1 This Hack Has A Harsh Condition

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Above the ice plain, wind and snow filled the air.

The clouds in the sky were thick and gloomy. Lightning occasionally flashed between the clouds, like streams of white fire.

Wild winds swept up the dense ice particles on the ground. They blended with the ice and snow in the air, producing a ghastly howl, giving the place the atmosphere of an icy hell.


The dull chime of a bell suddenly resounded from the depths of the ice plain, completely drowning out the howl of the wind and snow.

Where the bell chime came from, it was a completely different scenery.

The wind and snow in the air were kept out by a massive protective array. The array gently encased five huge, floating mountains like an inverted cage.

Outside the array, the wind and snow could chill one down to the bone.

But within the array, it was as warm as spring.

When the wind and snow outside crashed into the array, they immediately turned into little spots of snow-white spiritual Qi that flowed along the surface of the cage before being slowly absorbed by it.

The two sides were merely separated by an array, but their situations were so vastly different. It really was the creation of immortals.

Legends had it that the immortal Qing Yu, with astonishing power, moved five floating mountains here from beyond the sky and set up the mountain-protection array. The Qing Yu Mountains existed from then on, as well as the Qing Yu Immortal Sect.

For thousands of years, the Qing Yu Immortal Sect had been passed down through the generations to become one of the top immortal sects in the northern border of the state of Ju.



Early in the morning...

The first bell leisurely echoed...

Being a responsible servant disciple, Chen Shaojie immediately got up from the bed.

He got dressed, made the bed, and washed himself a little… he was so familiar with his actions that they were close to perfection.

"How did I transmigrate again?"

Chen Shaojie muttered to himself while he got up and walked to the small stove to make himself something to eat.

He boiled water, cooked noodles, fried a couple of eggs, and added a large cucumber...

And thus a large bowl of fragrant water-boiled noodles was produced. It was the perfect crystallization of Chen Shaojie's entire repertoire of culinary skills.

As a transmigrator, being able to do this much was already the result of major effort on his part.

Before he transmigrated, he had never even used a kitchen before.

On Earth, he was also called Chen Shaojie. He was a winner in life, in both career and personal life.

In his career, he managed to earn several million in just two years after graduating college thanks to his outstanding personal abilities. Business was booming.

Of course, the starting capital of several hundred millions his parents gave him may have helped a little, but he felt that they were insignificant.

In his personal life, he had very rich emotional experiences. All the girls he loved, loved him very much.

Among them, two of the girls who loved him deeply even wanted to break up with their boyfriends in order to start a proper relationship with him.

It was a sweet problem to have...

All in all, the Chen Shaojie of Earth lived a happy life.

If he had the choice, he would never wish for something as terrible as transmigration to happen to him.

But did he have a choice?


The transmigration that came out of the blue threw him into a really bad situation.

How should he say it...

The him now was completely worthless besides being good looking.

The original proprietor of the body came from a poor family and was sent to this sect called the Qing Yu Immortal Sect a year ago.

In short, it was the typical case of a family that had too many children and could not afford to feed them all. Therefore, when an immortalist of the Qing Yu Immortal Sect passed by the village and took a liking to the good-looking original Chen Shaojie, the farmer couple sent him here without the slightest reluctance.

The immortallist brought the original Chen Shaojie to the sect. After going through the entrance test, it was found that the handsome original Chen Shaojie was actually no more than a nice-looking ornament who had extremely low potential. Feeling greatly disappointed in him, the immortalist banished the original Chen Shaojie to the lower court of the sect and no longer cared about him.

And that was how the original Chen Shaojie became a glorious lower court servant disciple.

His parents were alive and well, he had extremely poor potential, and he had no fiancée that he was betrothed to...

It was definitely the lowest configuration possible for a transmigrator. It basically left no room for imagination.

Chen Shaojie had no idea how he came to this world. A month ago, he woke up from his sleep and found himself in this situation.

Over the past month, he had slowly accepted the fact that he had transmigrated.

After all, even if he did not want to accept it, what could he do but occasionally grumble under his breath?

Since he could not change the fact that he was being f*cked over by life, he might as well learn to enjoy it...

Mr. Lu Xun's famous words were so fitting regardless of the occasion. Therefore, Chen Shaojie soon learned to cook instant noodles for himself, and learned to enjoy a crispy cucumber, like the one he currently had in his mouth.

After finishing the noodles, he finished off the last mouthful cucumber and stuffed the two eggs into his mouth. His hunger finally subsided a little.

He quickly cleaned the dishes and went to tidy himself up in front of the bronze mirror.

Wow, so good looking!

Every time he saw the well-defined face reflected in the bronze mirror, he could not help making such an exclamation.

He was good looking 360 degrees all-around. He was beautiful.

Even Chen Shaojie himself could not help falling in love with such a good-looking face, let alone other people.

After putting on the proper clothes, Chen Shaojie pushed open the door and walked out of his residence.

Outside, the sky had already brightened.


The second bell of the morning rang. Its purpose was to remind the disciples that it was time to leave the room.

In a little while, the third bell would sound.

If they had not made it to the lower court to assemble by then, what awaited them, the servant disciples, would be the whip.

When Chen Shaojie had just transmigrated...

...he had been whipped for being late.

Chen Shaojie could swear that the steward in charge of carrying out the punishment must be completely devoid of any humanity. He was definitely an expert with the whip.

Chen Shaojie's fair, tender body was beaten until it was covered in blood. It took him more than ten days to completely heal from the pain. It was an experience which he could still vividly recall to this day. He never dared to be late again.

"You're so early today, Junior Brother Chen."

No sooner had Chen Shaojie left his residence than a greeting suddenly came from behind him.

The rows of small run-down houses at the foot of the mountain were the dormitories of the servant disciples. Not many people were coming out at this time, but there were still quite a few.

Chen Shaojie turned around and saw that it was an acquaintance. He quickly greeted back. "Senior Brother Wu, good morning."

The guy was a fellow servant disciple named Wu Fulai.

Wu Fulai was supposedly an orphan who came to the Qingyu Immortal Sect at a very young age. He had been staying in the lower court similarly because of his poor potential. He was considered one of the oldest veterans among the lower court's servant disciples.

The original owner of the body had a good relationship with Wu Fulai due to Wu Fulai's easy-going personality. They would always chat a little when they met.

"Since we happen to met, let's walk together, Brother Chen."

"Sure, Brother Wu."

The moment Chen Shaojie agreed, he heard a "crunch" sound in his head – an extremely crisp notification sound.

Immediately after that...

A system interface that only he could see popped up in front of him.

[A friendly reminder from the Bask-in-the-Glow System: Wu Fulai has strong feet. When you are close to him, your speed can increase by 20%. Would you like to bask in his glow? (Yes/No)]


Chen Shaojie wasted little time in chosing "Yes". He then closed the interface and continued to chat with Wu Fulai as if nothing had happened as they walked towards the lower court.

After transmigrating, Chen Shaojie managed to prove a certain theory with his own personal experience: All transmigrators carry a hack.

His hack was the Bask-in-the-Glow System in his head.

As the name implied, the Bask-in-the-Glow System was a system which enabled him to bask in the glow of others.

As the system host, whenever he was together with another person from this world, he would be able to obtain a buff corresponding to the specialty of the person in question.

Take the current situation for example. Wu Fulai's specialty was his strong feet, so as long as Chen Shaojie stayed close to Wu Fulai, he would be able to share the benefit through the system and increase his own walking speed.

If he stayed close to Wu Fulai for a prolonged period of time and trained hard, his foot strength would also become stronger and stronger.

Ever since his transmigration a month ago, Chen Shaojie had been studying this system non-stop.

He found that the system's effect was amazing, but the condition for triggering it was very harsh.

In order to bask in someone's glow, he must stay within 5 steps of the person.

The moment he exceeded this effective range, the glow basking effect would disconnect.

The give a more illustrative analogy, it was as if he was freeloading off someone's WiFi. In order to access the WiFi, he must stay close to the router.

Free WiFi usually had a very restrictive limit on the connection range. One could not stray too far away.


It required skills to freeload successfully.

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