Lawrence Flyn was many things. Served in the army during WW2, he took place in many battles. He wasn't particularly strong or even incredibly skilled with guns. For the longest time he didn't know why he lived, when so many friends of his died. At the Omaha Beach, he saw so many of his fellow soldiers cut down by enemy fire and explosions. During his time out of the army, many of his fellow soldiers had died from their debilitating injuries. He found out though. He survived, not due to his skills or strength, but because of his unstoppable will and madness. He hadn't cared for his life since he was a young boy. Father leaving him with a sick Mother. He took any job a child could do but in the end, his Mother still died. Trying to move on with his life, he fell in love eventually. But she too was killed during their trip to Hawaii when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. He joined the army, not out of patriotism, but hate. His spite for the world grew like a fire from that day on. Hoping for himself to die in the war, he never got his wish. The years went on but still, his spite never left him. It wasn't until the year 2010 at the tender age of 95 that he finally saw his foolishness. All that bitterness and hate he carried made him miserable. Life was unfair, but one should never give up on the smallest chance to be happy. In his retirement home he began to make friends with the other residents. Finding hobbies and talking with them. Eventually, he got into anime. It was introduced by one of his friend's Grandsons when he visited. He used the time he had left to indulge in the shows made by the Country he loathed until just recently. He spent the rest of his days comfortably, waiting to be reunited with his Lover once again when he finally passed on in 2018. That was what Raven Branwen remembered right after killing the Maiden to acquire her powers. She fell to her knees and shivered with tears in her magically blazing eyes. "Wh..What have I.. done..?"

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Salem opened her mouth to try and explain, but Raven was too fast. She quickly enveloped Salem in a tight hug as the tears uncontrollably fell from her eyes. She thought she had to be dreaming but she was right there. She too, had been given another life in this world. Any previous negative thoughts and feelings regarding Salem were blown away by the immense relief and longing Raven felt at that very moment.

She called her Lawrence and her kiss was exactly how she used to dream of back in her last life. Seeing the possibility of her first love being in front of her was something she so desperately wanted to believe.

"Elizabeth... so much... I missed you.. so very much.." Raven choked out between sobs as Salem rubbed her back and stood there, embracing her equally as affectionately.

"I missed you too, Lawrence.. My love, I am so sorry you experienced the same spite I have. I'm just happy you let it go at the end.." Salem separated, wiping away her own tears and caressing Raven's face.

"You too? Why..? Wait.. why are you.." Raven looked at her in full as Salem sat on her bed and held her hands.

"Let me explain what happened after my first death" Salem's face grew solemn.

"Long ago, here in Remnant, I was reborn in a well off family. My Mother died early on, unfortunately. My Father, in his fear.. locked me away in a tower. Only him and my nanny were allowed access inside. Over time, he visited me less and less. He even limited what he gave me in fear I would kill myself. Upon hitting sixteen I realized he loved me as more of an object of obsession than a daughter. I created hundreds of pleas for help and sent them out on the windiest of days. Eventually.. I was answered. Ozma, a renowned warrior came to save me" Salem's expression soured when she talked about Ozma.

~Reminds me of.. what was that called again? Shrek..?~ Raven pondered for a second, she had a feeling she knew where this was going.

"He broke me out of that prison and.. we did fall in love. Being so free, we planned out the adventures we'd have. But he fell sick. Try as I may, medicine, magic and even prayer, it was useless. He died. I went to the area where the God of light dwelled. He seemed more capable and approachable for my request to resurrect Ozma. He refused me. Spewing some 'balance' crap.. Haha.." Salem laughed scornfully.

"Then.. I went to his brother, the Darkness God to plead him. In my desperation, I lied and told him he was the first I went to. For a brief moment.. he brought Ozma back. Until the hypocrite intruded on us.. And once again, I lost him. I then bargained with the humans of the surrounding Kingdoms to help usurp the gods. It failed. It failed and they both abandoned this world and killed everyone but myself. I had been submerged in the waters of life and creation. It gave me my immortality. Wandering the world.. awaiting a death that never came, I thought the waters of destruction could finally kill me.. But, as you see, it only changed me. The single good thing to come out of that... was my past memories of you, were awakened" Salem stroked Raven's long hair, feeling her trembling.

"Then.. Ozma returned. That hypocrite brought him back to me. We had children.. we were happy. But unknown to me at the time, Ozma was poisoned against me. His old heroic nature could not stand what I had become. I was bent on revenge for what they did. Ozma too, abandoned me. Our fight had killed our very children.." Salem finished with a difficult expression.

"I know.. I am different now but I cannot lay down my hate for those two petulant gods.. They treated this world as an experiment yet they have the gall to say I should treat life as sacred" Salem's wrath was evident on her face but she calmed down before looking at Raven's face. She was genuinely shocked.

Raven was clutching her blanket so hard it created tears in the fabric. The more shocking thing, was her eyes. The previous white sclera of her eyes were as black as Salem's. The red of her iris was a glowing red.

"He gave up on you..? That piece of shit gave up on you..?" Raven grit her teeth as the crimson flame within her stirred violently in accordance to all the spite she felt towards Ozma and the Gods.

"It was so easily preventable.. all of this. Gods damned idiots" Raven spat out but felt Salem's cool hand rub her back gently.

"You would still show so much anger for me after all you know I've done..? I love that side of you, my Dear.." Salem sighed in relief and hugged Raven to her chest.

"I don't agree with all you've done. But that is no excuse for abandoning you after everything you went through" Raven muttered.

"You are not mad I loved another after you?" Salem seemed nervous as she asked.

"No. Why would I? You and I were separated by death and you only regained your memories of us after falling into the waters of destruction" Raven assured her and rubbed her arm.

"You have no idea.. how much that relieves me" Salem hugged her tighter and they sat there in silence for twenty seconds before Salem hummed.

"This slipped my mind but why are you a woman?" Salem seemed amused as Raven practically deflated.

"It just.. happened? I'm not sure why" Raven didn't have much time to ponder that herself.

"Well it's no concern now. After so long, I figure I might as well try something new. I find whatever body you inhabit attractive, Dear" Salem practically purred.

"That makes me happier than you could imagine" Raven smiled.

"Now.. what names should we call each other? I've become accustomed to Salem" Salem placed her chin on top of Raven's head.

"We have new lives now. I think we should use the names we go by in this world. It won't change how I feel. I also need to decide what to do from now on.." Raven muttered at the end.

"Well I don't mind. Are you sure you need to really think about that? Why not help me, my Love? Our eyes match and you have a very charming looking Grimm horn now. It would be rather difficult for regular people to accept you" Salem spun around and sat on Raven's lap, facing her with a coy smile.

"Yes but the genocide part is concerning. I know of your more manipulative side.. but I also know you only use it when you're desperate" Raven slid her hand through her long white hair.

"You do know me well. But my plans have come so far.. I've taken to turning those Silver Eyed warriors gifted by that hypocrite into sentient Grimm.. hmm... maybe I have gone too far?" Salem doubted herself now.

"You're doing it out of spite for that God. I understand your anger.. but they aren't him. Summer is a good person, I think you'd like her" Raven tried to steer Salem away from turning more Silver eyes into Grimm.

"Ho..? And you're close, from what I can tell. Should I be jealous?" Salem gave her a look.

"What? No. She's married to Taiyang. I also had a child with.. him. Before my memories returned" Raven waved her hands defensively.

"You were with.. a man!?" Salem gasped.

"I won't hear the end of this, will I?" Raven complained.

"No.. Ahh.. I haven't felt so like myself in so long" Salem laughed to herself.

They spent hours talking. Funnily enough, though Raven disagreed with many of Salem's methods and acts, they never fought over it like Ozma and Salem had. She never once showed disgust at what Salem had become. Instead, she gave her sympathy, which warmed Salem's heart.

Time passed by and Raven recovered in bed. Being looked after by Salem for weeks, she recovered and Salem began to tour Raven around her Castle.

"There's a lot of Grimm inside huh? Are they acting guards?" Raven walked beside her, in one of Salem's black dresses.

She complained about the colors and her more Grimm-like appearance. Salem seemed down at first when she did but Raven was just complaining she looked too edgy. That, and she was unused to wearing dresses.

"Some I use to relay orders to the greater Grimm horde. Some I use to contact my agents" Salem led her into a large room with a long dinner table in the center.

There, she could see four people. Cinder, the little twelve year old girl who brought her food while in bed and seemed very shy. And three men. One of them was gazing at her and Salem with a maniacal worship seen in his eyes that sent a shiver down Raven's spine. One was big and bulky and seemed hard to read. The last, tall and lanky with a spruce mustache was looking at Raven with interest.

"This is my past lover, Raven. She too, was reborn into this world like I was. As you can see, she is just like me" Salem seemed proud at the last declaration.

"Oh YES! YES, YES, YES!! Two Goddesses!? I must have been blessed!" Tyrian got on his knees and bowed.

"He seems stable. Must be fun at parties" Raven joked, which made Salem cover her mouth and laugh.

Cinder also couldn't help but snicker but quickly shut herself up and made a stiff face.

"You dare laugh at our new Goddess!?" Tyrian got up and 'smiled' at Cinder dangerously.

Before Cinder could do anything, she felt Raven's surprisingly soft hand on her head protectively.

"It was just a small joke. I like hearing her laugh. You don't have to be afraid of me or treat me as a superior" Raven rubbed her hand down Cinder's black hair.

Cinder just nodded dumbly, never having been treated so well in her life. Apart from that Hunstman that said he would help her escape, but he lied. She briefly considered this Woman to lie too. But she was strong. Why would she even need to? She enjoyed the enthusiastic head patting in silence.

"Oh, yes! Of course! The new goddess is so kind! It brings tears to my.." Tyrian cried profusely, which just weirded Raven out, but she kept her poker face up.

"Nice to meet you lot. Just call me Raven. I love Salem, those cartoons played from Mistral and chocolate. I dislike those who abandon people who need you.. an overabundance of edginess on myself and turnips. I wouldn't say I have a dream, because I WILL do this.. I'm going to make the brethren gods pay for making Salem suffer, for wiping out humanity for the actions of the few and leaving the world they helped create" Raven finished, pulling a scene from Naruto she remembered.

"FANTASTIC!! YES!" Tyrian clapped the hardest.

Cinder looked up at Raven with a hundred thoughts going through her head. Watts seemed to smile slightly at her declaration. Hazel only nodded, still unreadable to Raven. Salem's smile grew and seemed very touched.

"Thank you, Dear. I know you do not agree with my actions.. but it relieves me to know we have the same end goal" Salem traced her hand up Raven's arm.

"Do you know how you'll do this?" Salem asked, intrigued. She knows she wouldn't have said anything if she had no plan to achieve her ambition.

"I'm being sent to other worlds to gain strength. I know it will take some time, but I will get the power necessary to take them on" Raven looked into Salem's crimson eyes.

"I won't stop my plans. I've come too far. I told you so earlier" Salem affirmed as she narrowed her eyes at Raven's.

Salem felt her cheek touched by Raven's, seeing her smile knowingly.

"I know. But it won't change my feelings for you. I will do everything in my power so that you get your wish. But also.. I feel it is up to me to stop you from going too far" Raven saw Salem smile back at her.

"I love you, Dear. Cinder, bring her blade over please" Salem held out her hand and Cinder rushed out, bringing Raven's blade and sheath back, nervous a fight may break out.

"You have much to do. I trust that you won't turn against me.. No, I know you won't. You can come and go as you please. You always have a place here, Dear. Oh, yes.. I do want to meet my Step-Daughter at least once. You have a lot of work to do and I know you want to see your daughter" Salem grabbed her blade and handed it to Raven.

"You should hurry before I reconsider and chain you to my bed to have you all to myself.." Salem coyly grinned.

"I'll drop by often. I love you" Raven planted a kiss on her forehead and one lightly on her lips before opening a rift.

"I love you too, Dear" Salem sent her off, sounding like a housewife before Raven went inside.

"The rest of you may leave.." Salem looked outside her window and ordered, hearing their footsteps trail out of her room.

She clutched her head and grit her teeth. She had to send her away soon. Grunting, Salem could no longer hold back her sets of Grimm wings from bursting out of her back. Bone plating forming on random areas of her body. Her spite returned like a flood of negative emotions. She heard so many voices in her head, they were all screaming.





Salem sunk to her knees as the overwhelming negative voices washed over her, her expression twisting.

"I'll protect her from you all.." Salem swore to herself over and over.


Yang, in the weeks since her Mom returned, had learned that the lady in black and red clothing was her real Mom. She overheard the cries and conversations at night her Cookie Mom and Dad had that she was her birth Mom. That she helped her Cookie Mom return home safely from dangerous monsters. She saw her family grow sad. She was convinced that her birth Mom was still alive. She was super strong according to her Uncle, Dad and Cookie Mom.

She took her little sister in a wagon and walked into the forest behind their house. Stumbling upon an abandoned shack, she saw the monsters that stole her birth Mom. She was rooted in place, terrified as they approached.

Until her Birth Mom appeared like a hero, from a red portal and stomped the big wolf Grimm's head into pieces.

She looked right at Yang, ignoring the Grimm around her.

"Little Dragon..? Why are you out here?" She tried and failed to sound like a stern parent, she sounded far too happy to see the Blonde.

"Mom!" Yang ran up to her and jumped into her embrace.

"Ah.." Raven awkwardly scratched her head.

~I suppose they told her..?~ Raven thought while idly killing a jumping Grimm.