Bride of The Vampire Queen (GL)

It's been a while since Guinevere "Vera" Sylvester earned the title of Ruthless Queen, killing the previous Vampire King and Queen. But she is sick of being a stag queen for over a century, so she holds a contest to see who will be worthy of being her king. However, instead of a king, the Queen ends up with a bride, Dr. Vivian "Vivi" Mosby, who had conquered every participant Vampire, despite her slender nature. Intrigued, she decided to have her. While Dr. Vivian swears she is head over heels for the Queen, there might be an ulterior motive to marry the Queen after all.  How will the relationship between a ruthless Queen and a diabolical Vampire doctor will play out? ______________________________________________ "I cannot call you king, but I am willing to make you my bride," The Queen announced, much to the dismay of the others. "As long as you will have me by your side, I do not care for the title". Dr. Vivi replied humbly, bowing a little. "Come here my little bride, we have work to do". [Warning: Mature Content Alert] [Disturbing Content Alert] I am entering a WPC contest, so please send me Power stones and help me win it PS: Please ignore the grammatical and minor errors in the story and try to enjoy the flow of the story instead.

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Queen Guinevere Sylvester

As she sucked out the last few drops of blood from her victim, Guinevere Sylvester, also known as Vera in this modern world, licked her lips, savoring the taste of the blood of the little girl in her arms. Poor her. Guinevere should have saved this girl, so that she could have grown even further, provided more blood when the time came, but according to her fate, that little girl was never meant to live for long.

"Dammit, at this rate I will run out of humans soon." Vera snapped. "Carson! Carson"! She called onto her butler. Everything she ever did, everything she ever felt, she unloaded on to Carson. Carson was the only human who survived around her for more than a day, and while venting felt good, there was no way of sharing the real pleasures of the Vampire life with a human.

The Queen was sure she would never need a king, but after a century of solitude, she wasn't so sure. "CARSON! where the hell are you"! She shrieked. Shrieking Queen was a bad omen, her shriek was always followed by a cold blooded murder. 

A huffing middle aged man appeared in front of the Queen. "Pardon my Queen, my knee has been acting up." The butler mumbled with his head facing the floor as he fought to stay straight.

"That's it. I have decided. I am going to find myself a king"! She huffed in anger. Carson trembled in fear. Queen was herself a lot to handle, on top of that a King. No doubt whoever the Vampire Queen would choose will be one heck of a Guy.

"I will be happy to assist you in your union ceremony." Carson declared with his head down.

"Good, I need you to organize an event. Filled with worlds deadliest creatures, call for anyone who wants to take the throne next to me. You have a month to organize everything." The Queen huffed. 

"My Queen, 'Anyone'?" Carson wanted to ensure. "No particular preference."

"My preference is a winner. Whoever wins will be my King". The Queen declared. "Now get out of my face, and organize the event." She growled.

Limping, Carson went ahead and tried his best to prepare. Whatever he came up with would be checked by the Queen, and if he didn't rise to the occasion, he would feel the complete wrath of the Queen.

Even though many would prefer to take Carson's place, to stay alive in the Queens vicinity, Carson himself would prefer to be killed, instead of suffering as the Queen tears him apart, limb by limb as he continues to disappoint the Queen. 

Humans preferred to pluck a flower the way the Queen plucked him. 

At first Carson ensured everyone in the entire nation (everyone who belonged to the supernatural side) knew about the sudden change of Queen's heart. 

As much as they were terrified of the Queen, all kinds of creatures were excited for the prize. I mean, who wouldn't want the queen? She was the poem of beauty, with her slender waist and her plump bosom she could attract any mate she would have ever wanted. Her long dark hair was as gracious as her hair of the same color. Every time she sucked blood, a little bit would trickle down her pale neck displaying an excellent contrast of colors.

A scene that triggered fear and lust in many, and thus the amount of participants were countless indeed. Out of seven rounds, the Queen had approved four rounds, the last one being called the 'Remaining one.' Where the last two standing opponents will be fighting each other to the point of death. That will be the only contest she attends, while the rest of it will be left for the audience and her officials to decide.

At the end of the first month, everyone gathered in the room. The Queen smirked to see the participating crowd, each more promising than the previous. If only she could share this title with everyone one by one. Too bad none of these were humans, or else she would have devoured them in another way. "Let the contest begin." She declared and walked off the stage. Everyone cleared the way for the queen, and as soon as she was off the room, they jumped on each other. 

The first round was group combat, where you have to survive any attack that might come your way. It will go for five minutes, and only the ones who remained standing would qualify for the next round. 

Out of countless, only a thousand made it to the second round. While some died, many were severely injured and were taken away by their respectives friends and family. In that manner, another two rounds were taken care of, and when only two champions remained, everyone was shocked to see the last two people standing.

The Queen was called, who herself was shocked to see the remaining ones. "Is that.. A woman?" in a whisper, she asked Carson.

"Yes, my queen." Carson nodded.

"Did I not mention I was looking for a King?" The Queen snapped, ready to tear out another appendage.

"I asked if anyone could enter. I assumed gender rules don't apply. King is after all just a title." Carson tried his level best to explain.

"Not for me." the Queen snapped.

"If you insist, I can disqualify her immediately." Carson blurted, in order to save himself from her wrath.

The Queen frowned, turned to the dueling grounds, and stared at the last remaining contestants. While the man didn't seem so bad, there was something about this woman that intrigued her. In all realms she was considered the most powerful one, and somehow this woman had conquered all other men that had entered the contest. She wanted to see if this unnamed woman would be able to stand a chance against her opponent. "Let her stay. I want to witness the final contest." She smirked. While she might not have shouted, with Vampire hearing everyone heard her, including the only woman who entered this contest. Another tiny smirk graced the face of that woman contestant.

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