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Reincarnated into the world of Dou Qi, Becoming a member of the Miteer family. Accepted by Yun Yun as a disciple and became Nalan Yanran's senior brother. He and Nalan Yanran had a mutual love and became childhood sweethearts. Just as Miteer Chenfeng was thinking about how to deal with Xiao Yan, the son of destiny. The system is activated! Have children, Get blessings system! He will be rewarded for each additional offspring. "Ding, congratulations to the host, Yun Yun gave birth to a child for the host and the host will be rewarded with heaven-level skills." "Ding, congratulations to the host, Ya Fei is pregnant with a child of the host and the host will be rewarded with heaven-level fighting skills." With the hard work of Chenfeng Many years later, the Miteer Family became the biggest and the strongest family in the Dou Qi Continent! For supporting and requesting more chapters visit : https://ko-fi.com/red_tomato #unlike some other works of the same genre, harem stays within the range of the original BTTH female supporting roles. #This is a translation Author: Senior Brother Qing Shui 斗破:多子多福,我打造最强家族

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Chapter 5 Super Gift Pack

  "System, open the super gift package."

  Thinking of the system's reward this time, Chenfeng thought silently in his heart.

  "Ding, congratulations to the host for obtaining a Nine-Star Douzong experience card."

  "Ding, congratulations to the host for obtaining the heaven-level advanced skill Swallowing Yuan Jue."

 "Ding, congratulations to the host for obtaining the Universe Treasure Box."

  "Ding, congratulations to the host for obtaining the Dragon Elephant body."

  "Ding, congratulations to the host for getting a primary puppet pill."

  As soon as Chenfeng finished speaking, a series of system prompts sounded in his mind.

  Chenfeng couldn't help but swallow.

  I didn't expect this super gift package to be so awesome!

  "The above items have been distributed to the system space. Please collect them by yourself." The system prompt sounded again.

  Heaven level skills!

  Nine Star Douzong Experience Card!

  Chenfeng suppressed the excitement in his heart, took a deep breath, and forced himself to calm down.

  Then, his mind sank into the system space and began to check the specific information of these rewards.

  Nine-Star Douzong Experience Card: After use, the host can have short-term Nine-Star Douzong strength, which lasts for one stick of incense.

  Swallowing Yuan Jue: A heaven-level advanced technique that can swallow all energy bodies in the world to improve one's cultivation.

  Qiankun Treasure Box: Contains a small world that can independently absorb external energy and fill it.

  Dragon-Elephant Body cultivation method. Practicing this exercise can stimulate the power of the dragon-elephant. It can increase endurance and recovery speed at an extremely frightening level.

  Elementary Puppet Pill: Living creatures under the Douzong realm who take this pill will unconditionally obey the host's orders although they have their memories and minds their bodies only obey the host.

  "How heaven-defying !"

  When Chenfeng checked the information about these rewards, he was so shocked.

  This system is awesome!

  "System, extract the Yuan Swallowing Technique."

  Then, Chenfeng said silently in his heart.

  The next moment, a wave of information surged forward, without giving him a chance to react. It was forcefully inserted into his brain and twitched rapidly.


  Chenfeng couldn't help but take a breath of cold air, quickly stabilized his mind, and absorbed all the information in his mind.

  After a while, Chenfeng finished laughing at this information.

  "Swallowing Yuan Jue can swallow any energy body to improve one's cultivation."

"This energy body can be the energy of heaven and earth, magic core, elixirs, pills..."

  After learning about the Swallowing Yuan Jue, a trace of shock appeared on his face.

  too strong!

  It is indeed a heaven-level advanced technique.

  It has to be said that this Yuan Swallowing Technique alone can help Chenfeng become a supreme powerhouse.

  After truly understanding the effect of the Yuan Swallowing Technique, Chenfeng was even more shocked.

  You know, the most indispensable thing in this world is the energy body.

  To put it into detail, even the fighting skills released and the strange fires between heaven and earth are also energy bodies.

  And, as long as Chenfeng has practised the Swallowing Yuan Jue to a certain level, he can still absorb it and turn it into his cultivation.

  ["This is just my first child in pregnancy. If I wait for my first child to be born, wouldn't the reward given by the system be even more outrageous?"]

  Having tasted the sweetness, at this moment, Chenfeng was extremely enthusiastic about his future.

  ["Extract the body of the dragon elephant."] Then, Chenfeng continued to think silently in his heart.

  In an instant, a violent force burst out in his body, sweeping through his body.

  If the previous Swallowing Yuan Technique affected the soul, then the dragon-elephant body at this moment was the ultimate transformation of Chenfeng physical body.

  Under this power, he felt that everything in his body, including the skin, muscles, bones, flesh and blood, and even every cell, was being transformed and strengthened.


  At this moment, Chenfeng felt that his body was torn apart by a force, and then he began to reassemble it until it was in perfect condition.

  "It hurts, it hurts so much!"

  The huge pain made Chenfeng almost faint, but strangely, Chenfeng remained awake and could feel the changes in his body.

  Fortunately, the physical changes did not last long.

  When the power in his body disappeared, Chenfeng was already sweating profusely, as if he and Nalan Yanran had done high-intensity exercise all night that day.

  Despite this, Chenfeng was not tired at this moment and even felt that he could continue to fight Nalan Yanran for dozens of rounds.

  Chenfeng clenched his hands into fists, and he could feel the terrifying power contained in his body.

  He was confident that he could defeat his former self with pure physical strength alone.

  The dragon-elephant body is indeed very strong!

  Moreover, he had just initially awakened the dragon-elephant body.

  In the future, if the body-forging technique is obtained, it can be further developed to unleash the full potential of the dragon-elephant body.

  By then, he will have the true power of the Dragon Elephant.

  With just his physical body, he can shatter mountains, crack rocks, and shatter the void with just one punch.

  ["My current physical body is more terrifying than the body of a monster!"] Feeling the power of the physical body at this moment, Chenfeng clicked his tongue in amazement.

  Compared with Warcraft, humans are naturally weak, but Chenfeng, who awakened the body of dragon and elephant, can crush the body of Warcraft.

  Then, Chenfeng leaned down and did a thousand push-ups in one breath without panting at all.

  "Hehe, this endurance is extraordinary."

  I don't know what he thought of, but Chenfeng suddenly smiled, looking a little wretched.

  "Extract the Universe Treasure Box."

  Afterwards, Chenfeng continued to think silently in his mind.

  As a bright purple light flashed, a purple box appeared in Chenfeng's hand, with simple patterns engraved on it.

  "Ding, please ask the host to drip blood to be recognized as the owner?"

  The moment the purple box appeared, a system prompt suddenly sounded in his mind.

  "Recognize the master by dripping blood? It looks quite high-end."

  Chenfeng was stunned, then bit his finger, squeezed out a drop of blood, and dropped it on the purple treasure box.


  After the purple box absorbed Chenfeng's blood, it turned into a purple light and penetrated his hand.

  Chenfeng took a closer look and saw that the purple box had disappeared, but there was a mini version of the purple tattoo on his palm, which was exactly like the purple box just now.

  At the same time, a piece of information poured into his mind, which he quickly received.

  Then, with a thought in Chenfeng's mind, his body disappeared directly into the room.

  When Chenfeng regained his vision, he found that what he saw before him had completely changed.

  What came into view was a space the size of a square, with a layer of grey fog shrouding the outside.

  "Is this the inner world of the Universe Treasure Box?"

  Chenfeng looked at the space in front of him with a look of surprise.

  Space items are also found on Dou Qi's Continent, such as the Space Ring in his hand.

  However, the space ring(na ring) has a big drawback, that is, it cannot contain living creatures.

  However, the small world carried by the Qiankun Treasure Box can contain living creatures, and even humans can survive in it.

  Chenfeng could feel that as he shed blood to identify as its master, this small world was independently absorbing the energy of the world from the outside world.

  Before long, this small world will also be filled with the energy of heaven and earth.

  Even if you hide here to practice, it is completely plausible.

Tier moves from lower level to higher level

Dou Disciple = Dou Zhi

Dou Practitioner = Dou Zhe

Dou Master = Dou Shi

Dou grandmaster = Da Dou Shi

Dou Spirit = Dou Ling

Dou King = Dou Wang

Dou Emperor = Dou Huang

Dou Ancestor = Dou Zong

Dou Venerate = Dou Zun

Half Saint = Ben Sheng

Dou Saint = Dou Saint

Dou God. = Dou Di

Dou Qi Skill Ranking-

Huang (yellow)




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