Broke: A Clone Wars Tale (Star Wars)

About the story: Clone trooper CT-4063 is a fresh and shiny trooper directly from the clone facilities in Kamino. He is also one of the thousands of clones that take part on the first battle of the Clone Wars. Go with him as he carves his path to the high comand. Important warnings: I had a sudden moment of inspiration, and decided to write it down. I am not doing this to became an author and I might stop at any time. Anyway I am very grateful to anyone who reads and gives his or her support. Also, I do accept suggestions. I don't have ownership over any of the pre-existing characters nor the cover, but I do claim ownership over the characters created by me. PS: this is a Star Wars fiction PS2: There will be no harem or romance whatsoever, essentially because it would be too different from the lore, and also because I don't like it very much. PS3: The protagonist won't have any Force powers. PS4: The first chapters are small, but it gets bigger as the novel go on. As such, the first chapters are in a process of revision to make them more adequate to the rest of the novel. However, the novel doesn't stop because of this. Also, don't forget to join our discord! https://discord.gg/Gdv2arS

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The New Tactician

Hell Squad was woken up by the sound of AV-7 Antivehicle Cannons trading shots with the Separatist's J-1 Proton Cannons. The loud explosions shook the ground, but Dageer and the others only paid attention to it for a second before closing their eyes. Around them, the other troopers did the same, clearly more than used to the noise.

None of them fell asleep again, but there was no reason to rush to get up. The real battle would only start over an hour later, after the artillery decided to rest. To charge into battle now would be suicide.


Eventually, Dageer got up, and poked Brain with his foot. Just lying down was good, but they had a war to win.

"Don't be lazy, we got work to do."

"Ouch! You could have just called me, sir!"

Still complaining, Brain got up, and mimicked Dageer by kicking Metal. In a split-second, the entire squad was up. Around them, their brothers were also moving, putting on their helmets - they all slept with their armor on, so they didn't waste precious time in case they were attacked - and grabbing their blasters. Those who had stayed awake at night, especially the sentries, crumbled to the ground, falling asleep immediately. It was simple for veterans to sleep through an entire artillery barrage.

"Captain Arbol, how is the battle going?"

"Pretty well, Commander Dageer. A lucky shell hit an MTT while they were loading it up. You should have seen the explosion. We also destroyed two J-1s, and only lost one of our AV-7. So far, we have yet to have any casualties. We are preparing for the assault now."

Dageer nodded, and lowered his macrobinoculars to look at the enemy lines. Dozens of thousands of droids were entering formation. Amidst them there also were AATs, STAPs, Dwarf-Spider droids, Tri-droids, Crab-droids, MTTs, and so on. However, threatening as it may seem, Dageer knew they weren't the major source of concern.

Urban environments were a logistic nightmare, and Christophsis was ten times worse than anywhere else. Tall buildings, secondary streets, and civilians made focusing on the enemy almost impossible. Sometimes the enemy would see a road blocked, so they would simply go around it, and catch the blockade from behind, slaughtering them. It was impossible to control every street and alley. So, although the majority of both sides' armies would be on the huge main road, there would be countless skirmishes around it, and if even one group of clanckers got through, the damage they could do would be immeasurable.

Time ticked by slowly, and soon both sides stopped firing the artillery cannons. An eerie silence filled the city, as both groups of combatants just stared at each other. It was the calm before the storm.

"Let's kick the tin cans back to their ships, brothers! Attack!"

Suddenly, Dageer's voice broke the silence, immediately followed by the earth-shaking sound of AV-7s, AT-TEs, and SHAP-Ts firing. Huge portions of the droid army disappeared, replaced by craters and smoke. With a collective yell, the Clone Army marched forward.

The Separatist weren't to be outdone, however. They answered with the same intensity, and screams of pain filled the battlefield.

"Are we going too, commander?"

Even as he said that, Cell was already clutching his DC-15S anxiously. It wasn't easy for a clone to stay idle while their brothers went into battle.

"Of course. Arbol, watch our flanks. If the pattern continues, the clanckers will try something new today. While we are on the frontlines, you will need to keep an eye out for their dirty tricks."

"Understood, sir."

"All right, Hell Squad. It's our time to shine."


Eyes closed and taking deep breaths, Dab hid behind a broken statue. Red lasers hit it incessantly, sending chips and splinters peppering harmlessly into his armor. To his left Three-four was bandaging a 212th trooper's forearm, while to his right Tech was peeking at the droids.

"Four hundred meters, a little to the right. There are two B1s in front of it. Commander, can you help me take care of that?"

A few meters in front of them were Dageer, Cell, and six or seven other clones, all hiding behind one of the barricades the Republic had set up the day before. The commander didn't answer at the time, since he was fully focused on emptying his magazine on the approaching enemies.

"One of them is down already! Kill the other Tech!"

The clone grinned under his helmet, and fired two lasers. The first missed, but the second hit the clancker squarely in the chest.

"Dab, the show is yours!"

Without hesitation, the sniper got up, using the broken statue as support for his DC-15x. A single laser left it, and Dwarf-Spider Droid that had already mowed down an entire squad blew up twice before crumbling to the ground. The first explosion was thanks to Dab's charged shot, and the second to the seppie's energy cell.


Hearing the warning, they looked up in time to see one of the Tri-droids turning it's laser cannon at them. Scrambling to get away, they all looked for a better cover. Still, two troopers received a direct hit, while another one got shot in the leg, and became an easy target.


The soldier Three-four had been treating wanted to dash out and grab the wounded trooper - Trigger. Metal and the medic held him back, however. He didn't have enough strength in his body to carry his brother.


"I'm going! Brain, with me! The others, cover us!"

On the other side of the street, Dageer could hear the medic through his comlink. With a determined gaze, he gestured for his right-hand to follow him.

"Our turn, seppies!"

As soon as they stepped out of their cover, Metal unleashed hell on the droids. Usually, one needed to have a stable footing to fire a weapon as big as a double-barrel repeating blaster. That's why they always used tripods. Metal, however, was a specialist in controlling the recoil of it. Like Naboo flies facing a Gungan, the droids fell one after another.

Twenty seconds later, when the droids finally discovered from where they were being attacked, over a hundred of them were in pieces on the ground, and Trigger had been rescued. Three-four glanced at the two laser wounds on his leg, and ignored it. He had more serious wounds to treat.

"Ihaaaa! Do you like that?!"

Laughing, Metal hid again behind the doorway, and put his blaster aside. He had to let it cool down, or the barrel would actually turn incandescent.


As the battle proceeded, and the hours passed, Dageer decided it was time to set their plan in motion.

"Dab, Cell, you guys are up. Take Alpha Platoon and clear the building we went by earlier. The one with the high windows. Get to the roof and stay there. Only fire if it's worth it."

"Roger that, sir. What exactly are we to look for?"

"Anything out of the norm, but especially their new strategist. He must be at the back lines, but he needs to be close to the battlefield. If you see him, ping me, and I will confirm the shot."


"Brain, Tech, Three-four, Metal, you guys come with me. We will hunt for a seppie. The higher the rank, the better."


Guys, I have something to ask. Yesterday, I had to delete not 1, but 2 (probably) racist gifs. I say probably because maybe the person who used the n-word is black, but I have no way of knowing that. As such, I ask you to please not use anything that can be considered racist, even if you are part of the group that is allowed to use it.

I ask that because it's bad for the novel, just like it was with the political comments. Also, even if I misunderstood it, and it's not racism, I will still delete it. I don't want to leave any room for problems, firstly because I hate racism, and secondly because this is a star wars fanfic, not reddit.

Again, if I misunderstood it, I am sorry. But with everything that has been happening in the world, and the USA elections leaving a lot of people "hot-headed", I think I have to make this clear, especially since over half of my readers are Americans.

So, I ask to all of you, please, no political, racist, xenophobic, homophobic, gender discrimination, and so on, comments, okay? Remember, this is a SW novel. It's not that hard to find somewhere else to discuss all those issues, so, please, not here.

Sorry for the rant, but it is important. We've built an amazing community around Broke, with 3k loyal readers, and I don't want to see it fall apart because I let something slide. It will be very strict in that sense, and, if you feel that your freedom of speech or something like that is being harmed, than I am so sorry, but the novel is not for you.