19 Snowflake Chamber of Commerce

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"Master, we're here!"

Joelson poked his head out of the carriage.

"Benedict Chamber of Commerce."

"Yes, it's a Chamber of Commerce set up by Count Benedict. It includes two auction houses, three jewelry stores, more than a dozen magic potion stores, weapons stores, and so on."

The coachman was as familiar with the Chamber of Commerce as if he was at home, and his answer was extremely smooth.

"Oh," said Joelson." Then let's go to the weapons shop first."

The coachman responded respectfully and drove the carriage for about five minutes.

He stopped in front of a shop with the symbol of a crossed mage's scepter and sword.

"Wait at the door."

Joelson instructed the coachman and then strode into the weapons shop.

Joelson needed a handy magic wand.

Although mages did not rely on weapons as much as dirt, a good magic wand could speed up a mage's casting speed, increase the power of casting spells, and accelerate the speed of mana recovery.

In a duel between two mages of the same strength, a mage with the support of the magic wand would definitely be able to completely crush an empty-handed mage.

However, not long after Joelson walked in, he walked out.

The coachman felt strange. "Master, why are you so fast? Have you already bought it?"

Joelson snorted lightly. "There's nothing good in here."

The coachman was a little surprised.

"Go to the shop that sells magic potions."

The coachman drove the carriage to change direction.

Inside the carriage, Joelson's face was full of helplessness.

He did not look down on the things in the shop. The fire magic staff that the waiter had just introduced to him was very good.

It was made from the core of a red paulownia tree and an intermediate fire-type gem the size of a pigeon's egg. Joelson really wanted to buy it.

But when he asked the price, he found out that it was sold for eight thousand gold coins.

He couldn't afford it, so Joelson could only pretend that he didn't want it.

The Magic Potion Shop was also not far away.

As soon as Joelson entered the shop, just like in the weapons shop, someone immediately greeted him.

"What do you need, dear customer?"

Joelson thought for a moment and said, "Do you have any spirit potions?"

"Of course!"

The waiter showed a warm smile.

Those who would buy spiritual potions were all mages. Basically, all mages were rich.

"The basic spiritual potions cost fifteen gold coins per dose, and the intermediate spiritual potions cost twelve hundred gold coins. Which kind do you need?"

Joelson frowned and asked, "Why is it so expensive?"

The waiter smiled and replied, "I can give you a discount."

Joelson nodded and said, "Then I'll come again next time."

Then, he turned around and left.

The smile on the waiter's face froze. He was so angry that he cursed under his breath, "Why are you pretending to be a mage when you have no money? You're wasting my time!"

Joelson heard it clearly, but a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

Then, he asked the coachman to take him to more than ten different Chambers of Commerce and different magic potion shops.

"That's enough. Let's call it a day."

Joelson threw a gold coin to the coachman who yawned, looking a little sleepy.

"Let's go back. I'm tired."

"Yes, Master!"

The coachman didn't understand why this noble master was so strange. After walking around for a whole day, he seemed to have bought nothing after walking around half of the Imperial Capital.

He didn't understand.

But he didn't dare to say anything more. He sent Joelson to the gate of the academy not far away and drove the carriage away happily.

He was happy enough to get two gold coins a day.

After Joelson got off the carriage and waited for the carriage to leave, he did not immediately return to the Magic Academy. Instead, he turned around and entered an alley.

A few minutes later, a tall and thin man in a black robe with a pale face and a thin face walked out of the alley.

It was Joelson.

It was not that he did not buy anything.

He bought transformation potions and voice-changing potions in several shops.

He had now changed from a handsome young man to a hoarse, eccentric, and lonely magic potion master.

This was a necessary disguise.

Joelson had to be careful.

If people knew that he was selling intermediate spiritual potions and was targeted by others, the consequences wouldn't be what he wanted to see.

After all, whether it was him or Du Lu, their current strength was very weak.

Snowflake Chamber of Commerce.

A medium-sized Chamber of Commerce.

A large Chamber of Commerce had many good things, and Joelson could not offer too high a price. A small Chamber of Commerce also had no money, so they could not sell at too high a price.

Little George stood in front of the counter and yawned out of boredom.

There were no customers all day, but a well-dressed noble youth came in the afternoon and asked a lot of questions.

George thought that some big customer had come, so he was very enthusiastic. He made tea and put in a lot of effort.

In the end, the other party left without buying anything, which made him very angry and depressed.

Suddenly, a figure walked into the shop.

George's eyes lit up, and he quickly walked up to him. But when he saw the other party's appearance, his enthusiasm was immediately reduced.

His clothes were too shabby, and he did not look like a rich man.

"Sir, is there anything you need?"

Little George still asked politely.

But the other party did not even look at him. He walked straight to the store and sat down. "Call your store manager out. I want to discuss a big business deal with him."

George could not help but frown. "Sir?"

Before he could finish his words, the other party glared at him fiercely.

Those eyes were like knives. George suddenly felt a wave of fear, so much so that his back was covered in a cold sweat.

"I... I'll go right away!"

George hurriedly ran away, cursing in his heart, "F*ck! It's actually a mage!"

It was normal for a magic potion shop to meet a mage, but it was George's own misfortune to meet such an overbearing and unreasonable mage.

Joelson sat for a while, and the manager of Shelley's Magic Potion Shop slowly walked over.

It was a thin, short, and sharp-eyed middle-aged man.

"Dear customer, how may I address you?"

Joelson snorted coldly.

"Just call me Edward."

"Mr Edward."

The manager sat down across from Joelson with a smile.

"What is the big business you are referring to?"

"Do you accept spirit potions?"

The store manager frowned slightly. He thought that the other party was here to buy things, but he did not expect that they were selling things.

His attitude immediately became very cold

"Our Chamber of Commerce has its own magic pharmacist."

Joelson interrupted him and said, "What if it's a high-grade spirit potion?"


George, who was beside him, couldn't help but shout. The store manager glared at him, his gaze changing.

"What do you mean?"

Joelson took out the spirit potion and put it on the table.

The store manager frowned slightly.

"This is only an intermediate-level spirit potion."

"You're wrong."

Joelson shook his head and said seriously, "This is a high-level spirit potion, a new type of high-level spirit potion. It increases the efficiency of meditation by 40%, and it can increase fire element affinity by 30%."

"How is this possible?"

The store manager could not help but laugh.

Joelson looked at him indifferently.

"You can try."

The store manager saw that Joelson did not believe him and said a few words to Little George. Little George left quickly and soon led another person out.

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