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"As an outer disciple of the Misty Cloud Sect, Yun Tianming starts by binding the 'Strengthning System'! Intermediate Profound-level Combat Technique — Enhancement — Advanced Profound-level Combat Technique! Advanced Profound-level Martial Art — Enhancement — Low-grade Earth-tier Martial Art! Third-grade Pill — Enhancement — Fourth-grade Pill! Yun Yun: Tianming, please stop enhancing things!" --- This is a Translation

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Chapter 76: Weakened Yun Yun

"Bursting Void Steps!"

Yun Tianming soared through the air, weaving in a zigzag pattern, and finally lunged forward, precisely catching Yun Yun who was falling from the sky.

"aaaah~ Huh?!"

Yun Yun, startled, tightly closed her eyes. Suddenly, the sense of weightlessness from the fall disappeared, and her body landed in a warm embrace.

"Sister Yun'er, don't be afraid, I'm here."

Yun Tianming held Yun Yun horizontally in his arms, wearing a reassuring smile on his face.


"Uh, how did you end up here?"

Yun Yun blinked in surprise at first. Then, she realized her body was in a princess carry position. Even her hands subconsciously embraced the other's neck. The ambiguous posture led to suggestive thoughts, and a charming blush instantly appeared on her cheeks.

This is so embarrassing!

As a mighty Dou Emperor powerhouse, she now looked like a startled little girl being held by someone!

"I was worried about you, so I came."

"Sister Yun'er, hold on tight."

Yun Tianming tightly embraced Yun Yun, his feet continuously releasing energy. Using the thrust from the bursts, he countered the acceleration of their fall, eventually landing smoothly on the ground.


Yun Yun's graceful body was tightly held by Yun Tianming. Her cheek was close to his heart, and she could clearly hear the strong and rhythmic heartbeat. Whether it was an illusion or not, Yun Yun felt that her heartbeat almost synchronized with his in that moment

From childhood to adulthood, Yun Yun had never had such close contact with a man. This left her feeling overwhelmed, yet internally, there was a hint of curiosity and anticipation. Her thoughts momentarily drifted into a brief daze.

Yun Tianming, noticing her state, remained silent, simply holding her quietly. One hand cradled the small back, while the other supported her pair of legs, smooth and as pure as jade. His gaze swept over the bulging parts in front of him, and immediately, a timeless poem emerged in his mind: "Horizontally, they look like ridges; sideways, they resemble peaks, near or far, high or low, each is different."

Inhaling lightly, he caught a whiff of an exceptionally pleasant scent, the maidenly fragrance. Nalan Yanran and Ya Fei also had a similar aroma, but Yun Yun's was evidently more exquisite. As for why Yun Tianming's nose was so sensitive, perhaps it was due to his previous life being born in the Year of the Dog in the '90s.

After a long while, Yun Yun finally snapped out of it. Meeting Yun Tianming's passionate gaze up close, her palm trembled slightly. She quickly released her hands from around his neck, immediately averted her gaze, and in a chilly voice with a hint of vulnerability, she asked, "Tianming, can you please put me down?"

"Oh, okay, Sister Yun'er."

"How do you feel now? Is there any discomfort?"

Yun Tianming carefully lowered Yun Yun from his embrace, his face filled with concern as he inquired.

Yun Yun immediately activated her Qi Method, only to find that the once immensely powerful Dou Qi was now like a stone sinking into the ocean. All the crucial meridians throughout her body were sealed off by amethyst crystals, making it impossible to resolve in the short term.

Biting her lip, she helplessly hugged her arms. She was no longer the lofty Dou Emperor powerhouse but a weak woman with no strength at all.

"By the way, what about the Amethyst Winged Lion King?!"

Yun Yun's heart skipped a beat as she recalled the intense battle just moments ago.

She used the Extreme Wind Fallen Massacre to heavily injure the Amethyst Winged Lion King. However, during the physical attack with its beast claws, the Amethyst Winged Lion King's movements suddenly froze for some reason. Then, both Yun Yun and the lion fell from the sky.

"Rest assured, Sister Yun'er."

"That big lion should be dead from the fall."

Yun Tianming pointed to the distant, upside-down corpse of the Amethyst Winged Lion King.

"What? Dead from the fall?"

Upon hearing this, Yun Yun was momentarily stunned, and an incredulous expression appeared on her face.

Although falling from ten thousand meters would cause immense damage, for the tough-skinned Sixth Rank Magic Beast, it wouldn't necessarily be fatal.

"Sister Yun'er, let's go."

"The body of this Sixth Rank Magic Beast is full of treasures."

Yun Tianming took the slightly cold hand of Yun Yun and walked towards the direction where the Amethyst Winged Lion King fell.

Yun Yun looked at her captured hand, made a symbolic struggle for a few moments, sighed inwardly, and tacitly allowed Yun Tianming to lead her.

Approaching for a closer look, one could witness the massive body of the Amethyst Winged Lion King lying quietly in a large pit, with dull amethyst fragments scattered everywhere. On the large and fierce lion's head, the copper-bell-sized beast eyes had lost their luster and focus.

"Truly my Sister Yun'er, slaying a Sixth Rank Magic Beast."

Yun Tianming displayed an admiring expression.

"What do you mean by 'mine'?"

"However, did I really kill the Amethyst Winged Lion King?"

Yun Yun frowned, instinctively rejecting Yun Tianming's address. But soon, her attention shifted back to the Amethyst Winged Lion King.

Carefully examining the injuries on the Amethyst Winged Lion King's body, she observed numerous wind blade lacerations all over, appearing somewhat gruesome. However, these were only superficial wounds. The only significant damage was the red horn at the top of the Amethyst Winged Lion King's head, which she had severed with a sword. Wait, how did it turn into debris?


A hint of confusion flashed in Yun Yun's eyes.

Normally, her Extreme Wind: Killer Meteorite should leave clean-cut wounds, and it shouldn't have shattered like this. It seemed as if some mysterious force had forcibly crushed it!

Furthermore, Yun Yun reached out to touch the lion's head. There didn't appear to be any fatal wounds on the surface, but she drew the sword at her waist and forcefully tapped the lion's skull. There were several dull echoes, as if the brain inside had been turned into a mushy substance by some mysterious force.

How could such a bizarre injury be caused?

It couldn't be from the fall, right?

Yun Yun found herself completely puzzled.

"Sister Yun'er, continue."

Just as Yun Yun pondered, Yun Tianming skillfully opened up the Amethyst Winged Lion King's corpse, digging out a fist-sized deep purple crystal from its body.

"The magic core of a Sixth Rank Magic Beast!"

Yun Yun's eyes lit up; this was a priceless treasure worth millions!

However, compared to the magic core, Yun Tianming was even more interested in something else.

"Found it!"

Yun Tianming released his Soul Perception, scanning the entire body of the Amethyst Winged Lion King. Finally, within its massive lungs, he discovered a faint purple Beast Flame.

Taking out the Mountain-crushing Staff from his Spatial Ring, he pressed it against the location of the lion's lungs. Activating the Nourishing Divine Wood's Qi Method, he infused it with wood-attributed Dou Qi at full force.


Wood aided fire's ignition.

A tremendously hot purple flame erupted from the Amethyst Winged Lion King's body, transforming into the shape of a lion in mid-air.

"Is this... Amethyst Winged Lion King's true Essence Beast Flame?"

A look of astonishment appeared on Yun Yun's face.

This Beast Flame inherits the characteristics of a Magic Beast, being wild and difficult to tame. Generally, only those who cultivate fire-attributed Dou Qi or are alchemists would consider capturing such a Beast Flame.

However, Yun Tianming clearly cultivates wood-attributed Dou Qi. Why would he bother with this Beast Flame?


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