23 I am Batman??

Robin needed to go out for a bit to breathe in fresh air. She was too beautiful and he didn't want to be a creep by looking at her for a long time. He was sure that in time he would get used to her but right now he needed to clear his mind for a bit.

After roaming in the backyard for a bit he came back to see 2B working on the kitchen already. Robin didn't expect that. He thought that at least for breakfast and lunch he would have to order. But it seems like it might not be the case.

She was highly intelligent and being an android she might learn simple things such as cooking easily. Of course, Robin could easily avoid such cases by bringing food from some random restaurant like games or farm type games but it seemed like it wasn't required.

After the breakfast was ready, she served it.

"I hope you will like it."

Robin just looked at her adorable face and just proceeded to take a bite at the bread. It was just simple toast so it wouldn't really matter. Robin just ate it and appreciated her work. 2B seemed happy to listen to the appreciation.

While eating Robin asked

"Do you have eyes?"

"I do."

"Then can you not wear the black patch? Sooner or later you will have to go out. I would like you to get rid of it and also those swords on your back. We aren't at war here."

The only thing that stood out for 2B were the two levitating swords on her back. Especially the long sword. It looked weird for Robin on a beauty like her.

"Then how will I protect you?"

"We are in the safest places on Earth. I don't have any enemies and JARVIS is there to monitor all the things around. If anything happens then you can arm yourself."

2B seemed to be contemplating the words of Robin for a bit before finally putting the swords away in the corner of the room. Robin knew that she wouldn't let the swords far away from her sight. But this was a start. She would understand once she went outside and saw the world with her own eyes.

After she kept away the swords she then proceeded to unwrap the black bandages that she had over her eyes. Robin was going to be the first person ever to see the eyes of 2B which had been hidden from the people always.

It was not illegal to say Robin was expecting a scene like Gojo when he first showed his eyes. And Robin was not disappointed. Her eyes were beyond beautiful as they were blue in color and if one looked very closely into her eyes, one would notice there were tiny sparkles on her irises. It was so minute that one would have to see her eyes very closely. The eyes made her face complete and she looked beyond beautiful.

"The bandage works as a visor for us. Taking it off means we won't be able to scan the surroundings like we were supposed to." 2B warned.

"I told you before. We are safe here. You can keep the visor for yourself since you feel it is unsafe." Robin was not allowing her to keep that bandage and stop him from enjoying the living goddess here.

2B didn't speak on the topic anymore as she proceeded to clean the dishes. Robin was surprised to see that 2B wasn't even told to wash. It seemed like JARVIS was very precise in teaching 2B.

"Gastly, you have been with me since the first day. It's time you evolve."

"Gastly.. Gastly.."

"2B do you want to see biological evolution?"

2B who was washing the dishes didn't understand what Robin meant and just gave a blank face.

"You will understand once you see. Come with me." She followed her after drying her hands. Gastly was particularly ecstatic hearing about evolution. JARVIS had been playing Pokemon Go in place of Robin and he had been increasing the CP and number of attacks known by Gastly.

The only thing JARVIS didn't dare to do was evolve Gastly. The three came to the backyard. The backyard was huge. It had its own pool with a hot jacuzzi on the side. There were chairs where one could sunbathe. But right now both Robin and Gastly were more eager to see how the evolution would commence.

"JARVIS, use the ghost candies and the required materials to evolve my friend here."

"Of course sir."

And within a second the body of Gastly suddenly lit up. The most surprised was 2B. When she first came to the world, Gastly was the first thing she noticed. Her visor had alerted her that a never seen biological entity was in the room.

In fact, her programming had warned her that this entity was powerful but seeing that this black ball of gas didn't hurt the operator, she didn't care to ask. Now it seemed like that this weird being had more secrets than she could guess.

Gastly glowed like any other typical evolution that he had watched in anime before. Seeing the glowing pattern on the body of Gastly, Robin was relieved he didn't try this at his home. All the light would have definitely alerted many people around, especially the nearby building and homes. At least here there was nobody to pry on his property here.

The glow on the body of Gastly lasted for a few seconds before stopping and what emerged from the light was totally a different Pokemon.


A ghost Pokemon which was known for its gaseous tongue and once licked on someone it might lead to death. Haunter was circling around Robin in joy and rubbed its head on the face of Robin. He laughed seeing his friend evolve and petted him. 2B was analysing with her visor to see how such a different species was born out of a black ball.

The data which she had suggested that it had become more powerful and loads of question marks on the visor. Robin also noticed that 2B was trying to understand these new species.

"These species are called Pokemon. Like you, I also brought them to this world."

2B just nodded its head. Haunter too approached her and after a moment of hesitation, it rubbed its head on the face of 2B. Haunter was particularly very protective about Robin and this girl seemed to have the same idea as itself, so it was better to get along.

2B instinctively wanted to avoid it but seeing that it was harmless, she let it. After initial awkwardness, 2B enjoyed the head rub of Haunter. She also petted the head of Haunter. Robin was happy to see such a result. He was sure 2B had many questions seeing such a weird 'animal' but JARVIS would explain later anyways.

Robin then proceeded to go to the garage while getting his laptop. He had already thought of another thing that he had wanted to bring for sometime now.

A luxury car for himself. And not just any random car. But one where it would turn the heads of people. Though he wasn't much of a showoff, Robin like any other person would love to ride a car that was beautiful, luxurious and fast.

"JARVIS, do we have a license plate?"

"Yes sir, I have already registered a dozen of number plates that could be used in any country."

"Is that even possible?"

"Yes sir, the rich people have their own ways. Since you would be arriving here I had already sent two number plates to the garage when this house was being refurbished."

Robin just nodded. JARVIS had been a god sent boon and it seemed like JARVIS had already expected the needs of him. Perks of being a great AI. He could see many steps ahead.

After reaching the garage, Robin could already see that there were number plates on the side and all that was missing was a car. Wasting no time, he opened his laptop and opened a game. A game which was kind of infamous for releasing too early. This was one of the most anticipated games when it came out but most people accused the game to be incomplete and needed more.

The game was made by the same developer studio that made the Witcher series.

CD Projekt Red.

The game was Cyberpunk 2077.

A game which was marketed by Keanu Reeves himself when it was first announced. There was one particular car in the game that Robin had his eyes on.

Rayfield Caliburn.

There were two versions of the car in the game. White and black. White needed to be paid for while black was free. Robin liked the black more and went to the Badlands to bring it out. This black and sleek beast had another name.

The Batmobile.

This car was associated with the Murk Man who was the supposed vigilante in the city who was an orphan himself. Sounds familiar? Yep, this Murk Man was the Cyberpunk version of Batman.

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