Lawrence Flyn was many things. Served in the army during WW2, he took place in many battles. He wasn't particularly strong or even incredibly skilled with guns. For the longest time he didn't know why he lived, when so many friends of his died. At the Omaha Beach, he saw so many of his fellow soldiers cut down by enemy fire and explosions. During his time out of the army, many of his fellow soldiers had died from their debilitating injuries. He found out though. He survived, not due to his skills or strength, but because of his unstoppable will and madness. He hadn't cared for his life since he was a young boy. Father leaving him with a sick Mother. He took any job a child could do but in the end, his Mother still died. Trying to move on with his life, he fell in love eventually. But she too was killed during their trip to Hawaii when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. He joined the army, not out of patriotism, but hate. His spite for the world grew like a fire from that day on. Hoping for himself to die in the war, he never got his wish. The years went on but still, his spite never left him. It wasn't until the year 2010 at the tender age of 95 that he finally saw his foolishness. All that bitterness and hate he carried made him miserable. Life was unfair, but one should never give up on the smallest chance to be happy. In his retirement home he began to make friends with the other residents. Finding hobbies and talking with them. Eventually, he got into anime. It was introduced by one of his friend's Grandsons when he visited. He used the time he had left to indulge in the shows made by the Country he loathed until just recently. He spent the rest of his days comfortably, waiting to be reunited with his Lover once again when he finally passed on in 2018. That was what Raven Branwen remembered right after killing the Maiden to acquire her powers. She fell to her knees and shivered with tears in her magically blazing eyes. "Wh..What have I.. done..?"

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Black Fang

"I.. what?" Raven held back from visually reacting too much.

"Will you be mine? My bodyguard for Blake? Along with assisting us in the White Fang. I will pay you properly of course" Kali sat back down and put on her business lady expression.

"Oh! So that's what you meant.. Hm. As long as you stay peaceful I'll help. I'm not getting involved in any wars" Raven calmly told her.

~Not again..~ She thought, hearing echoes of her time fighting in World War Two.

"That's fair. It's.. good to have you on our side, Raven" Kali smiled.

"I'm on the side against prejudice. Seen too much of it ruin people's lives already.." Raven sighed.

"Isn't that the truth? Well let's go over your duties until Ghira and Blake return, okay?" Kali and Raven talked about what the job entailed until Blake and Ghira returned after twenty minutes.

Upon entering the room, Ghira saw his wife up close at who he recognized as Raven's side. Irked, he sat on the other side of Kali as Blake stared at the armored woman.

"Oh, honey! Turns out our helping Knight was Raven this whole time! Brings back memories, seeing her.." Kali smiled as Ghira's face soured.

~Yes seeing you cling to Raven was very memorable..~ Ghira grumbled as Blake stared at Raven's helmet with childish awe.

"Um.. can I see it and try it on, Miss..?" Blake asked as politely as she could.

Raven gave her a small smile and nodded as Blake put it on and started acting like a weeaboo with a katana collection. It was cute on a child but when she saw those videos online in her last world she almost cringed to death. Seeing Blake pretend to be her was nice though.

-Two weeks later-

Eventually they hashed out the finer details and Raven started her work as a sort of protector and peacekeeper in the protests. Though unknown to her, she was angering the SDC whenever the Faunus protests started in Mantle. More specifically, Jacques Schnee wanted to paint the Faunus as anarchists to take the heat off himself for his horrendous labor conditions he used for his Faunus workers.

He had been trying for quite a while but there was always this armored Huntsman in black that would interfere in his plans. Today, he had multiple subordinates attending the rally in Atlas. At this point, he was testing the huntsman by sending multiple people to cause a ruckus and slander the White Fang.

-Evernight Castle-

Raven was currently visiting Salem and Cinder, telling them of her work in the White Fang and how she reconnected with Kali and the Belladonna family. Cinder was looking at her armor in awe.

"So.. Kali Belladonna hm?" Salem gave Raven a pointed look.

"It's not like that.." Raven defensively raised her hands.

"Oh I trust you, Dear. It's her attitude I don't. She's married! I do dislike cheaters" Salem huffed in distaste.

"You're.. not mad at the crush she had on me?" Raven asked cautiously.

"Who wouldn't have a crush on you.." Cinder whispered extremely quietly as she stood next to them.

"Hmhm.. No, I'm not that jealous. Though speaking of jealousy.. I'm jealous I didn't get to design your armor. I would have put some Nevermore feathers in.. made it lighter and more suitable with your Japanese aesthetic you're going for" Salem cupped her chin and said while inspecting the armor.

"Urk! Well.. You'd make it look so edgy.. and.." Raven cut herself off when she saw Salem pout.

"Nevermind.. I'd be happy to wear whatever you make" Raven sighed and said in a defeated tone.

"Wonderful! You'll look so sexy and intimidating.." Salem clasped her hands together happily as Cinder audibly gulped.

"I think Cinder wants some similar armor" Raven rested her hand on Cinder's head, who subtly smiles to herself.

"Maybe.. uh.. it can look like yours?" Cinder quietly muttered.

"Oho.. Yes, I think that would look quite nice, Cinder" Salem knowingly smiled at the twelve year old.

"Well I have to go now. There's a protest in Atlas and things are tense there at the moment. After that I still have training with Yang.. busy busy busy.." Raven stood up and stretched, taking the helmet Cinder was holding in her hands.

"You're um.. like a hero right? I read stories and Mistress Salem told me some.." Cinder quietly asked while avoiding looking at Raven's face.

"I'm not a hero, Cinder. I'm just making up for past mistakes and failures.." Raven sighed and put her helmet on to hide her pained expression while she headpat Cinder.

"Raven.. I don't like how you blame yourself like that" Salem put her hand on Raven's shoulder gently.

"You don't understand. Or.. maybe you do..? I did bad things in the war, Salem.. Justified it countless times but at the twilight of my life I realized I hurt so very many people with my actions. I want to make as many people happy as I did miserable here. If that means protecting Faunus while they protest, then that's just par for the course. I'm not doing this just to make myself feel better though. I do genuinely enjoy helping good people" Raven finished with an optimistically changed tone.

"I understand.. but don't beat yourself up too badly, okay? Lord.. I feel like an old wife. Huhu.." Salem grinned.

"Thank you, Salem.." Raven nodded at her and finished patting Cinder's head before cutting open and stepping into her rift.

"She seemed sad, Mistress?" Cinder looked at Salem, who had a stoic expression.

"Yes.. I'll have to see what she's speaking of with the remnants of her flames I kept for study. They can show me what happened" Salem stood up and looked at Cinder.

"Oh and Cinder? The new idea for Raven's armor, could you draw the design? I think she'd love it if it came from both of us" Salem hummed and Cinder excitedly nodded four times.

-Atlas protests-

A crowd of Faunus had gathered outside the SDC corporate building. There were around seventy Faunus who were there and had began the protest. Blake was among them, while her parents were on a stand, speaking out against terrible Faunus labor conditions. Blake was holding up a sign that had Jacques Schnee holding a whip and looking evil.

Jacques himself was in the corporate building, looking down at the crowd with a sneer. He was drinking his tea while tapping away on his scroll.

>JS: Target the child of the Belladonnas. The sign she's holding up irks me and her parents will undoubtedly get involved.

He received a confirmatory ping from his scroll as he smirked and watched the crowd from below. He saw several of his personal subordinates start to make their way into the crowd. A few of which had targeted Blake and were closing in.

"The SDC's terrible labor conditions are killing the desperate Faunus who can't get a job here just because of what they are. It's inhuman! We cannot allow this mistreatment to stand!" Ghira shouted to the crowd beneath him.

Kali was watching the crowd and Blake, having noticed a few humans mixed in but they did have their human sympathizers so it wasn't out of the ordinary to see a few at a rally that weren't screaming at them. One got near her daughter and reached into his suit. That's when she knew something terrible would happen.

"BLAKE!" Kali shouted in fear but it was replaced with relief in the next second.

Raven had walked out of a nearby alley and pulled the man in without anyone noticing his absence but Jacques. Kali sighed and Blake just tilted her head in confusion.

"I.. uh.. come up here with us, okay?" Kali gestured her over and the seven year old complied excitedly.

One by one, the subordinates of Jacques Schnee were pulled into a secluded area without even letting out a scream. The last, who brandished an SDC brand infused with fire dust, grinned maliciously as a ten year old Bull Faunus was yelling at the SDC corporation building. Jacques saw him and started to panic. This wasn't going to help turn the image in his favor if an SDC employee attacked a Faunus child in broad daylight. He supposed he could try to spin it to make it look like the White Fang did it to turn people against the SDC but if people saw his subordinate do it..

The man pulled the boy around and let out a hateful bellow.

"You FILTHY FUCKING ANIMALS SHOULD JUST BE-" He didn't get to finish his sentence as the brand head was cut off and fell to the ground.

Raven had faceplanted the man into the rough ground while sheathing her blade with a small sigh. The boy looked at her with wide eyes and a slack jaw. He started to stutter repeatedly but the knight just headpat his red hair and dragged the man off while grumbling about 'how many assholes do I need to Mike Tyson today?'

"It's the Black Fang! They just saved that kid!" One of the Faunus yelled and they all started to crowd Raven.

"DAMN IT!!" Jacques slammed his hand on the table with a furious grunt.

"S..Sir?" One of his secretaries walked into his office nervously.

"WHAT!? I'm very busy!" Jacques took a deep breath and calmed his fury while the secretary nervously shook.

"Th..The board of directors want to speak to you.. and your wife" She looked at the floor as Jacques rubbed his face.

"Fine.. I'll talk to the board first then" He got up and stormed out of his office while the secretary sighed in relief before looking down at the crowd.

"Oh my god it's the Black Fang.." She whispered in awe.

Raven shivered as the crowd parted while she gathered up the unconscious men and tied them up outside SDC Corporate Offices door.

~What the Hell is Black Fang..? Are they calling me that? Why..? Why is it so.. damn.. edgy!?~ Raven almost collapsed to the floor but she apparently had an image to maintain so she just walked over to Kali, Ghira and Blake.

"Done. The SDC will take them back none too worse for wear" She said with a shrug.

"Great job, 'Black Fang' we may have been in trouble there if not for you!" Kali said with a wink.

"Kali.." Raven groaned lightly.

"Okay okay.. I'll go easy on you! But this one will no doubt net you a lot of attention you know?" Kali nudged her.

"It's fine.. I'm in full armor, remember?" Raven tilted her head at Kali in confusion.

"No I mean.. strike a pose! Embrace your silent broody knight side!" Kali suggested with a sultry teasing laugh.

"Haah... fine" Raven then did one of the Pillar Men's pose as the crowd got rowdier. Despite doing it as a joke, they actually loved it and started to imitate it themselves.

What Raven hadn't known, was that the event was being broadcasted across Remnant from Atlas' CCT. Back on Patch, Yang, Ruby, Summer, Qrow and Tai were watching the whole thing.

"WOAH! Hero Mom is so.. so.. cool! Look at that pose!" Yang excitedly yelled as Qrow stepped outside and started howling in laughter.

Yang and Ruby started trying to imitate the pose and create their own when they become Huntresses. Tai was cackling and trying to hide it as his daughters imitated Raven. Summer was as hyped as Yang and Ruby were.

"No, girls.. it was like this!" Summer said as she posed exactly like Raven did. Unknown to her though, the japanese words meaning 'menacing' were invisibly floating around her.

"Woah! Yeah! Like that! It's harder than it looks!" Yang tried to do it again but they saw Raven use a rift to leave on the TV.

She reappeared next to Yang and looked at the current scene of the three posing. She froze for a second before looking at the TV where she just left the rally and back to Yang, Ruby and Summer.

"Raven! You gotta teach me more poses like that!!!" Summer grabbed onto her armor and pleaded.

"Yeah Hero Mom! Please?" Yang jumped up and down, grabbing her waist as Ruby grabbed her leg.

"Ah.. I.. haaah... yeah.. This one's called the 'Dio' pose.." Raven spent a good amount of time showing them more poses before training Yang for the day.