Brain Eater in the Apocalypse

An action-packed novel for those hungry eyes craving for a man brawl that is straight brutal. Try this novel, you won't be disappointed. ~ We all know what climate change is, we know the world is dying because of us. But nobody expected it to turn out this way. Everybody thought that natural disasters are the final result that will end humanity, but a change happened. A burst of wind we call the Wind of Chaos happened, turning every single living thing into monsters including humans. Everything collapses on a whim and the ones that survived are few. Pati Sinaga is a normal college student nerd, or at least that is what he seems. Has an obsession that many find weird. The obsession leads to many mockeries and almost made him do something terrible. But that obsession turns out to be his power to survive. Watch as no matter what the world throws at him, Zombies, Unholy Beasts, or even other Humans. He will keep rising to the top. This is the story of a man fulfilling his obsession, eating brains! — Please help vote for this novel if you like the story! Don’t forget to add it to your library too! I do not own the cover of this book. If the creator wants me to take it down then message me.

TheAlpha · Fantasy
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153 Chs

Rule of My Hunting Turf

Pati advanced to the new part of the university carefully, he heard a couple of banging sounds and a couple of screams coming from the other end of the new part of the university.

On this floor, the other end of the new part of the university should be a small cafeteria.

It's going to take too long for students that studied in the classroom here so the university made a small cafeteria for them, they only sell snacks though no proper meal.

While advancing slowly, Pati looks at the classroom on the opposite side of him.

At this time the sun is already peeking in the sky so the inside of the university is not that dim anymore, he saw a couple of Walkers banging on the door with the 601 sign on it.

'Should be the nerds from the Computer Major, What are they doing here so late?'

Going around the place to creep closer to the Walkers that doesn't realize that Pati is slowly approaching them from the back with a butcher knife in his hand, the Walkers kept banging the door repeatedly while growling.

Many of the Zombies on the lower floors hear this and they also started growling.

But so far in the apocalypse, Pati never saw one Zombie that can climb stairs. They can't even use the elevators because it's not active, the Janitor will only turn them when nearing the early class of the students.

Pati is not sure about the fat one inside the Janitor's room though, it may be able to climb stairs.

Upon closer look at room 601, he saw a couple of people through the small window on the door. A couple of guys are blocking the door trying so hard to keep the door shut from the banging of the Walkers.

They're slowly being pushed back though since the Walkers are stronger than normal people.

While trying to keep the guys keeping the door shut, Pati can hear a couple of girls screaming in the back. It's so loud that even Pati himself got attracted to here by those girls. For some reason, he remembers the guy that is still inside the classroom on the ninth floor.

'Fuckers never watch Zombie movies? Screaming is not helping', Pati mutters.

After refocusing back to the scene in front of him, the guy holding the door suddenly made ey contact with Pati but in the next couple of seconds,



Pati needs only one swing to the head to kill the Walkers banging on the door.

[Gained a level 4...]

[Gained a level 5...]

[Gained a level 3...]

[Gained a level 3 Walker Chaos]

Four Walkers died under his enormous strength swinging his butcher knife, they all died getting their skulls split open hitting their brains. Pati looks at the dead Walkers before he started harvesting their brains,

The people inside the 601 room don't get out, only the guy by the window is looking at Pati.

But Pati is thankful for this as he didn't want to babysit them and preferred to go alone, that way he will only need to take care of himself and get stronger himself.

Just as he was about to leave with the harvested brains not intending to talk to the people inside room 601, the door suddenly opened a little, "Hey, Come inside! There are still many more of them, it's safer to be inside", the guy whispers.

"No, thank you. Gotta go!", Pati replied not intending to converse any long.

The guy looks at the brains Pati is holding with a frown, he wanted to ask something but Pati doesn't seem to want to talk to him. But then suddenly, "Look out!!"

"Huh?", Pati looks to his back and finds a Zombie already lunged at him.

Without even pausing, the guy closed the door after warning Pati. The Zombie caught Pati off guard, but he manage to raise his butcher knife to block the Zombie that lunged at him with an open mouth trying to bite him.

'It's fast?! Where did this thing come from', Pati thought while struggling to hold it back.

The Zombie seems to be a former woman with long black hair and wearing office attire, but its attire is already torn in many places and covered with blood. It opens its mouth dripping with nasty saliva, and Pati's butcher knife is in between her mouth.

Pati's back is against the floor while he struggles to keep the Zombie that is trying to bite him away, he doesn't know if one bite of a Zombie will turn him into one.

It's real life, so he can't really base it all on the novels and moves he read and watch.

With every ounce of his strength, Pati pushes the woman away just enough to create a gap between them before he punches it right on its face.


The punch sent the Zombie through the wall and into room 601.

Upon hearing the loud crashing sound, the girls inside the room shouted in a union while the guys there pulls them all to the corner. They are surprised to see what's happening in front of them.

All of them don't see the fight between Pati and the Zombie.

So they thought that this Zombie is fighting another Zombie, the wall of the classroom is made of concrete so it was impossible for a human to do something like this. The thought of Pati doing this to the Zombie doesn't cross the guy's mind, it's simply impossible.

The guy that saw Pati got lunged by the Zombie believed that he was dead, and helplessness soon drowns them as they were trapped in a fight between two powerful Zombies.

But through the hole in the wall, they suddenly saw Pati walking inside the room.

Looking at this, the four people consisting of two guys and two girls widen their eyes in surprise. They saw Pati walking with the Butcher Knife in his hand while glaring at the Zombie in front of him, "You made me crush two Walkers' brains you asshole!"

Since he got jumped by this Zombie, he let go of the Walker's brains and unintentionally squished them. Two brains worth 700 Chaos are gone like that, and this made Pati a bit angry.

Hearing this, the Zombie stands up with its yellow piercing eyes glaring at Pati.

This not-so-Walker Zombie puts out its grotesque and decayed tongue before growling at Pati, she uses tightened her hands using her fingernails as weapons. Her growl scares the living shit out of the four students on the corner.

Pati who saw their expression didn't blame them, this Zombie is quite scary.


Ducking on all four, the Zombie jumped at Pati like an animal. Its movement is not like the Walkers that are slow and stiff, this one is nimble and pretty fast.


Rolling to the side, Pati manages to dodge the Zombie's swipe.

Since he still doesn't know exactly how people turn into Zombies like this, he puts his focus to its max not intending to get slashed by the Zombie's fingernails. Who knows, he might turn into a Zombie from one wound.

The Zombie then leaped again toward Pati but this time he was prepared, clasping both of his hands together Pati activate his newly learned skill. Hammer Fist.


Pati's attack landed solidly on the Zombie's face, the leaping momentum turns and become his friend as his attack broke the skull of the Zombie. It slammed to the ground creating a big crack, and this makes the four people widen their eyes in surprise.

Even the strongest man in the world can't crack the ground with a punch, but somehow a normal-looking student manages to do it.

But even with the Hammer Fist skill, the Zombie still tries to get up.

Holding the butcher knife in his hand tightly, Pati stands right above the Zombie that is still reaching for him with her hands before he started butchering it with the butcher knife.




Each strike from the butcher knife makes the four people close their eyes in fright.

It's so gruesome to see Pati hitting the Zombie's head repeatedly, blood splattered to the surroundings and some even manage to stain his face. But as if he's used to it, Pati kept hitting the Zombie until the message from the system appeared.

[Gained a level 7 Runner Chaos]

[You have reached level 5, Stats has been distributed accordingly]

Alongside the message from the system, Pati finds two items seeped out of the Runner's body.

Unlike the Brawler that Pati killed before that dropped a red crystal, this Runner Zombie dropped a green crystal and also the same black coin just like the one the Brawler dropped. Without wasting any time, Pati crushed the green crystal.


[Gained +7 Agility]

Nodding his head in satisfaction, Pati started harvesting the brain of the Runner.

Looking at this gruesome and disturbing scene where Pati opened the Runner's skull with his butcher knife before slowly taking the brain out, the girls of the group push one guy to the front signaling to him to say something.

The guy looks at the girls in confusion before he sighs and looks back at Pati.

Upon taking two steps closer to Pati, the guy froze seeing the cold and indifferent look on Pati's face as he takes the Runner's brain. Even looking at this alone makes the guy's stomach grumble.

But he eventually forced out a few words, "Hey... Are you also a student here?"


"I-If I may ask, can you help us get to a safer place than the university? Maybe a police station or even the military compound on west Jayarta?", the guy asks again albeit softly.

Hearing this, Pati glances at the guy making the guy and even the other three gulp harshly.

Pati then stood up with the bloody brain in his hand pushing the guy a couple of steps back with an invisible force before he replied, "Have you seen the outside? You're going to die if you try and get out of the university ground"

"But there must be a place for us to be safe!", one of the girls said from the side.

The loud ringing tone of her voice irritates Pati's ears, he then glances at the girl, "If you keep shouting like that, you probably will not last that long", he said harshly without even caring about the girls' feelings.

It's the apocalypse, these kinds of things don't matter anymore. All that matters is to survive!

"If I were you, I'll ditch these girls if they shout one more time", Pati added while looking at the guy, after saying that he then turns around and started walking towards the hole in the wall.

When he was about to step outside, the guy suddenly asks, "How did you get strong?"

Since the world is currently in chaos and there are probably only a few that will survive, the least he could do is to teach them how to defend themselves. Pati sighs before he replied, "Do you know your status window?"

"You mean the holographic messages that came out of nowhere? Yeah, I have one too. We all have one", the guy replied making Pati think of the guy on the ninth floor, it's weird for this guy to know and that annoying guy on the ninth floor to not know the status window.

But there's a thought that came to mind, 'He's probably asleep in his car or something when the black wind happened'

After thinking that, Pati then added, "Kill Zombies and you will become stronger"

"You must have played games before, so you can navigate the status window easily. That's all I can say, and one more thing. If you kill any Zombie in the university, bring their brains to me. I'm in class 901"

Hearing this, the guy frown, "Why do I need to bring the Zombie's brain I killed to you?"

"Every Zombie inside the university is mine, this is my hunting turf. If I saw you stealing the Zombies here and didn't bring their brains to me then you will be facing against me", Pati said with a grin before leaving the four people.

The guy and his group were confused upon hearing this.

But then the guy's face suddenly lit up, and he seems to remember something, "There's no way... you're the student from the engineering major that everybody called the Brain Eater!"

"Don't tell me you've become addicted to eating Zombie's brains..."

The other three on the corner sucked in a cold breath, the thought of someone addicted to eating Zombie's brains is unsettling for them. It's a damn weird obsession, and they can't believe that person is standing in front of them and even saved them.

Pati smirks while holding the bloodied brain of the Runner, "Oh, so you knew?"

"If that's the case then it's easy to explain it to you. As you just said I like eating Zombie's brains, so if any of you break the rule I'll take your brains as compensation..."