742 You Are The Exception!

Two minutes ago.

"What do you mean you saw all this in his mind?" Maxim asked with an uncertain expression on her face.

"I mean exactly that," Skullius replied, limiting how much he actually said out loud. "It was only for moment before he... you know... pierced my head."

"What did you see?" Tallo asked, disregarding the how. "This is the basis for your plan right?"

Skullius sighed, making a funny noise with his lips.

He had indeed seen into Baddan's mind when he used [Immoral Authority]. It was more of a touch that fed him a scoop of information, but it wouldn't have lasted even if his body wasn't violated during the process. He didn't have the means to invade Baddan's consciousness that easily because of the whole 'saint' revelation.

Unfortunately, most of what he got from the experience wasn't useless at all. It was only surface level information, except for one thing.


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