Brothers Reincarnated into Highschool DxD with a system

A pair of brothers get killed and gets reincarnated into Highschool DxD -------------------------------------- This is his fulfillment trash, if you don't like it, don't read it

MR_No1 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
18 Chs


After being consumed by a red light, both Jack and Kokuren appeared in the occult research room, but it was different, it was empty, it gave Jack the creeps

"So, what now? hunt?" Jack said but suddenly a voice came from nowhere


"Oh, well, should we stick together or split up?" Jack

"Hmmmm, we could kill more of them if we split up," Kokuren said as they started to walk out of the room

"Fuck it, I say we go to the courtyard and wait," Jack

"Hmm, doesn't sound like a bad idea, and anyone that tries us while was heading there can get killed," Kokuren said as they both headed towards the courtyard, and to their surprise, they didn't see anyone on their way there, After arriving in the middle of the courtyard, they sat there talking while waiting for something to happen

"So, I was thinking of asking Koneko to go grab some ice-" Jack was saying until a fireball was flung at him, seeing this, Kokuren teleported back as Jack just stood there, taking the blast head on

"HAHAHAHAHA, You were so confident! Yet you couldn't even dodge a signal fireball!!" Riser shouted as he and his peerage were on the school's roof

"....." Kokuren only stood there and looked at him as suddenly a voice rang out again

"Shuriya, Marion Marion Mira, Ile, and Nel of the Riser Peerage have been eliminated!" The voice rang out, causing Riser and his peerage to look behind them, only to see Jack sitting on a small chimney on the roof, just then Kokuren teleported next to him

"WHAT!!!" Riser

"Listen, we've actually been training our asses off for this fight, but, seeing how easily I took them out, I don't think this will be any fun, so just surrender or whatever the fuck, I don't care, you don't have to, but I want you to know that I will enjoy killing you all," Jack

"S-SHUT UP!!!!" Riser shouted as he blasted a fireball towards them leading the remainder of his Peerage to attack as well, seeing this, Kokuren jolted forwards and easily took out the rest of his peerage, the fireball was taken care of by Jack as he used his fire magic to redirect it

"Wha-what the!" Riser shouted as he saw that the rest of his Peerage was taken out

"Listen, I'll give you the choice, I'll let you pick which one of us you want to fight," Jack

"I-I WON'T STAND FOR THIS!!" Riser shouted as a set of flaming wings formed behind him

"Why are you shouting so much?!" Jack said as he speeds blitzed Riser, quickly appearing in front of him, Jack drove his fist into Riser's gut, causing him to spit up blood as well as sending him flying into the air, only for Kokuren to appear above him and kick him to the courtyard, to which Jack was already waiting there for him

"Now, wanna take me up on my offer of surrendering?" Jack said leading Riser to laugh as he began to heal

"No matter how much you hit me! I will ALWAYS heal!!" Riser said to Jack, causing him to blink, look at Kokuren, and nod, to which Kokuren teleported behind Riser, and used his sword to decapitate him,

"Riser has been defeated! The winners are the Moretti brothers!!" The voice rang out one last time as suddenly the both of them were consumed by a bright red light again, and suddenly they appeared in the occult room again, where Rias and her peerage were waiting for them

"WOOOO!!!" Rias and Issai shouted as they hugged each other

"Congratulations on your win you two," Grayfia said as she and Rias's brother was at the door

"You two were amazing, I must say, you two have to be the strongest humans I've ever met," Sirzechs

"Thank you, I'd even go as far as saying I'm the sexiest human ever," Jack said as he went tried to run his hand on his chin like a fuck boy, only to be stopped by the mask on his face

"Oh, I forgot about this," Jack said only to be shoved aside by Rias

"So, SO!! Is it officially off!!" Rias asked her older brother

"Hehehehe, yes you're free to do whatever you want now, now, I have to get back to the underworld, you should come say bye to Mother and Father," Sirzechs said causing Rias to nod as she thanked both Jack and Kokuren, and told them to wait a minute for her to come back

"You two really did it," Akeno said with a smile

"Yeah!! You two were amazing!!" Issai

"Was you going to say Icecream?" Koneko asked Jack leaving Kokuren and the others to only laugh

After about five minutes, Rias finally came back into the room, looking at her, everyone was silent as she had a Grimm look on her face

"What is it Rias?" Akeno

"I-I-.....I'm just so happy, I've been trying to get out of this marriage for so long, and finally, it happened, I'm finally free!! Thank both of you, really, this means more to me than you'll ever know!" Rias said as her eyes started to fill with tears

"OH, GOD!!! Stop it with all the gooey shit!! Come on, let's all go out to eat or something," Jack

"Karaoke!!" Issai

"I'm down with that!!" Kokuren

"you two need to take a bath first, you both stink!" Koneko said leading them to remember that they haven't showered in three weeks

"Huh, yeah that's a good point," Kokuren

"We have a shower here, and we should have some clothes that fit you both, so after you two get cleaned up, then we can all head to Karaoke," Rias said as she wiped the tears from her eyes

"OK dope!! I'll hop in first!!" Jack said as he took his shirt off and walked to the shower

"Welp, what should we do while he's in there?" Kokuren