685 Swindling A Tie of Exchange

A brief pause prevailed within the room occupied by the trio.

The two negotiating parties each had their fair share of thoughts, though differing in the emotion and intent behind them.

The Hybrid Luman, even while trying to avoid getting too negative about his interest in the page within which the soul of a Deity – a Corrupted Deity, whatever that meant – was sealed in, was forced to think over the catastrophe that could ensue if he somehow messed up when dealing with it.

It might have come off as reckless of Skullius to even consider accepting this thing in exchange for diving into a situation that was likely to screw him over, but it wasn't like Skullius intended to bind the atrocious artefact to himself immediately. He wanted to keep it and study it until such a time came where he was ready to try out these so-called Trials that allowed to him to increase his chances of taming a Deity.

Dear powers above that still sounded absurd!


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