72 Chapter 72 : Stella's Shopping

After coming out of the Reddy family villa, Das called Stella to inform about shopping. He asked her to get ready in an hour. At the same time, he also called Savi to take care of the baby… as he still can't take the baby out side.

While on the way to his villa, Das seriously thought about baby's eyes. The baby has peculiar eyes with two different colours. If someone saw the baby… they will immediately notice her because of her peculiarity.

That's why Das is thinking about the alternative to this problem… as he can't hide the baby forever. The baby is still an infant. So, he can't use goggles, contact lenses etc.,

"Let's see… I can think of an idea after she grow up to a school age." Das thought as he parked the bike. Stella and Savi were already waiting for him in hall and the baby is sleeping in the hands of Savi.

After giving few instructions to Savi, Das took Stella and left for shopping in the pink colour car.


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