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[You are HYPED!]

[You are HYPED!]


It all happened in the blink of an eye.

Right before Skullius could taste the sceptre blade which was coming at him, not with its harnessed intent, but its full, sharp form, he used [Destined Warp Steps].

But not to dodge.

He accelerated his movement forward to face the cleaving wrath of the short Swordsman, while extending his one hand forward, as if to embrace the sword!

A burst of blood thirst washed from his figure, causing a little flinch to creep from his opponent!

The piece of rock he had been wielding had disappeared from his grasp, and with his open palm, Skullius boldly reached in, and made a gripping gesture at the luminous odachi falling on him!

'Is he mad?!' the short Swordsman asked himself, but to his absolute horror...


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