744 Hopeless

For the first time, Tallo, Maxim, and even Baddan saw the clear sky.

There was not a cloud in sight for a large stretch.

The GOAL, and the mountain could be seen a distance away, plastered to a starless sky that simply had a glowing lens flare, which was the source of all light, limited as it was in this world.

The Kiiyatakas had vanished, as if they had never existed in the first place, and the Baddans clones were no more – the other attacks they had been conjuring included

One couldn't be more dumbfounded than in the context of this moment. Baddan especially.

His face had turned pale as he looked up, and when he turned his eyes to the ground, he found the Hybrid Luman still standing in his stance, his right hand ever-ready to draw his sword, it seemed.

A silence followed.

Then, unexpectedly, Skullius spoke again.

"I'm still waiting, Baddan."

Baddan's dark eyes quivered.

What kind of power was this?


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