740 You're Not Going To Like It

Maxim took a sharp breath, half a scowl on her face.

"Teleportation," Tallo answered her most obvious, unexpressed question. "Any decent Mage, Prime or higher can do it."

He then turned to Skullius, and revealed one of his hands from beneath his scaly robes which he used to flick his fingers. As he did, mana gathered around the spear in Skullius' head, and pulled it out.

Maxim wore a dark expression as blood trickled from the Hybrid Luman's head.

"Do you have anything that can save him?" she asked.

She had saved Skullius' body from falling out of the bounds of the game, but the truth was, she wasn't sure he could be saved. She had several Living Pellets that were produced by her Family so that they didn't have to rely on common means of revival, and restoration, but they were only effective when consumed before death.

And as for other, stronger means-

"I don't think I need to," Tallo said nonchalantly.


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