Brothel Manager : Unexpected Encounter with A Hidden Family Heirloom

"Who said i want to kill you...? work as a manager at my brothel" With that one sentence my life took a complete U turn. Hai, my name is Mohan Das and.... I'm just an ordinary student of city collage in Mumbai. Due to unexpected circumstances I became a manager at brothel house to deal with the foreign customers. But the day I visited my parents burial site, A mountain goat spirit entered inside my body from a hidden family heirloom and on the same day, a lady from the hidden family offered me hundred billion to protect her baby. Oh, you are asking me what did I achieve with that hundred billion.... haha, I ruled the under world, married a girl from hidden family. Collected all Hidden family heirlooms except one. Highest Contributor : @reggierea = Space Craft Book cover by : Trinity189 Discord : https://discord.gg/Dd9vxEpJ

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Chapter 51 : Shaka laka boom boom (18+)

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While playing with the baby... Das forgot about the time. He left the villa in the afternoon after completing lunch with Stella. Before leaving, he gave the same instructions to Stella. He doesn't want to take a chance on the baby... that's why he always warns her before leaving the house.

This time Das drove the pink car to the Cuffe Parade area to buy some holograms. Last night he saw the hoarding of a new hologram company, and after seeing that, he finally decided what to gift Luna on her birthday.

After driving for one hour continuously, he reached the hologram company in the Cuffe Parade area. Das parked the car on the underground floor and took the elevator to the top floor. As it was a new company, only a few staff members were available to attend to the customers.

Das directly entered the manager's cabin and ordered a large number of holograms. The manager's face lit up after receiving his first customer, and he immediately ordered the staff to prepare the holograms.

"Sir, where should we deliver these holograms?..." The manager asked politely while passing a cool drink towards Das.

"Deliver them to the Reddy family villa at the top of the Malabar Mountain area, and make sure that the holograms are functional before delivering them." Das replied as he took out the card to make a payment.

"Sir, when should I send my technicians to set up the holograms?..." The manager asked as he received the card.

"The party is tomorrow night, so first complete the installation during this night, and we will import the holographic data tomorrow evening." Das replied after a quick thought. The manager took a long time before agreeing to Das request.

"Sir, the total bill will be two and a half lakhs, including the installation charges. Is it okay for you?..." The manager asked before scratching the card for payment.

"I'm not worrying about the money... Take extra tips if you want. But the work should be completed on time, and most importantly, the holograms should be perfect without any deformations." Das said with a serious face.

"Sir, you don't need to worry about that. We imported these holograms from Germany, and we also hired experienced people for picture-perfect arrangements." The manager said with a happy face as the payment was successfully transferred to his account.

Das spent the entire evening at the hologram company, where they were showing him the quality and set-up of holograms. Das asked them to show each hologram before transferring it to the Reddy family villa.

Finally, Das reached the Reddy family villa along with the holographic equipment. At first, the old man of the Reddy family questioned about the holograms. But Das said that these are the tools to improve the party atmosphere. As the old man had great trust in Das, he agreed to install the holograms without asking any more questions.

After informing the old man about the hologram arrangements, Das started guiding the company staff on the placement of the holograms in a circle around the party venue. The company staff started arranging the equipment without spoiling the original party decorations.

Around nine o'clock, the party manager, Rao, came to the venue to check the party arrangements.

"What are you doing with these people?..." Rao, the event manager of this grand party, questioned Das as he did not understand what the company staff were installing around the party venue.

"It's related to the party. These are the new piece of equipment to make the party more attractive." Das replied with a wide grin.

"Did the patriarch know about this? Rao said with an angry face as Das had not asked Rao's permission to install the holograms. But before Das gave a satisfying reply to Rao, Luna appeared before them with a wide smile.

"Das, what are you discussing with Rao uncle?..." Luna asked with a sweet smile.

"Rao uncle is helping me place these holograms without disturbing the party decorations." Das said with a cunning laugh.

"Ohh, it's really good then. Rao uncle, what type of holograms are these?..." Luna asked with a curious smile.

"These are the special 3D holograms. Rao uncle is planning a good show with these holograms." Das gave the entire credit to Rao to satisfy Rao's ego. The middle-aged Rao uncle got elated after getting credit for holograms.

"Yes… yes… Das is helping me fix these holograms." Rao replied with a wide grin.

"Thank you, Rao uncle, for your great efforts to make this party a grand success." Luna replied with a happy face.

"Haha, Luna Madam is exaggerating me. I'm just doing my work." Rao replied with a hearty laugh. Das really felt funny after seeing Rao's acting, who is taking the entire credit without any shame.

"Das, come with me. I have encountered a small problem." Luna said while dragging Das towards the main building. Before leaving, Das instructed the staff to complete the installation by tonight at any cost. Luna took Das directly to her personal room.

"Das, what should I wear for my birthday party?..." Luna asked while pointing at the large number of dresses that are neatly placed on a large bed. Das got baffled after seeing the large number of dresses placed on the bed.

"Why did you buy so many clothes for one single night?..." Das asked with a confused look.

"What single night!... It is my birth day." Luna said it with an angry voice.

"Hmm, even if it is your birthday, you are going to wear only one dress." Das replied back with a deep sigh.

"Stop lecturing me and first, tell me what I should wear from these clothes." Luna spoke with a loud tone.

"Okk... calm down. Let me take a look at these dresses." Das started sorting out the dresses without asking any more questions. He quickly separated a few good-looking ones and asked Luna to wear them one by one.

Luna took the dresses and went inside the bathroom to wear new clothes. Das started giving his judgement as Luna tried on the new clothes one by one. On the fifth time, Luna came outside while wearing a baby pink gown with a peacock design.

"Das, how is this dress?..." Luna asked while turning three hundred and sixty degrees to show the dress. But suddenly the gown zip broke because of her sudden movement.

Das saw her milky white back view from the zip cleavage. Luna immediately glued her back to the side wall to cover her naked back view. But Das was staring into her eyes awkwardly.

"Das, I can't reach the zip... If you don't mind, help me a bit." Luna asked with her red cheeks and shy look.

Das instantly stood up to help her. Why would he miss this chance to take advantage of a beauty?... Luna slowly tuned her back towards Das to zip up the gown.

Instead of immediately zipping the gown... Das started touching her milky-white skin.

"Hey, what are you doing? ..." Luna cried out in a whispering tone. but she did not move away from him.

"There are some black marks on your backside. let me clean them for you." Das said while opening the zip wider. He directly kissed her on the back while holding her shoulders. Luna felt a tinkling sensation from his deep kiss.

Das started kissing her more intensely while slowly separating the gown from her body. Luna got completely immersed in his kissing sensations, totally ignoring her half-naked body. Das slowly started moving upwards as he continued to kiss her from her neck to pink cheeks.

After turning her face towards him, Das directly kissed her lips. While kissing her passionately, he started massaging her belly with his right hand and using his left hand to rub her back. Slowly, the gown completely dropped from Luna's body, and Luna started moaning sweet sounds, completely ignoring her naked body.

After playing with her petite tongue for a long time, Das moved down towards her chest as he continued kissing her skin. Luna held his head tightly against her body. Das felt a tight grip around his head as Luna held his hair while making low moaning sounds.

Das slowly moved her bra away from the nipples and started sucking the right-side boob while massaging the left boob with his left hand. After ten minutes of passionate foreplay, Das placed her on the large bed.

As Luna is watching him with curious eyes... Das began kissing her on the naval point and used both hands to massage her boobs. Luna closed her eyes as she enjoyed the kissing sensations from his lips.

Das felt burning lust as he moved down towards her flower point. He directly tore her black lace underwear without stopping his massage therapy. As he placed his right hand on her lower part, Das felt a wet surface. Without wasting any time, Das started sucking the juices from the lower part.


Luna made a loud moaning sound immediately after he touched her nebula.


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