1 Prologue

“Hey, Doc Sanchez,” I lazily turned my head to the owner of the voice.

I raised my brow at him implying for him to go on.

“Good job today. Go home and take some rest. I know you’ve been tired today,” said Nixx with his hands inside his coat.

I gave him one lazy smile that made him chuckled, “You too. Have some rest, Doc Martin,” and I turned my back at him. He shouted something but I just waved my hand at him.

I massaged my neck and moved it sideways. It was indeed a long tiring day. Plus the interns who need someone to always tell them what to do. I get them and so I’ve been more patient to them because I was in the same situation when I was still an intern; I wanted to lend a helping hand but afraid that my attending will reprimand me. We all are very eager to learn, thirsty for new skills and information; a person can never get enough of something.

I had straight 36 hours of duty today since our fellow needed to attend a seminar and so we need to fill in for them. And I badly want to go home; I miss my bed but not as much as I miss Kaisley, mom, and dad. What we thought to be a quiet day in the emergency room were suddenly cut short the moment people overflow the ER. I admit that it was very exciting to have people coming in the emergency but when they overflow, you just want it all to end.

Walking through the hallway, I passed by some doctors and nurses who greeted me and I greeted back. I’m on my second year of residency here in UST and it was draining but it’s great too. It’s that feeling of tiredness but you just can’t easily give up because of the fulfilment it can give you; medicine is like that for me.

I was busy rummaging through my things inside my bag just to find my car key when I bumped into someone.

“Ouch,” I muttered.

I held my forehead feeling the sudden surge of pain. I looked at what’s in front of me and to my surprise, the it was a who. I bumped into someone’s chest. It was a broad gorgeous chest. ‘Kirsche, that wasn’t necessary’ I scolded myself. I didn’t know I was staring long enough not until the person in front of me cleared his throat.

I hurriedly shifted my gaze to the person in front of me and my eyes widened in shock when I saw who it was. My jaw dropped and I saw how his eyes slightly widened but he easily composed himself. I stared at him because I might just be hallucinating because of lack of sleep, but he didn’t disappear, he’s still standing in front of me. And with that, my chest pounded with the thought in mind of how I’ll get out of here. Should I excuse myself? Or should I just pretend that I don’t know him and just go on? But I bumped into him so I should apologize, but he bumped into me too. And he wasn’t doing anything so he saw what‘s coming on his way so he should say sorry to me. Sorry. A bitter smile makes it way to my lips. He has a lot of things to apologize for.

“I’m… sorry,’ I said without looking at him. There was like a lump in my throat upon saying those words.

I didn’t give him any second glance at all and just go on my way, but even before I can take another step he suddenly spoke.

“I’m sorry,” he said.

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