273 Chapter 273 - Destruction

Translator: Yang_Wenli

The movie 'Léon: The Demon' was already approaching its end.

The Prophet rubbed her eyes and yawned. 'Léon: The Demon' did not manage to acquire a single drop of tear from her eyes. But, she must admit that this movie was very fascinating.

It had managed to make her spend over two and half hours sitting there watching it.

Compared to the Prophet's calmness, her four apprentices have been trapped by the movie script. The ups and downs of the movie were dreadful.

Take her apprentice seated to her left, perhaps because he was a half succubus, he was extremely perceptive to emotions.

Ever since the moment Mathilda's family was massacred by the law enforcers, his emotions have been shifting between weeping tearfully and being covering his mouth in pleasant surprise.

The Prophet did not remind her apprentices to maintain composure as demons before the humans. After all, all the audience present were focused on the movie screen.


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