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"As an outer disciple of the Misty Cloud Sect, Yun Tianming starts by binding the 'Strengthning System'! Intermediate Profound-level Combat Technique — Enhancement — Advanced Profound-level Combat Technique! Advanced Profound-level Martial Art — Enhancement — Low-grade Earth-tier Martial Art! Third-grade Pill — Enhancement — Fourth-grade Pill! Yun Yun: Tianming, please stop enhancing things!" --- This is a Translation

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Chapter 79: Wood-Fire Dual Attributes, Seventh-Rank Beast Flame!

According to common sense, Dou Qi attributes are determined by nature and cannot be changed afterwards.

Swallowing the Beast Flame merely added a hint of fire to Yun Tianming's body, far from being considered genuine fire attribute Dou Qi.

However, with the aid of a system, everything became possible!

As a mysterious force surged into his abdomen, within the ink-green Dou Qi ocean in his dantian, streams of red bubbles emerged, boiling like water at its peak.

At this moment, Yun Tianming's skin showed extremely tiny red threads, indicating the flow of fire Qi through his meridians. Strengthened by the system, these red threads gradually thickened and enlarged, becoming visible red veins.


He opened his mouth, releasing a scorching breath.

[Strengthening successful!]

[The fire Qi within the host's body, after enhancement, awakened as fire attribute Dou Qi]

Upon another introspection, Yun Tianming noticed the Dou Qi ocean in his dantian, where the ink-green representing wood attribute and the red representing fire attribute were in a balanced proportion.

"Wood-Fire Dual Attributes, it's done!"

Yun Tianming clenched his fists, his face showing ecstatic joy.

With fire attribute refining herbs and wood attribute catalyzing the medicinal power into pills, he could become an Alchemist!

"Oh, and there's this too."

Yun Tianming's mind stirred as he condensed a ball of purple flames in his hand.

As an exclusive skill of Alchemists, the intensity of flames greatly influences the success rate of alchemy and the quality of Pills. Moreover, employing flames in combat is also the most adept fighting style for Alchemists.


With the infusion of system power, the originally calm purple crystal Beast Flame in his hand suddenly became restless!

The flame expanded several times with a whoosh, simultaneously deepening in color gradually from purple to purple-black. The temperature of the flame also soared several times over!

[Strengthening successful!]

[Sixth-rank Purple Crystal Beast Flame, enhanced to Seventh-rank Extreme Purple Beast Flame!]

"Hiss, hiss, hiss!"

The expansion of power caused the previously refined purple crystal Beast Flame to seem as though its dormant beastly nature had been awakened. Not only did it release high-temperature burns on Yun Tianming's palm, but it also momentarily broke free from his Dou Qi control. It flew into the air, transforming into the shape of a ferocious lion's head, snarling and growling menacingly at him.

"Hmph! Seventh-rank Beast Flame, indeed wild and untamed."

Yun Tianming snorted coldly, shaking his hand which smoked from the burns. With his current strength as a 3-Star Dou Master, he naturally couldn't subdue this seventh-rank Beast Flame.

His hands swiftly formed a series of complex hand seals, and his powerful Soul Power emanated, forming an invisible giant hand in midair, grabbing hold of the lion-headed flame.

With his late Mortal Realm Soul Power, using Soul Technique could severely wound a Sixth Rank Magic Beast at most. Seventh Rank Magic Beasts could transform into human forms, and the weakness in Magic Beast souls would also be compensated for. According to records on the Dou Qi Continent, the Amethyst Winged Lion King would evolve into the Extreme Purple Lion Emperor after breaking through the seventh rank. A Seventh Rank Magic Beast like the Extreme Purple Lion Emperor would be a dominant presence in the entire Magic Beast Mountains!

If he were facing a genuine Seventh Rank Magic Beast like the Extreme Purple Lion Emperor, even with Soul Technique in hand, Yun Tianming would likely be unable to suppress the opponent.

However, the Extreme Purple Beast Flame before his eyes was merely a sourceless fire seed without a host. At first glance, the seventh-rank Beast Flame seemed intimidating, but in reality, it was all bark and no bite, lacking much fighting power.


Caught by the soul giant hand unleashed by Yun Tianming, the Extreme Purple Beast Flame emitted a painful howl.

This reminded it of the terror of being struck down by Soul Technique as the host of the Amethyst Winged Lion King.

"I ask you, do you yield?"

Yun Tianming glared, commanding the soul hand to contract, forcibly dispersing the lion-headed form condensed by the Extreme Purple Beast Flame!


The purple-black flames scattered, and Yun Tianming clasped his hands together, taking a deep breath, drawing all the scattered flames into his body. He then sat cross-legged, forming cultivation seals with his hands, driving the Extreme Purple Beast Flame within his body to circulate along the Qi Method's routes, subjecting it to secondary refinement.

Due to experiencing refinement once before, during the process of secondary refinement, the Extreme Purple Beast Flame did not show intense resistance. It obediently traversed the meridians and ultimately could not escape being completely refined and absorbed.

The process of refining the seventh-rank Beast Flame lasted for three days and three nights.

In the cave, Yun Yun ended her cultivation early, waving her hand as a green vortex coiled around it.

"The crystalline seal within my body has been released by 30%, and my Dou Qi has probably recovered to the level of a Dou Grandmaster."

Yun Yun's eyes shimmered with a sharp light, the recovery of her Dou Qi restoring a bit of her confidence and composure as a strong individual. The weakness on her face vanished without a trace.

Her gaze shifted to Yun Tianming, who was still in a state of cultivation not far away, and a complex expression appeared in her beautiful eyes. The days of cohabitation in the cave had brought the two closer. Yun Yun was surprised to find that her inner self seemed to not reject contact with him.

During the sealing of her Dou Qi, Yun Yun displayed the demeanor of a weak woman and passively accepted Yun Tianming's care. However, after regaining some strength, Yun Yun's strong-willed personality returned.

No! This is unacceptable! It's not proper at all!

How could the dignified Misty Cloud Sect's Sect Master develop feelings for a boy much younger than herself?

Yun Yun shook her head firmly.

"That being said, how did this guy cause such a commotion while refining the Beast Flame?"

Yun Yun, watching Yun Tianming intermittently emit purple-black flames from his body, flashed a hint of astonishment. Didn't the Essence Beast Flame of the Amethyst Winged Lion King have a lighter color?

As her strength had not fully recovered, Yun Yun couldn't discern any differences in the Beast Flame on Yun Tianming's body for the time being.

After observing for a while and confirming that Yun Tianming's aura was steady, indicating a smooth process of refining the Beast Flame, Yun Yun finally relaxed.

"With my current strength, as long as I don't encounter fourth or fifth-rank Magic Beasts, self-defense should be more than sufficient."

"So, going out for a bath shouldn't be a problem, right?"

Affected by the heat emitted by the Beast Flame, the entire cave was sweltering. Yun Yun had long been sweating profusely. Added to that, she hadn't bathed for several days since entering the Magic Beast Mountains, and the stickiness on her body made her feel extremely uncomfortable!

Yun Yun glanced at Yun Tianming, who was still immersed in cultivation, drew her sword from her side, and inserted it at the entrance of the cave. Then, with a swift motion, she formed a sword technique with her delicate hand.

"Whirlwind Wall!"

With the sword as the core, a dense wall of wind unfolded, blocking the passage of the cave. This was to prevent any reckless Magic Beasts from sneaking in and disturbing Yun Tianming's cultivation while she was away.

Hmm, this should do it. Time for this Sect Master to go for a refreshing bath~

Perhaps influenced by Yun Tianming, Yun Yun's personality had gradually become more cheerful without her realizing it.

With light and graceful steps, she walked out of the cave with cheerful strides, her face beaming with a charming smile.

For her, these days spent in the cave were a pleasant memory.


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