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Broken princess


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Her name is Ella Mathews. She is a 17-year-old girl who loves her family dearly. She is the eldest daughter of the most powerful mafia in Italy. She had only one younger brother named Carlos. As she was the eldest she was in line to take over the family business but her brother wants to run the family business. So when the time arrives, a terrible incident occurs which leaves Ella devastated and she ran away from her own home to Newyork. she had a terrible past which changed her life forever but what happens when she met Aiden? Will she ever forgive herself and found the happiness she deserves or will her past haunt her forever? What price will she have to pay in order to take revenge? Aiden knight is your typical billionaire, CEO of Aiden corps one of the biggest company in New york. sexy as hell but rude and arrogant. He is a playboy and everyone knows his reputation but what happens when he meets Ella. She is like a puzzle which he wants to solve. Will he accept her after knowing her secrets? Is he willing to pay the price for her love? There is only one way to find out.Join them on their journey of love, revenge and betrayal. Note: This is neither a typical office romance nor a typical mafia romance novel. This is a bit fast-paced story but gives it a chance, it will get you hooked.