BTTH Adding Points To Become Stronger

Lin Xiu finds himself transported to the realm of "Dou Po - Battle Through The Heavens" unlocking a mysterious system panel. Inadequate talent? No problem—just add a few points! Insufficient mastery of Qi Methods? Easily fixed—add some points! Low-ranking Qi Method holding you back? Piece of cake—merge two yellow-rank Qi Methods, and voilà, now you have a Black Rank Qi Method! Struggling with Dou Techniques and lacking killing power? Just add some points! From the moment Lin Xiu enrolled in the prestigious Jia Nan Academy, his extraordinary journey of empowerment begins. --- This is a Translation.

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Chapter 28: Deepening Misunderstandings

From Lin Xiu's perspective, only half of Xiao Yu's body could be seen outside the tree trunk.

Originally two straight jade legs, at this moment, were hanging weakly next to the tree trunk, occasionally twitching.

"It seems like I went a bit too hard." Lin Xiu immediately shook his head again, "I can't be blamed, this woman always troubles me. I hope this time she learns a lesson."

Leaning against a tree, Lin Xiu looked up at the sky; the moon had already risen.

"How long will it take for her to recover? I want to go eat."

Lin Xiu rubbed his stomach, his gaze shifting towards the lake, "Maybe I should learn to cook. There are so many fish in the lake; I can fish while cooking. Cooking should also be considered an Ability, and I can earn Attribute Points."

Looking left and right, just when Lin Xiu couldn't help but want to check on Xiao Yu's situation, the other party finally showed some movement.

With trembling legs touching the ground, Xiao Yu slowly stepped back, pulling her body out from the tree trunk.

Leaning against the tree, Xiao Yu bit her lip, first looking left and right to confirm that there was no one else. Only then did she reach behind and touch her buttocks.

Even after some time had passed, a burning pain still lingered on her buttocks.

The night wind passed through the woods, skimmed across the lake, brushing against Xiao Yu's body. There was a subtle chill between her legs, constantly stimulating her nerves.

Taking a few deep breaths, Xiao Yu restrained herself from letting tears flow from her eyes and slowly walked towards the dormitory.

"Finally gone." Watching Xiao Yu's back, Lin Xiu walked out from behind the tree, trailing behind her from a distance.

After a moment, finally arriving at a crowded place, Lin Xiu quickly headed towards another fork in the road, which led in the direction of his own dormitory.

Focused on eating, Lin Xiu did not notice a pair of eyes watching him.

Not far away, a girl stood in place, holding a porcelain bowl in her arms, looking somewhat dazed.

After Xiao Mei left the cafeteria, wanting to share the delicious White Carp with Lin Xiu, she came to the dormitory first but did not find him.

So, Xiao Mei planned to go to the lakeside. In her impression, Lin Xiu usually appeared in three places: the square, the dormitory, and the lakeside.

As Xiao Mei walked to the square, about to head towards the lakeside, she suddenly saw elder sister coming from that direction.

Xiao Yu was dressed in casual clothes, her hair somewhat messy, her face flushed. She seemed a bit unfocused, as if she had just experienced a setback.

Just as Xiao Mei wondered what might have happened to elder sister, she suddenly saw Lin Xiu appearing behind her.

The two seemed to be coming back from the same place. Lin Xiu occasionally glanced at elder sister, revealing a sense of nervousness, concern, and care. (Xiao Mei the great facial reader)

"Could they be..." With the image of elder sister's disheveled hair and flushed face in her mind, Xiao Mei's pretty face suddenly turned pale.


The bowl in her hand slipped and fell to the ground, breaking into pieces. The milky white fish soup spilled all over, revealing several pieces of fish.


"Brother Xiu, I heard you've been fishing by the lake?"

Just returning to the dormitory, Lin Xiu took the meal Lin Dun handed over, preparing to eat, when Xiao Ning suddenly approached.

Glancing at him, Lin Xiu nodded, "What's up? Need something?"

"Take me with you tomorrow." Xiao Ning smiled, with a hint of pleasing.

"Did you also take a mission?" Lin Xiu asked.

"What mission?" Xiao Ning was puzzled. He hadn't paid attention to the Task Hall matters. Wanting to fish, he was purely interested in Xun'er's fascination with the fish brought by Hu Jia.

So, Xiao Ning planned to go fishing on his own.

Even though he felt that while Xun'er had a special affection for cousin Xiao Yan, it wasn't entirely impossible for him to have a chance.

Currently, Xiao Yan wasn't with Xun'er. As long as he appealed to her preferences, he might be able to genuinely move her.

"Brother Xiu, are there any white fish in the lake? I mean, the kind that is pure white from head to tail, shining like jade." Seeing Lin Xiu eating with his head down, Xiao Ning continued to ask.

"Yes, those fish are called White Carp." Lin Xiu paused in his eating, looked up at him, and asked, "Why are you suddenly asking about this?"

"So it's White Carp. I'll remember that." Xiao Ning nodded vigorously. "I just think they must taste good, so I want to catch some."

"Tasty? Have you tried them?" Lin Xiu was quite surprised.

All the White Carp caught from the lake today were processed by him – one for Elder Huo and one for Dean Hu Gan.

"Well, the fish brought by Hu Jia is extremely tender and soft, the fish soup is exceptionally fresh and fragrant. Taking a sip fills the mouth with rich aroma, leaving a lingering aftertaste."

Because he had only drunk the soup, Xiao Ning didn't dare to randomly comment on the fish meat, fearing Lin Xiu might notice something unusual. He tried to describe his viewpoint on the fish soup as much as possible.

Thinking that Lin Xiu had been fishing by the lake all this time, Xiao Ning believed Lin Xiu might have tasted the White Carp meat.

In reality, Xiao Ning had no idea that, until today, Lin Xiu had never tasted it.

"Hu Jia? She brought the fish? Then it must be from Deputy Headmaster Hu Gan."

Understanding the situation, Lin Xiu didn't continue to inquire. The affairs of that old man and his granddaughter had nothing to do with him.

After dinner and a short rest, Lin Xiu continued his Dou Technique training in the evening.

He called Xiao Ning and Lin Dun to join him and headed to the square together.

Xiao Ning practiced with Lin Xiu for a while then he claimed a stomachache as an excuse to leave. Lin Xiu didn't pay much attention; these days, Xiao Ning always found various excuses.

If it were before, Lin Xiu would certainly not have let him off, but now with Lin Dun as his sparring partner, Lin Xiu didn't care much about Xiao Ning's attitude.

Due to several days of sparring, Lin Dun provided more experience each time compared to Xiao Ning.

Lin Xiu speculated that after practicing with him, Lin Dun also improved, becoming a higher threat than Xiao Ning. Therefore, battling with Lin Dun allowed Lin Xiu to gain more experience.

[You engage in a battle, Thundering Palm experience +10]

[You engage in a battle, Straight Punch experience +20]

[You complete a cultivation session, Realm experience +0.1]

[You engage in a battle, Wind and Thunder Technique experience +15]


Late at night.

"You've worked hard." Lin Xiu reached out to Lin Dun's hand lying on the ground; he grabbed it, using the momentum to help him up.

Brushing off the dust on his body, Lin Dun shook his head and smiled, "Brother Xiu, it's not hard at all. Practicing with you, I feel my practical combat experience has increased a lot."

"Improvement is good. Rest for two days, and then we'll continue," Lin Xiu said, noticing large bruises on Lin Dun's arms, clearly a result of their sparring.

Lin Dun always wore long sleeves, and Lin Xiu hadn't noticed before. This guy never complained, and Lin Xiu thought Lin Dun's Qi Method could aid in recovery.

Now, it seemed Lin Dun was simply enduring the pain.

"Brother Xiu, are you worried about my injuries? It's fine; I'm used to it. Let's continue tomorrow," Lin Dun responded quickly, smiling genuinely without any pretense.

Although everyone in the dorm, including Xiao Ning, thought he was foolish for being Lin Xiu's punching bag, Lin Dun was clear-minded about it.

Despite being on the receiving end of blows, it's not without improvement. On the contrary, Lin Xiu always gives pointers in various aspects, and his practical combat experience is continuously growing.

Moreover, through constant sparring with Lin Xiu, Lin Dun is realizing the terrifying speed of his improvement.

Whether it's proficiency in Dou Techniques, skill usage, or even Dou Qi strength, there are new changes almost every day.

Lin Dun, who originally had no reliance or background, has silently regarded Lin Xiu as a big support in his heart, wanting to firmly hold onto it.

"Let's go back and rest. We can discuss other matters tomorrow."

Originally, Lin Xiu wanted to pat Lin Dun on the shoulder, but considering the possibility of injuries, he raised his hand, turned it in a circle, and touched his own hair.


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