517 BNLO Streamer


"You do? The I guess you know of Planta?" I asked with a giggle.

"Player Planta, oh that super popular chick- Wait, don't tell me…" Jenny opened her mouth wide open. "You're Planta?! Makes sense you're quitting then!"

"Yeah, hahaha. I'll dedicate myself full time to making videos and sometimes streaming." I said with a smile.

And of course, I'll be selling magic items to SWORD secretly, or so goes my plan. Though I'll have to see how that goes, it might be harder than I imagine.

"Huh, so playing virtual reality games and streaming makes so much money…" Jenifer said.

"It is interesting, yeah… But I doubt I'm made for that, it's more for the younger people. I don't really like video games." Sighed another coworker, a bald guy named Hector.

"Hmm, I don't think I have the money to afford that, haha…" Another laughed.

"I am also playing the game from time to time." Mark said.

"Eh? You do?!"

"Well, maybe it is not that bad…"



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