743 Courting Death

Skullius hadn't realised that wielding Demion's Dance, brandishing it the proper way, while this new suit of blackish crimson armour sat on him, fiercely amplifying the aspects of his unique body – the great physical attunement left in the wake of Sila's prior body-napping, his unique mana core, abnormally large mana channels and all – would make him feel so... invincible.

For a brief moment, even if he knew it wasn't true, the Hybrid Luman allowed himself to sink into this divine ecstacy as he brought Demion's Dance down, an action that seemed so mundane, yet... inevitably catastrophic.


It was only Skullius who felt it.

Regardless of what the circumstances may have looked like, it was undoubtedly vivacious around here, with the fighting and clash of powers bursting about.


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