Breaking His Walls [BL omegaverse]

Exposing his abuser through a controversial book was the best thing that happened to Yoo Haneul’s childhood. But growing up being pestered by the public turned everything against him, and now, the young author becomes the cold-hearted, indifferent omega who uses alphas to escape his reality. But then he was rejected by the soft, over-thinking alpha – Jung Sangcheol. And a few bad encounters and a night of drinking later, the strong walls he built start to crack. How will the nonchalant alpha break the remaining walls complete? And will the detached omega finally let someone in? --- An original campus omegaverse AU, with none of the heavy alpha-dominating-omega storyline. [Warning] An angsty omegaverse with sensitive content. Not for the easily triggered. Proceed with caution! Also, contains Mature Contents later in the story. It’s a slow-burn, sexy time comes later ;)

Tiffany_JC · LGBT+
Not enough ratings
172 Chs

A Bad Idea 2

Sangcheol frowns again, reminded of the male omega. Suddenly finding himself typing in the man's username in the search box, he quickly clicks on the return button. He is doing it again, stalking people who clearly doesn't want him. He did it with Gyuri when they first broke up, now he is starting to do it with Haneul. Chuckling to himself, the young man shakes his head.

No wonder Haneul called him pathetic, it is the truth.

Closing the application, the young alpha lies back down and lets out a long breath. Gosh he feels miserable. More than when he broke up with Gyuri. Because at least back then, he is left figuring what went wrong. Right now, it is pointed to him clearly, and Sangcheol knows it is true. He is lacking in a lot of things. He is not enough. Not for Gyuri, more so for Haneul.