1 Before it all happened


the characters name is Aki Lee her father was a Korean citizen but left her and her mother in America that's why she hates Korea but doesn't show it

You were walking down the hall to get to your classroom, before stumbling in front of the bulletin board "BigHit auditions! Get a chance to enter the kpop world..." You thought to yourself "this is probably posted by the kpop club I still can't believe they allowed a kpop club in school what's worse is that we have Korean classes in America!" You noticed that you kept walking till you reached you classroom you walked inside only to greet your friend Jo Woo she was Korean and transferred to your school

Aki: Jo Woo! how are you?

Jo Woo: Gwa...oh right yeah I'm fine...

Aki: Its fine to speak in Korean we have Korean lessons anyway 😅

Jo Woo: Your such a good friend anyways Aki I have to tell you something

Aki: Go ahead

Jo Woo: Well I sent a video to a agency in Korea it was my audition for YG

Aki: How did it go?

Jo Woo: I got accepted but my flight is tomorrow ill have to leave but I talked to Mrs. Lee and I pleaded for you to come with me

Aki: WHAT!

Jo Woo: Don't worry Mrs. Lee will come

Aki: Your a great friend and all but I have to decide for myself

You look down and walk away

You saw how devastated she was but you wanted to decide for yourself

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