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(ADULT CONTENT) Readers should be wise in responding to the content of the story. Did you know that the earth is not only inhabited by humans? On earth, there is also another world filled with demons. The two realms intersect and only a handful of people can see it. The ability to see both worlds clearly at the same time is often called the Sixth Sense, which some consider a gift, but not Karen Cenora. Karen Cenora was one of the recipients of the Sixth Sense, but Cenora didn't want to deal with the spirit realm at all. Cenora just wanted to have a normal High School life with her friends and maybe get a boyfriend like many girls with normal lives around her. But it seems that Cenora will never lead such a normal life because Cenora has been destined to become the future wife of the leader of a Demon clan, whose blood will give extraordinary power to the immortality of the Demon clan itself. This was because Cenora was the reincarnated human of the Moon Elf who was cursed by the previous Demon King. Who would have thought that in her sadness of undergoing such a terrible fate, Cenora fell in love and was loved by Ichigo, the leader of the Tiger Demon clan who would become her husband later? How and how will Cenora live her life with Ichigo? Will he be happy as the future wife of the demon? Hi dear readers… Come on, follow this fantasy story, and enjoy being carried away in their romance. Happy reading… See you in other Knisa' novels: -BLOCKED LOVE -BETWEEN CEO AND SINGLE MOM -THE YOUNG WIDOW AND THE MAN FROM THE PAST -MY ROOMMATE IS A GHOST -LOVE IS CRAZY -THE FEMALE DEVIL'S TEMPTATION


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