24 Loot Distribution

"You look like a bitch earlier"

Although Pati said it whisperingly so that the girls doesn't really hear what he said, Jeff still can't help but look to his back and attract the gazes of both Dinda and Salsa.

They look at Jeff with an innocent look but that looks has a thousand meanings in Jeff's head.

Since even the girls agreed with Pati saying that in order to live in this hellish world they need to get used to being in a life and death situation, Jeff in a way doesn't look manly compared to Pati who doesn't need any rest despite just escaping death.

Jeff met Salsa's eyes before he turns back around, "Fuck... Do I really look like a bitch earlier?"

"Probably, next time you should keep your cool, or I will end up taking Salsa instead of you", Pati teased giving him a slight smirk which made Jeff fuming in anger, but before he can say anything Pati had already headed to the limping bird Zombies.

With a clear dissatisfaction on his face, Jeff shouted, "Come on, man! That's not cool!"

"What are they talking about?", Salsa whispers on the back.

Hearing this, Dinda shrugs her shoulder as she too doesn't know what the boys are talking about.

Pati heads to the limping bird Zombies while cracking his fingers, there's a slight smile on his face, 'Looks like it worked, he probably wouldn't do anything like earlier ever again', he thought.

On the outside what Pati said to Jeff might've just teasing Jeff.

But in actuality, he's doing that to help Jeff get used to the situation and become stronger with the veil of not looking bad in front of Salsa. Every time Jeff feels tired or afraid then he will remember to keep a strong front in front of the girls, and this in turn will teach his body and mind to keep pushing.

It doesn't matter if they just came out of a predicament just like before, they need to keep moving.

Pati signals for the others to wait inside the building while he gets out to check, the bird Zombies are cawing at him trying to limp their way towards him but they're too slow.

Without minding the bird Zombies, Pati looks up and tries to find the big bird Zombie earlier.

Because of what happened earlier Pati started to become wary of the bird since it somewhat has intelligence, the way it hunts is similar to how a human hunter hunts. It might pretend to fly away and only attack once Pati and the others lower their guards.

After checking the coast of the sky, Pati then waves his hand signaling to the others that it's clear.

"Is it really gone?", Jeff asked while approaching Pati.

While keeping his eyes on the sky warily, Pati then answered, "I think so, yeah. But it'll be better to kill these bird Zombies and get out of here quickly"

Pati then counts the Zombies and finds that there are 23 of them.

Many of the bird Zombies that crash to the ground can't even move because most of their bones are broken, but some of the stronger or rather fortunate ones can still stand. But even so, they can't really do anything except for pecking them.

"There are 23 of them, should we give 4 and 3 to Salsa and Dinda, and the rest we split?"

Hearing this, Pati immediately disagrees while glancing at Jeff sharply, "I'm feeling rather stingy, so we're going for 2 and 1. Dinda gets 2 while Salsa gets 1, the rest we split but you're going to give me 1 more for being a bitch"

"Are you serious? That's so unfair!", Jeff rebutted with a frown.

But this sparks a sharp glare from Pati that doesn't really appreciate the tone Jeff is using, this makes Jeff grit his teeth before Pati then replied, "I'm being generous enough to give Salsa one, if you're displeased you can give her your share"

When Jeff was about to argue back, Salsa suddenly said from the back, "It's okay..."

"Dinda is the healer and I'm still unable to contribute enough to the team, so getting 1 is okay by me. There's no need to argue, don't we need to get out of here quickly?"

Jeff was at a loss for words but he finally gives up and go with Pati's suggestion.

Hearing this, Pati then nodded his head feeling that Salsa knows her place, "Go kill the ones that can't move, stay away from the ones that can move or you'll die a stupid death"

After saying that, Pati glanced at Jeff, "I'm going to kill 12 of them"

"I added another one from your share for being an asshole, remember they are fortunate enough to be safe with us", he added before heading to the nearest bird Zombie to kill it.

A moment later,

Pati killed 10 Featherless Striker Eagles ranging from level 21 to 25, this alone gives him so much exp that he levels up to level 18 after killing all of them. Aside from that, he also gets many black coins.

Counting the black coins, he now has 25 black coins in total.

The bird Zombies dropped black coins, bones like the one from before, and also a crystal without any parchment that Pati most anticipated. He's a bit down after finding none of it, but at least the crystal gave him agility and a few Vitality points.

At first, the crystal gave him +11 Agility and 5 Vitality points.

By technicality, this should bring his agility stat around the two hundred mark but when nearing the two hundred it's starting to lower. The last one only gave him 1 Agility and 2 Vitality points. This confirms what he thought that a Zombie can only give him a limited amount of stats points.

This is what this status window looks like currently,

[Pati Sinaga]

Level: 18

Race: Human

Class: Brain Eater

Title: None


Health: 970/1150 (100)

Insanity: 34 (-)

Chaos: 13040

Strength: 169(10)

Agility: 204 (10)

Vitality: 123 (10)

[Skills Window]

Active: Hammer Fist Lvl 2, Leap Lvl 2

Passive: Zombie Mind (Max), Intimidation Lvl 1, Zombie Scent Lvl 0

[Class Skill Window]

Active: Fear of Mind Lvl 1

Passive: -

Now Pati's stats are drastically different than before from killing the Zombies along the way and absorbing their crystals, all of his stats already surpassed the one hundred mark and his agility becomes the most dominant stat.

There's also some change in the status window, there's an additional Class Skill Window.

It's where his Fear of Mind is listed.

With so many Chaos without including the brains on Salsa's bag that he has not eaten, he decided to add 31 points into his strength stat increasing it to exactly 200 points. The muscles inside of his body contracted just after he did that.

Pati can feel the density of his muscles increase showing that he became stronger.

After checking his status window, Pati looks at the ashy bones that he gets from some of the bird Zombies and finds some of them are shaped like a blade while some are like a mace.

But they share the same hardness, the only problem is carrying these bones.

With all of the bones being at least arm's length, these ashy bones can't really be stored in the bags so Pati only takes two of the sharpest ones to bring with him. One is to use as a weapon while the other as a substitute if somehow the bone breaks.

He dropped the one that he got from the first bird Zombie he killed, so he needs a new one.

Looking to the side, Pati finds the others are also finishing up.

Just like how he instructed earlier, Jeff kills 8 bird Zombies, Dinda kills 2, and Salsa kills 1.

Despite the girls killing way less than the boy, they should at least reach level 7 or 8 from killing those bird Zombies since they are on average level 20 or above. Pati then looks at Dinda before their eyes met.

He signals for her to come to him and Dinda complies albeit with a frown.

"What is your level right now?", Pati asks nonchalantly.

Hearing this, Dinda checks her status window before she replied, "I'm level 8 right now, why?"

"Go and kill this one and see if you reach level 10, I want you to reach level 10 before we arrive at the green light. Hurry up", Pati instructed while pointing at the bird Zombie that he was already crippled until it can't move a muscle except move its deathly eyes.

Dinda then remembered that Pati talks about the Pershala Merchant, so that is probably the reason why he wants her to reach level 10. It's the level limit to talk to Pershala Merchant.

Without hesitation, Dinda went to the bird Zombie with her knife intending to kill it.

'If the Pershala Merchant sells everything, then something like a class upgrade should be available. She needs to get a class upgrade to become a more potent healer', Pati thought while watching Dinda killing the bird Zombie.

After killing one of them, Dinda still hasn't reached level 10 so she killed another one.

Thankfully Pati left two bird Zombies for Dinda to help her reach level 10, if not then he will need to find other Zombies for Dinda to kill and waste more time.

"We're finished", Jeff said followed by Salsa on his side.

Hearing this, Pati nodded his head before he points at the stacked brains from the bird Zombies he killed that he already harvested, and Salsa immediately went to work and puts the brains inside of her bag.

Even now she's still not used to holding the brains but she doesn't have any choice.

After she finishes gathering the 10 bird Zombie brains he killed, Pati finds that the bag on Salsa's back is already bulging and he needs to devour them. But there's no time right now, the countdown is already in number 5.

The countdown decreases for every people that enter the green light.

Although Pershala Merchant is still something that he doesn't really know, Pati is sure that it's something beneficial so he can't afford to lose the chance to talk with the Pershala Merchant.

"Let's go, we're going to ignore the Zombies now and focus on getting to the green light"

The others nodded their heads before they all started sprinting towards the green light that is not that far away from their place, Walkers and Runners are after them but they ignores them.

With the addition of the bird Zombies they killed, even the girls now can easily outrun a Runner.

A moment later,

Pati and the others arrived at the green light that is stabbing the sky, they can feel the enormous amount of energy coming from the green light and even the robed figure can already be seen from the outside of the green light.

They're still 300 feet away from the green light hiding inside a liquor store nearby.

From the inside, they're scanning the surroundings for danger. The four of them look left and right trying to spot any Zombie or even any other survivor that might be waiting to ambush them and robed them or something.

Although they still have hope for the survivors, it's hard to say if the survivors are good guys.

'If it were me, with many things that can be gained from killing Zombies I will probably rob the others too if I have the chance', Pati thought while looking around warily.

But just as Pati was about to say that the place it's clear, he saw two people on the right.

These two people are a man and a woman that looks to be a couple from how they are holding hands while running to the green light, the man is holding what seems to be a short shotgun.

With his current stats, Pati is confident that a shotgun won't kill him instantly.

"There are two people heading to the green light, what should we do?", Jeff asks from the side.

Hearing this, Pati stood up with the sharp arm's length ashy bone in his hand. Pati holds the sharp bone like a spear, his arms and muscles tensed before with one swing he threw the sharp ashy bone towards the couple.


Sensing the incoming ashy bone, the man yanked the woman back to stop their advancement.

The ashy bone stab right into the ground just in front of them, it manages to stop the advancing couple before Pati uses his Leap skill and lands just beside the sharp ashy bone.

Upon seeing Pati landing in front of them, the man frowns.

"What is the meaning of this? We do not want any trouble, there are still five quotas left we don't need to fight", the man said while pulling the woman to hide behind him.

Hearing this, Pati points his fingers to the others that are heading toward him.

The man glanced to the side before his expression darken, but before the man can even say anything Pati then said, "Don't worry, one of ours is not level 10 yet so there's still quotas for you"

"Then why are you blocking us?", the man asks still on alert.

Cracking a grin on his face, Pati then points at the man and the woman's bags before he said, "You can come inside alright, but you guys must have some black coins right? Give me the coins and I'll let you go"

"If you refuse then I'll have to take it by force, the choice is yours..."

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