BTTH: Inheriting Desolate Heavenly Emperor

Reincarnating in the Dou Qi Continent, he became Xiao Ning, a small side antagonist. He was just beaten and humiliated by Xiao Yan during the Coming-of-age ceremony, but he fortunately activated the Heavenly Desolate Emperor's template. In the beginning, he inherited the supreme body tempering technique "Immortal Sutra", and gained one hundred thousand kilograms of divine power in one arm at the first level of practice! As long as you keep killing, you can activate more of the Heavenly Emperor's inheritance.  "Nine-leaf Sword-grass Treasure Technique", "True Dragon Treasure", "Thunder Emperor Treasure", "Divine Phoenix Treasure" -- This is a Translation 

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2. Borrowing Money, A thousand Jin of force

Xiao Ning still lay in bed for three days before pretending that his injuries were finally healed.

"Sister, stop touching me. I'm fully healed." 

In the room, Xiao Ning looked depressed at Xiao Yu, who insisted on checking his injuries herself. 

"Weren't you injured so badly? Have you really recovered?" 

Xiao Yu looked at Xiao Ning suspiciously, with a look of disbelief. 

"Yes, I Really am, if you don't believe it how many moves can we compare?" 

In the past three days, even though he had no money for medicinal baths, Xiao Ning still insisted on practicing the Immortal Sutra. He felt that his physical strength had improved tremendously and he was exceedingly eager to try it. 

"With your strength, you can't even defeat Xiao Yan yet you want to fight with me?" 

Xiao Yu rolled her eyes. She was a three-star Practitioner. Xiao Ning only had an eighth-level fighting spirit disciple. How could he fight her? 

"Okay, it looks like your injury has really healed, so I'm relieved." 

After Xiao Ning made such a fuss, Xiao Yu had no intention of checking his injuries. 

"Next, you have to practice hard. That bastard Xiao Yan has been stealing the show lately." 

Thinking of Xiao Yan severely injuring her younger brother at the coming-of-age ceremony, Xiao Yu clenched her teeth in anger. 

Xiao Ning was naturally confident in defeating Xiao Yan. 

With the "Immortal Sutra" in hand, what does Xiao Yan, a mere dou disciple mean? 

Still, for Xiao Ning the current top priority is to get money for a medicinal bath. 

Seeing Xiao Yu who was about to leave, Xiao Ning quickly asked her to waiit.

"Sister, do you have any money? Can you lend me some?" Xiao Ning asked awkwardly. 

"Your injury is just fine now, what do you need money for?" 

Xiao Ning looked at Xiao Ning with a slightly scrutinizing gaze. 

"I'm your Sister, can't you tell me?" 

Facing Xiao Yu's questioning, Xiao Ning bit the bullet and said, "Lend me the money first. Don't worry, I'll pay you back soon." 

"If you dare to spend money randomly, I will beat you to death." 

Finally, under Xiao Ning's entanglement, Xiao Yu reluctantly lent him 10,000 gold coins and threatened him fiercely. 

Taking the money borrowed from Xiao Yu, Xiao Ning walked out of the room happily. 

Walking out of the backyard, he met many young people of the Xiao family on the road. 

Everyone looked at Xiao Ning with a slightly strange look. 

Some people even whispered about it. 

In the past, Xiao Ning was considered a genius among the younger generation of the Xiao family, other than Xiao Xun'er. 

But at the coming-of-age ceremony, after taking Qi-Enhancing Powder, he was still defeated miserably by Xiao Yan, and Xiao Ning could no longer live up to his reputation as a genius. 

As of now, Xiao Yan has reclaimed the glory he had three years ago and has become the strongest genius of the younger generation of the Xiao family! 

But because of this, Xiao Ning became Xiao Yan's stepping stone to fame. 

Facing the comments and strange looks from others, Xiao Ning remained calm. 

Defeat is defeat. 

In the future, if you win it back, it will be over. 

If he can't even bear this setback, how can he become a strong man in the future? 

"However, this will be my only defeat." 

Thinking of the inheritance of Emperor Huangtian in his mind, Xiao Ning showed a hint of confidence on his face. 

One day, he will be like the real Emperor Huang Tian. 

Dominate the world and rule forever! 

At this moment, Xiao Ning paused and looked at the man and woman walking towards him. 

The man was wearing an ordinary black shirt and looked handsome. He touched his nose from time to time and joked with the girl next to him. 

The girl was wearing a purple dress, exuding an elegant temperament. The girl's cold and indifferent temperament is like the first bloom of a clear lotus. At such a young age, she has begun to take on a refined temperament.

It is hard to imagine how the girl will be able to captivate the country and the city if she grows up in the future... 

The two of them walked along, talking and laughing, like a young couple in love, which was really enviable to others. 

This boy and girl are none other than Xiao Yan, who has become famous recently, and Xiao Xun'er, the most beautiful girl in the Xiao family. 

Seeing the two people approaching, Xiao Ning's eyes also fell on them. 

"Cousin Xiao Ning?" 

"Is your injury healed?" 

At this time, Xiao Yan finally saw Xiao Ning, and a trace of surprise flashed in his eyes. 

He took action in anger that day, but he didn't expect that the other party would get out of bed so quickly. 

"Excuse me, cousin Xiao Yan. This injury is nothing." 

Listening to Xiao Yan's slightly sarcastic greeting, Xiao Ning didn't feel angry at all and smiled slightly. 

After saying that, Xiao Ning glanced at Xiao Xun'er who was standing aside, nodded slightly, and said no more. 

If it were the previous Xiao Ning, I'm afraid that he would have spoken harshly to Xiao Yan and then licked Xiao Xun'er along the way. 

However, the Xiao Ning from before is gone. 

As for now... 

Whoever likes this licking dog should be treated as such! 

Anyway, I, Xiao Ning, would never be a dog licker! 

Sensing the change in Xiao Ning from the past, Xiao Yan's eyes flashed with surprise. 

Even Xiao Xun'er on the side couldn't help but glance at Xiao Ning with her beautiful eyes. 

After reluctantly saying hello, Xiao Ning passed over the two of them and left the Xiao family. 

"It seems that Cousin Xiao Ning has become much more stable after this lesson." 

After Xiao Ning left, Xiao Xun'er sighed with emotion when thinking of his abnormal behavior today. 

"I hope so." Xiao Yan touched his nose and said in an indifferent tone. 

For him, today's Xiao Ning is already a thing of the past. 

With the help of his teacher, he will definitely become a strong man in the future. 

And Xiao Ning was just an insignificant episode on his way to becoming a strong man. 

With 10,000 gold coins, Xiao Ning went directly to Xiaojiafang City and spent as much as he wanted. 

Finally, Xiao Ning bought a lot of body-tempering medicinal materials and returned to the Xiao family. 

Xiao Ning is not an alchemist, so naturally, he doesn't know the medicinal bath formula. 

However, what he purchased were well-known and ordinary medicinal materials. 

As long as the body can be tempered, it will be fine. Anyway, with the tyranny of the "Immortal Sutra", he can eventually absorb the power of these medicines forcibly. 

Inside the room, Xiao Ning borrowed some tools and roughly ground the medicinal materials into powder. 

He brought another bucket of boiling water and poured part of the ground powder into it. 

Soon, the originally clear water turned turbid, and a strong medicinal smell filled the room. 

Xiao Ning took off his clothes and jumped directly into the wooden tunnel. 

With a thought in his mind, Xiao Ning ran the "Eternal Sutra", and bright runes immediately appeared on his body. 

As these runes flickered, a domineering force emerged, wildly devouring the medicinal power around Xiao Ning's body. 

A hot force traveled all over Xiao Ning's body, all his limbs were covered with runes. 

Xiao Ning could feel that his body seemed to be being transformed by a force, becoming 

stronger rapidly! 

Who knows how much time passed, but the runes on Xiao Ning's body slowly disappeared, and the water in the barrel returned to its original clarity. 

He slowly opened his eyes and then jumped out of the barrel. 

"At least 300 jin more strength has been gained!" 

He clenched his hands into fists and felt the power coming out of her body, Xiao Ning's face showed a look of ecstasy. 

It is worthy of the "Immortal Sutra". Just one medicinal bath has made such a big improvement in my physical strength. 

In the next few days, Xiao Ning stayed still and immersed himself in practicing the "Immortal Sutra". 

Time flies, and a week has passed. 

In the room, Xiao Ning's whole body was soaked in the medicinal liquid and a majestic power surged in his body, with a momentum like a rainbow! 

After a moment, Xiao Ning suddenly opened his eyes, and a terrifying light burst out from his eyes. 

"Thousands of jinof strength!" 

"This Immortal Sutra is really terrifying!

Word Count: 1448