16 Why is there no reaction?

Sadly any kind of cheats was apparently forbidden by his own 'magic'. Robin wasn't really heartbroken by this. His power was already off the charts, having mods and cheats would just make his life boring.

He had got his life easy anyways, so it didn't matter to him if cheats were useless to him. By that time his mother had already returned home and had already made dinner. She didn't find any changes in Robin's room because he had already gotten rid of all the cardboard and accessories.

His mother wasn't nosy on Robin's stuff as long as he wasn't into illegal stuff. As they were having dinner his father had called his mother.



"Really? Are you sure?"


"Did someone pay the balance illegally?"


"How is this possible? It's a total balance of 40 lakh rupees ( 50,000 USD). How could one pay such a huge amount and you don't know the person? Are you dealing in something illegal?"


"Then how do you explain this?"

Robin was hearing all of this while chewing his food like a cow. He was enjoying the bickering between his mother and father. Apparently, his father just realized that all the bills had been paid off and his mother was believing something else.

The conversation went on for a full 10 minutes and Robin got to see all the emotions of her mother in this span. It started from confusion then fear and then came realization and at the end it was happiness. She almost had tears in her eyes.

Robin was already done with the dinner when her conversation ended.

"Our mortgage bills had been paid off. We don't have to pay the bills anymore."

"Is that the reason you have been having such an agitated bickering with dad?"

"Yes, I didn't believe it at first but your dad insisted that it was true. This is unbelievable."

"Then it's time for celebration." Robin said.

"We will celebrate. Your dad is going to arrive in a few days for this."

"That's good."

Robin said as he got up to wash the dishes. He was happy to see the smile on his mother's face. His father had been out of home for quite a long time. People say promotion gives a man more luxury. In this case, dad was made to travel half of India just to make sure that all the departments were working fine.

After finishing everything, his mother went to her room to share such great information with her sister, while Robin stole some food for Gastly.

Gastly had been patient all this time when Robin was going through transitions. He promised him more freedom and even evolution once they went out.

"Gastly, we will leave for another country soon and there I will try to give you more space than here."

"Gastly.. Gastly.."

"Yes, just a few days more. JARVIS, have you made the appointment?"

"Yes sir, on Tuesday next week you have your first interview in the embassy of Japan. Since the country has strict policies for travelling visas due to the pandemic, I was forced to apply for an Investor Visa after payment of 50,000 USD."

"Investor VISA. What kind of establishment do I have to open for this in Japan?"

"You don't have to sir. The payment was done in order to circumvent that. But, if you want you can buy some establishments and make a business. Later, you might receive a permanent residence as Japan is the top country for passport ease."

"Alright, so I will have to leave for Kolkata on Monday. Make a booking for a flight and one in a good hotel."

"Already done sir in Hyatt Regency."

"Thank you JARVIS."

"You are welcome sir."

After completing the chores he went back to his laptop to try a new game. A game that was a little old and was a strategy based game.

Age of Empires III.

There was actually nothing special about the game. It had age old gameplay which was based on old ships and old cannons. There was nothing modern in the story. Except for one thing.

The Fountain of Youth!

The thing that could greatly extend the years of one's age. Right now at home, this was the most safe bet as he could easily bring out some droplets of fountain of youth. There were even barrels that could be brought out but right now he didn't have space.

Without wasting time he paid and downloaded the game to play. The game was pretty easy but it did take some time for Robin to reach the fountain of youth. After the mountain appeared he inserted his hand to bring out water.

The major problem that he knew he was going to face was the disproportionate size of the hand as compared to the legendary fountain in the middle of Lake Moon. His hand was too big and it would take quite a bit of hassle to bring out water.

But there was a bright side to it too. A single droplet of water from the fountain would be enough to fill a big glass of water. A glass was already nearby as he slowly shook off the water droplet in the glass. The droplet soon resized itself according to real proportion and it filled the cup with clean and crystal clear water.

The fountain of youth. A thing from the legends that was supposed to be lost according to many fictions and right now it was in a very cheap glass of water.

"JARVIS what do you think? Should I try drinking it?"

"Sir, I have checked the game and all the evidence we have says that it is really the Fountain of Youth. Even in my previous world there had been references to this. Going by the parallel world standards, I think it is safe to say that it is the actual legendary Fountain of Youth"

"Wish me luck, Gastly."

"Gastly... "

Robin touched the brim of the glass with his lips and poured it in with one gulp. He was a little scared because being a modern man he had never drank water without proper filtration, especially from a fountain.

He had the fear that bad water would give him some kind of illness, but then he remembered that the fountain of water was a proven thing as one of the characters in the game drank it and lived long. He just hoped that it would go well.

The water didn't taste anything different from normal water. It didn't have any smell. After finishing the full glass, Robin waited for any kind of reaction.

There was none..

2 minutes... 5 minutes ... 15 minutes...


Robin was expecting some kind of bodily reaction as he had experienced multiple times before, but there was nothing of that sort. Robin took his mobile, pointed the camera at himself and asked.

"JARVIS, do you see any changes?"

"No sir, there aren't any changes that are noticeable from both the cameras of your laptop and mobile. Sir, it might be possible that your body had changed intrinsically as the cells might have slowed down their ageing process. In those cases, it is highly possible that you might not feel anything."

"Hmm, so you mean to say that I would need to check my blood?"

"Yes sir, if you want to know the entire process more thoroughly, then it would be required from you."

"Hell no. Maybe later when I establish my own exclusive laboratory then I might."

"Then sir we would have to wait for that time."

"Leave it, it's late anyways. I am off to sleep." Robin said as he had been playing the game for quite some time and it was already one hour past midnight. Though now he could afford to sleep late, the habit of sleeping early remained, thanks to his job. After saying goodnight to Gastly and JARVIS he went to sleep.

The next day, 9 am

Robin woke up a little late as he had slept much later at night. After freshening up he had his breakfast. His mother seemed really in a very happy mood. She had smiles all over her face. Yesterday's good news was still on her mind and she seemed to be humming some kind of song.

Robin was really happy seeing his mother. She had been a housewife since he had known her while his father worked hard for everything. Now, after such a long time there was a burden off their shoulders.

"Your dad will be arriving tomorrow."

"That's great."

His mother was particularly talkative today and he just accompanied her in this.

Robin had already thought of telling his parents that he would have to leave for Europe next week. It might come as a shock to them but he would have to break it to the family anyways. Of course, he wasn't dumb enough to speak the truth. He would just lie to them in a way that was believable with the help of JARVIS.

After finishing the breakfast, he went to play Hollow Knight as he needed to play this quite a bit to bring out some charms. There weren't many charms that would be exclusively very helpful for him but there was nothing else to do anyways. And playing games was the right thing to do.

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