Treasure", "Divine Phoenix Treasure" -- This is a Translation 

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4. Xiao Ning, Number one genius of Xiao Family

At this moment, Yao Chen was filled with shock. 

The scene of Xiao Yan's defeat just now was naturally seen by him. 

"How could this kid have such a terrifying improvement in physical strength!" 

Over the past year, under his guidance, Xiao Yan's strength has undergone earth-shaking changes. 

From the third stage of fighting disciple, he has broken through to the eighth stage of fighting discipe. 

In addition, Xiao Yan also practiced Baji collapse, Blowing Fire Palm, and other Xuan-level fighting skills. 

Yao Chen considers him as the best among the younger generation of the Xiao family. As long as Xiao Yan uses his full strength, no one except Xiao Xun'er will be his opponent. 

But just now, the scene where Xiao Ning defeated Xiao Yan with one punch made Yao Lao unbelievable. 

At this moment, the children of the Xiao family who were watching around also had their eyes widened with shock on their faces. 

"Xiao Yan... was defeated!" 

"Xiao Ning defeated Xiao Yan with just one punch?!" 

"Didn't Xiao Ning still not be able to defeat Xiao Yan at the last coming-of-age ceremony? How long has it been since then? Xiao Ning's strength has become so terrifying!" 

The Xiao family disciples nearbylooked at each other, their eyes full of surprise.

"I lost..." 

Xiao Yan struggled to get up from the ground, a stream of blood spilled from the corner of his mouth, and his right arm kept shaking. 

His heart was filled with horror! 

Xiao Ning's punch just now almost shattered his entire body. 

If it weren't for practicing Baji collapse, the strength of his physical body wouldn't have been greatly improved. 

With that punch just now, I was afraid that he would've been crippled. 

"How could he become so strong overnight!" 

Looking at Xiao Ning, who looked calm and not at all abnormal, Xiao Yan couldn't help but feel a little frustrated. 

He lost to his former defeated opponent! 

And he was defeated so embarrassingly! 

"Brother Xiao Yan, are you okay?" 

Xiao Xun'er trotted up to Xiao Yan and supported him nervously, her eyes filled with worry.

Seeing the blood on the corner of Xiao Yan's mouth, Xiao Xun'er felt even more distressed. She glanced at Xiao Ning with her beautiful eyes and felt a cold feeling in her heart. 

She will never allow anyone to harm Brother Xiao Yan! 

"I'm fine, Xun'er..." 

Feeling the coldness radiating from Xiao Xun'er's body, Xiao Yan patted her shoulder and comforted her. 

Even if he loses this time, Xiao Yan doesn't want Xiao Xun'er to take action for him. 

This is a matter between two men, him and Xiao Ning. What does it mean to rely on a woman? 

"Cousin Xiao Ning, I lost." 

Xiao Yan forced a smile on his pale face and said calmly. 

"Cousin Xiao Yan, being able to admit defeat. He is indeed a man." 

Xiao Ning applauded, feeling the cold light in Xiao Xun'er's eyes, he couldn't help but sneer in his heart. 

I knew this woman would protect the youngling. 

He had only used 50% of his strength just now. If he had used all his strength, Xiao Yan would have been completely torn apart. 

Xiao Ning was still wary of Xiao Xun'er, or Xiao Xun'er's background, the Gu Family. 

Now he doesn't have enough strength to compete with it. 

Of course, he didn't use all his strength, and it wasn't all because he was afraid of Xiao Xun'er.

Although Xiao Yan had some conflicts with his predecessor, as they were both descendants of the Xiao family, there was no need for Xiao Ning to kill Xiao Yan for such a trivial matter. 

After all, the hostility between his predecessor and Xiao Yan was all caused by Xiao Xun'er. Nowadays, Xiao Ning has no interest in Xiao Xun'er, so the hatred will naturally disappear. 

Just now, Xiao Ning took action to teach Xiao Yan a lesson, not only to help his sister regain her position but also to make money. 

At this time, under Xiao Yan's comfort, Xiao Xun'er's expression returned to its previous cold and elegant look, and she took out a purple gold card and handed it to Xiao Yan. 

Although Xiao Yan felt heartbroken, he still kept his promise and gave the purple gold card to Xiao Ning. 

"Cousin Xiao Ning, we will fight again in one month." 

After three years of hard work, Xiao Yan had a tough mind and was naturally unable to become depressed just because of a single defeat. He quickly picked himself up again and challenged Xiao Ning to a fight. 

"You brat, you performed well. Temporary success or failure doesn't mean anything." In Xiao Yan's mind, Yao Lao's voice of approval came. 

"Xiao Ning may have some chance, but I promise you as your master, you will be able to defeat him again soon." 

In his words, Yao Lao's tone was extremely confident. 

Even in the land of Zhongzhou where there are many powerful people, the name of Master Yao Chen is like thunder. 

In this small borderland of the Northwest Continent, he did not believe that the disciples he taught would be inferior to a small disciple of the Xiao family.

"It's easy to say, but we can't miss the bet." 

Xiao Ning played with the purple gold card in her hand, feeling extremely happy, and happily agreed to Xiao Yan's invitation to fight. 

With this huge sum of money, his strength will skyrocket again. 

A mere Xiao Yanzi can't be his opponent. 

After all, he carries the inheritance of Emperor Huang Tian, which is not something that a small Yao Lao can match. 

If the other party is willing to give him money, Xiao Ning wouldn't mind giving him some tips.


Facing the strange looks around him, Xiao Yan didn't want to stay long and left the martial arts training ground with Xiao Xun'er. 

"Sister, why are you looking at me like this?" 

After earning one hundred thousand gold coins, Xiao Ning was in a good mood. When he turned around, he saw Xiao Yu staring at him with strange eyes. 

"My good brother, tell me honestly, what is going on with you?" 

There was a look of scrutiny in Xiao Yu's eyes: "In just a few days, your strength has changed so drastically that I even wonder if you are my brother?" 

Xiao Ning's heart skipped a beat, this woman's intuition was really terrifying. "Sister, I admit, I do have a chance, but I can't reveal it." 

Xiao Ning said half truthfully.

Regarding the inheritance of Huangtian Emperor, this is the foundation of his life and it is impossible to disclose it to anyone. 

"You have to hide it even from your sister?" 

Xiao Yu looked suspicious, with a hint of anger on her pretty face. 

Xiao Ning smiled and said nothing. He wouldn't say anything about being beaten to death anyway. 

"It's really useless to hurt you for this." 

Xiao Yu said, feeling helpless, and stretched out her jade hand to Xiao Ning: "Bring it here." 

Xiao Ning was a little confused, and there was a trace of anger in Xiao Yu's beautiful eyes: "Where's the medical expenses? Didn't you say that?" 


Xiao Ning was stunned for a moment, then showed an embarrassed look: "Sister, I have a lot of use for these 100,000 gold coins, and your medical expenses can't be used so much. Don't worry, I will leave some for you." 

After saying that, Xiao Ning quickly left the martial arts training ground, leaving Xiao Yu alone to look at his leaving back with anger, gritting his teeth and saying: "Xiao Ning, wait for me sister!" 

The Xiao family is not big at all, and soon the news that Xiao Ning defeated Xiao Yan with one punch spread. 

At the coming-of-age ceremony, Xiao Yan stole the show, defeated Xiao Ning, and once again became the number one genius of the Xiao family. 

But in today's battle, Xiao Yan's reputation accumulated at the coming-of-age ceremony became Xiao Ning's stepping stone.

"Although Xiao Yan's strength is good, he is a bit weak in front of Xiao Ning."

"In my opinion, Xiao Ning is the number one genius of our Xiao family!" 

Within the Xiao family, many Xiao family children and senior officials have come to this conclusion.

Word Count: 1389

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