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"As an outer disciple of the Misty Cloud Sect, Yun Tianming starts by binding the 'Strengthning System'! Intermediate Profound-level Combat Technique — Enhancement — Advanced Profound-level Combat Technique! Advanced Profound-level Martial Art — Enhancement — Low-grade Earth-tier Martial Art! Third-grade Pill — Enhancement — Fourth-grade Pill! Yun Yun: Tianming, please stop enhancing things!" --- This is a Translation

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Chapter 81: Barely Dressed

"Thousand Wind Sword!"

Yun Yun extended her snowy white slender hand, her long and delicate jade-like fingers lightly flicked, and five strands of pale green spiral Qi appeared at her fingertips, like five extremely sharp green nails.

"Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!"

The sharp Qi nails struck Yellow Dragon's body, scraping five white marks on its tough scales, breaking the skin and oozing a little blood. However, this level of injury would only further enrage Yellow Dragon.



The Yellow Dragon swiftly rotated its body, creating large vortexes underwater. Yun Yun was caught in the turbulent currents, struggling to break free. Her Dou Qi Armor, already in tatters, was further shredded into pieces!


Yun Yun spun around by the vortex, her breath disturbed, and she even swallowed a few mouthfuls of water, feeling increasingly panicked. If this continued, she would inevitably be killed by Yellow Dragon.

Underwater combat posed overwhelmingly disadvantages to her. She needed to find a way to break the surface first!

With this in mind, Yun Yun's slender legs swiftly kicked, swimming rapidly towards the water surface.

However, Yellow Dragon, as an aquatic Magic Beast, would never let its prey escape. It immediately surged faster, reaching above Yun Yun, and with a violent tail swipe, knocked her back underwater. Yun Yun suffered another blow, her situation becoming increasingly dire.

On the other side, Yun Tianming gazed into the distance at the lake, but instead of seeing any alluring "beauty bathing" scene, he only witnessed constant ripples on the lake's surface, with something seeming to be under the water.

"Huh? This aura."

Yun Tianming released his perception, penetrating the water's surface to find Yun Yun in a desperate battle with a Fourth Rank Magic Beast. Seeing the critical situation, he immediately rushed towards the lake.

Using Soul Perception to lock onto the underwater Yellow Dragon, Yun Tianming retrieved the Mountain-crushing Staff from his Spatial Ring. He fully activated his Qi Method, infusing the vibrant green Dou Qi, brimming with vigorous life force, into the Mountain-crushing Staff, generating numerous wooden spikes, ultimately forming a towering pillar covered in thorns!

"Deep Forest Assassination!"

Yun Tianming embraced the hundred-meter-long pillar like a towering giant tree and heavily smashed it onto the lake's surface!


Just as the Yellow Dragon underwater was about to pursue Yun Yun, it didn't expect a massive pillar to suddenly crash down from above, precisely hitting its head, sending it plummeting straight to the bottom of the lake!

"It's Tianming!"

Yun Yun's expression brightened at the sight. Taking advantage of Yellow Dragon's suppression, she stirred up a whirlwind around her and rushed out of the water's surface at the fastest speed!

"I'm saved."

"This time I owe you, Tianming."

As Yun Yun emerged from the water, she lay on the shore, gasping for fresh air in large breaths. The prolonged underwater battle, where she had to hold her breath, left her brain briefly deprived of oxygen, making her thoughts sluggish.

"Sister Yun'er, hiss~"

Yun Tianming couldn't help but inhale sharply, his eyes widening as he frantically scanned the exposed delicate body lying before him. His brain's CPU overclocked, meticulously 3D modeling the earthly beauty before him, afraid of missing any detail.

"Tianming? You... ah!!!"

After catching her breath, Yun Yun finally realized her completely exposed state, rushing to the shore like lightning and hastily grabbing her clothes to cover her body.

"It's useless. At this moment, I have deeply recorded all your body parameters in the memory storage of my brain."

However, faced with Yun Yun's furious and desperate eyes, Yun Tianming still gentlemanly turned his head away.

"Sister Yun'er, are you hurt?"

"I am hurt! my Spirit: Received a critical hit from your eyes!"

Trembling, Yun Yun put on her clothes, trying to restrain the stormy waves in her heart. Being fully exposed to someone's gaze, for a woman who hasn't experienced such things, was simply shocking!


Yun Tianming's eyes narrowed. He keenly sensed the sudden assault from the underwater Yellow Dragon.

"Be careful!"

Using Bursting Void Steps beneath his feet, he dodged while holding onto Yun Yun who was standing still.


The Yellow Dragon burst out of the water, crashing onto the ground with such force that it created a deep pit!


Yun Yun woke up as if from a dream, looking at the hand caught by Yun Tianming again, wondering how many times it had happened. Is it because he's used to holding hands?

She glanced at the fierce Fourth Rank Magic Beast not far away, took a deep breath, and forcibly suppressed the explosion of emotions in her heart.

"Deal with the Magic Beast in front of us first."

Despite Yun Yun's efforts to control her emotions, one could still hear the trembling in her voice, indicating her inner turmoil.

"Sister Yun'er, I'll take responsibility."

Seizing the opportunity, Yun Tianming delivered a blow to her fragile heart.

"What did you say?!"

Yun Yun glared, the emotions she had just managed to suppress almost rising again.

"Let's go together! I'll take the lead!"

Yun Tianming tossed the sword left behind by her in the cave, then quickly charged towards the Yellow Dragon from the front. At the same time, he reached out towards the lake, using Suction Palm to retrieve the Mountain-crushing Staff that had been smashed into the lakebed.


Yun Yun instinctively caught the sword and watched as the figure dashed away, wishing she could unleash an Extreme Wind: Killer Meteorite right then and there!

But as she thought about Yun Tianming, the young Dou Master, confronting the Fourth Rank Magic Beast head-on, Yun Yun's suspended heart couldn't help but tighten involuntarily.

"Damn Yun Tianming! How long are you going to disturb my peace of mind!!"

Yun Yun gritted her teeth, her frustration evident as she stomped her foot.


Seeing the audacious "two-legged creature" challenging it, the Yellow Dragon directly slapped out with a paw!

"Bursting Void Steps!"

Yun Tianming catapulted, soaring over the Yellow Dragon's head, and swept his staff towards the back of its head.

"Overhead Strike!"


The Yellow Dragon's tail flicked, blocking Yun Tianming's weapon, then with a forceful shake, sent him flying along with his weapon.


With immense force, Yun Tianming's back slammed heavily into a large rock, and his activated Dou Qi Cloak shattered in an instant.

Cough cough~

Yun Tianming wiped away a trace of blood from the corner of his mouth, but his face revealed a long-lost excitement. "So, this is the power of a Fourth Rank Magic Beast? For me at the moment, it's like encountering a boss-level experience package."


Seeing the puny "two-legged creature" surviving its "Divine Dragon Tail Swing" and still bouncing around, the Yellow Dragon became furious.

"Come again!"

Yun Tianming activated the Nourishing Divine Wood's Qi Method, healing the injuries on his back, then wielding the Mountain-crushing Staff, he attacked the Yellow Dragon once more.

With the idea of honing his combat experience through monster grinding, Yun Tianming decided not to use his Soul Technique, his ultimate move. He would rely only on the basic strength of a 3 Star Dou Master in this battle!

"Bang bang bang bang bang!"

They engaged in a fierce and intense battle, exchanging blows relentlessly.

"This guy, a Dou Master, dares to fight a Fourth Rank Magic Beast head-on. What is he made of?" Yun Yun watched in astonishment, her eyes filled with subtle amazement.


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