The World

(Note: This is information is mostly useful from Volume 2 onwards).



The story revolves around a variety of worlds, but primarily, it takes place in a world called Aigas, which structurally is more akin to a rigid realm, than a globe like Earth. One could liken its existence to a massive carpet floating in a spacious void.




Aigas is a world featuring four, vast continents, with a natural marker that splits it horizontally in the middle – the Central Boundary.


<Edagon >

This continent lies to the far North, over the Central Boundary, and is believed to have been the home of the dragons many years before the documented histories that feature within the story – the Grand Wars, Ashing of Time, named battles and so on. The offspring of the dragons, as it is speculated, the Giants, now dwell in Edagon, and are a very religious race.


<Opungale >

To the East, and a modest distance from the Central Boundary, is Opungale, the land of the Sif, whom some may liken to Elves, judging by how they will be described in this story. As one would expect, the Sif are greatly protective and appreciative of nature, and are in some ways, quite condescending to other races.


<Amanas >

Over the Central Boundary, and to the far, far West, is this relatively small continent. Only the very few, and exceedingly powerful who have travelled to its banks know how much smaller it is compared to the rest. But nothing much is known about it.


<Feinheath >

As with the other two, this continent, which also lies far below the Central Boundary, to the South, is home exclusively to humans. Unlike the Edagon and Opungale however, it is separated into three nations namely Pelian, Emeradis and Maqi.




The world of Aigas is centered around belief in the four Deities.

Quintess of the Lands.

Suzamete of the Skies.

Listafelle of the Waters.

Boron of the Under.




The majority of the story, until Volume 4, will revolve around Feinheath and the humans, but will naturally delve into everything else – moderate as it may be.

There are three main organisations that will have a hefty influence on the story.


<Purity >

The Purity is a large organisation founded tens of millennia before the current timeline. Its main objective revolves around keeling up the belief in the Deities Quintess, Listafelle and Suzamete, and many temples have been erected all around the three human nations.

The Purity has a hierarchy that features the High Authority at the top, the Higher Order Priests, the the Grand Priests and ordinary Priests at the bottom.

The Purity possesses its own fighting force which features a large number of Purity Knights, and 12 powerful Paladin Champions, each gifted with a Divine Blessing.


<The Capital Service>

The organisation is only active in Pelian, where most of the time in story is spent.

The Capital Service is an order under the Pelian Royal Family which manages the entire nation's affairs.

Leaders from the Capital Service govern all towns and cities, coming in the form of Town leaders, City Lords and Governors in ascending order of power.

The Capital Service also has its own brand of combatants usually dubbed as Capital Knights, even if Mages, Tamers, Diviners and the likes are usually mixed in among them.

In rank, they come in common; Capital Knights, Capital Order Knights and Honoured level combatants – the highest rank for Capital personnel.

Knights stripped of their rank are known as Stray Knights, and are obligated to keep the pauldron from their former Knight gear with a shamed mark inscribed onto it.


<The Guilds Association>

This organisation was not seen favourably when it was proposed by isolated individuals, but eventually, it came to become a widely recognised pillar, also exclusive to Pelian.

Those who serve under the Guilds Association banner are called mercenaries and are rewarded varyingly according to the difficulty of the tasks they complete. The tasks mainly come from common folk or weaker settlements that request aid from the Association, which then presents said requests to mercenaries for reward.

Mercenaries, if they are stationed in larger cities which correspondingly have larger branches of the Association, can be become exclusive mercenaries, who are held in higher esteem, with better rewards granted for their efforts.


<Houses & Families>

These are large and powerful familial groups in Pelian with extraordinary powers mainly revolving around their very exclusive techniques – Family Techniques and Auxiliary Techniques.

The Families also play the governing role in large, set areas predetermined millenia ago, and work with the Capital Service, as well as common nobles to keep the stability.

Houses are essentially more powerful versions of Families, and unlike the hundreds of the latter that flood Pelian, only six of them exist, but mostly keep to themselves until trouble awakens in the nation.


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