728 Battle of Masters! (1)

Despite Tallo's taunt, and in as much as it seemed like everyone was about rush him, none of the four moved.

They remained rooted in place, while their various different powers surged, a cluster of emotions showing on their faces, some more vague than others.

In the end, all of them knew that Tallo was a tricky opponent to beat – the assault on all of them just now depicted that much. Not only that, the conventional team up one would expect in this situation to get rid of him first, didn't seem like it would work here either, because no one was willing to trust the other, especially not the young man auburn hair who had delivered that first devastating attack which had marked the beginning of an all out fight.

It was everyone for themselves.

The fact that each of them was still standing pointed to the fact that they were elites among elites, despite the damage some of them had taken.


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