696 Meeting Theurien (1)

All Skullius could do was imagine how this was going to be like. He had a full imagined version of the possible first things that he was going to hear from Theurien, Stylla's father, and how he would respond to said things.

Most of these hypothetical scenarios weren't thrilling by any means. In fact, Skullius didn't expect anything good to come out of this first meeting at all, mainly because of the emotion he imagined Theurien to be carrying.

As he walked through the wide, carpeted halls of the Governor's mansion, Skullius played out the possible reactions the Head of the Bryne Family was going to unleash. He had no doubt his existence had already been made known to the man, since, according to Darwel – the petty scoundrel – he had awoken an hour ago.

The disappearance of his Stylla.

Setkh's betrayal.

All of it was likely spinning in Theurien's head right now.

Scenario one:


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