15 Class Effect

Two of the Walkers are walking stiffly with their feet tilted inwards, they limp towards the guy and the brown-haired girl that are keeping their distance, stepping back is their only option.

Even before the Walkers are able to reach them, their hands are already clawing randomly.

Rigid teeth that are uneven and decorated with their own blood are a sight that not many can get over from just seeing them a couple of times, they are like a minion straight from hell. The brown-haired girl started muttering prayers.

She holds her cross necklace while trying to ask the entity above to give her strength.

Even with her desperately trying to seek revelation that might give her some strength to face these horrors, the growls of the Walkers surprised her and even makes her shiver in terror.

What she's doing is not helping at all, the guy also started to hesitate again.

But while they both are stepping back from the advancing Walkers, they saw Dinda coming out of the janitor's room with three knives in her hands. She's having trouble holding the three of them as they are quite big, so she puts down two and prepares herself to fight the Walker that wanted her as its prey.

Dinda holds the knife in front of her with both hands.

One can see that her hands are shaking while looking at the Walker, but her face is determined to take this Walker down. Not everyone is like Pati who can be said longed for this kind of situation, so when Pati confidently confronts the Walkers he met for the first time the others are having trouble.


Charging forward, Dinda jabbed the knife into the Walker's chest.

Surprisingly the knife pierced through the Walker's chest, her eyebrows were raised in delight when she manage to stab the Walker. But her delight lasted a second before she saw the Walker didn't stop and open its mouth for a bite.

In reflex, Dinda let go of the knife to back away but the Walker catch her with a swing of its arm.

With just one swing of the Walker, she got pushed before hitting the wall on her side, "Arghh!", she yelped feeling her shoulder throbbing in pain from that attack.

Just like what Pati realizes at first, the Walkers are way stronger than a normal human.

Dinda recovers from the attack while holding her left shoulder, she raises her gaze before her eyes widened seeing the Walker is already leaning forward with its mouth wide open. She puts her arm on the Walker's neck trying to hold it back, her back is against a wall and she can't escape this situation.

Seeing this, the guy and the brown-haired girl's expression slowly turns pale.

Even though they wanted to help, their bodies wouldn't listen to them. On top of that, they're already quite far away from the janitor's room because the Walkers in front of them kept heading toward them.

"Kyaa!", Dinda turns her head to the side when the Walker's face is just by her face.

The Walker kept pushing closer with its entire body trying to bite Dinda. Her feet don't even touch the ground anymore, she uses her feet to step on the Walker's thigh so it can't get closer.

But the strength of the Walker is no joke, she can't hold on anymore as her strength is failing.

While she was desperately fighting for her life, a voice suddenly seeped into her ears coming from the side, "Do you need help?"

Dinda glanced to the side briefly and saw Pati leaning on the wall beside her.

The way he leans on the wall shows how nonchalant he is with the situation, she's fighting for her life but Pati seems to mock her. Grinding her teeth trying to muster more strength, she got pushed back again by the Walker.


As the Walker's face inches away from her face, its nasty breath went straight to her nostrills.

She can feel that her body was about to give out and Pati will not help until she answers, without having any other choice she then glanced at Pati, "Y- Ye..."

Before she can finish one word, Dinda changed her mind.

From the cold expression on Pati's face, she knows that this is her only chance to join. If she fails this then she won't be able to join his group and will eventually die.

Looking back at the Walker, Dinda saw the Walker's right hand was about to grab her.

Raising her hand to block the walker's right hand, Dinda then tries to assess the dire situation calmly before she got an idea. She grits her teeth and using her free arm she grabs the Walker's right eyeball.


Blood sprayed to her face but she didn't stop and yanked the eyeball out of its socket.

Even after doing that the Walker didn't seem to be disturbed by it at all, but she did the same thing to the Walker's left eyeball blinding it. Without no eyes, Dinda puts everything she had and pushes the Walker's back using her legs.

After she created a small gap, she throws her body to the side successfully escaping.

Pati was surprised to see this, he's already ready to save Dinda no matter if she really did ask for help. Watching Dinda escaping the Walkers' claws surprises his wildest thought, and unconditionally a smile appears on his face.

Following her escape, Dinda grabs the other knives before turning to face the Walker.

Since the Walker's eyes are no more from getting gauged out by Dinda, it can only flail around its arms hoping to hit Dinda who is a couple of steps away from it. Without its eyes, it's not as effective as before.

Dinda uses both of the knives and stabbed them to the Walker's neck.

Her eyes widened when she finds that even its skin is hard, but she kept dodging its arms and did this repeatedly until finally, the two knives penetrated its neck. The Walker falls to the ground, Dinda mounted it seeing that it's still moving.

Pulling the knives out before jabbing them in again, she did it multiple times as her pants started to be dyed with blood. She only stopped after the Walker stopped moving.

"Marvelous, you're not as weak as your appearance", Pati commented from the side.

Hearing this, Dinda stands up still holding the bloodied knives. She turns around to look at Pati before wiping the blood on her face using her arm. It's very evident that her eyes changed, from the eyes that look meek and scared into rather cold ones.

It's scary how one event can change a person's appearance this much.

Without even replying to Pati's comment, Dinda looks at the other two before she puts the knives on the ground and kicks the knives toward the two. The other two also saw this happening, she can't believe Dinda manage to do it.

After grabbing the knives that got kicked to them, the two don't have any more excuses when even Dinda is able to do it. She almost died but she kept pressing on without giving up.

Pati shrugs his shoulders before he said, "Go to class 901 and wait there"

"Are you going to watch over them? I think Raffi can do it but I'm worried Salsa can't do it, she's too timid for this such a thing", Dinda said while looking at the two engaging in a fight with the Walkers.

Hearing this, Pati then replied, "Just go on ahead, I'll watch over them"

"Okay...", Dinda mutters before she gave the other two one last look before heading into the emergency exit to go to the ninth floor, the classroom where Jeff is in.

But as soon as she did that, Pati turns away from the two.

'Why should I save them if they're just going to be a burden, if they survived then great they prove that they will not be a burden but if they don't then whatever', he thought before turning away intending to hunt for some more.

A moment later,


With his current strength, Pati's punch can crack Walkers' head easily.

Two Walkers in front of him died instantly after getting punched two times on the head by Pati, his eyes then shifted to the last Walker standing by the ATM machine. Pati saw these three Walkers inside the ATM counter room.

Although the university is closed, the ATM counter room near the front gate can still be accessed by students or even other people that are not students.

Inside there, Pati finds three Walkers wearing casual outfits.

Pati punch the last Walker straight on the head while twisting his hip to add more power, the Walker's head got squished in between Pati's fist and the wall behind it.

[Gained a level 6 Walker Chaos]

[You have reached level 10, stats has been distributed accordingly]

After killing the last Walker, he leveled up to level 10. He already killed a bunch of Zombies along the way clearing the path he took from Zombies, there are mainly Walkers near the front gate so it's easy pickings.

But then suddenly, a message from the system appeared and its content makes him frown.

[Congratulation on reaching level 10, you have gained the access to talk to Pershala]

Upon reading the message from the system, Pati frowned in confusion, 'Pershala? Who the fuck is that?', he thought. The system didn't give any explanation about this Pershala, so he really can't figure out who it is.

'Maybe it's the hooded figure? I don't know...', he thought before shaking his head.

Pati then glances at the plastic bag on the side that is already full of brains that he harvested from the Zombies he killed along the way, it's already stacked and there is no more room for the three Walkers' brains that he just killed.

Leaving the Brains here will be a waste, so he decided to just eat them here.

With how much harvesting he has done in the last day, Pati has already become an expert to reap the brains out of the Walkers' heads. He first takes pulls the head off of its body before giving it a karate chop that will split the head open.

He held back a bit when he karate chopped the head to not mushed the brains and made them hard to eat.

After a moment, Pati finished all three of the Walkers' brains.

[Sucessfully Gained a level 4...]

[Sucessfully Gained a level 6...]

[Sucessfully Gained a level 4 Walker Chaos]

[You have obtained 1400 Chaos]

[Congratulation, you have successfully eaten 20 Walker brains. The Brain Eater Class effect has been activated!]

Pati saw the last message in surprise,

Out of nowhere, his body suddenly glows with a green light. He inspects his body in utter surprise, he looks like a light bulb because of the green light glowing from inside of him.

It feels refreshing when his body is glowing with the green light.

Just like the combination of getting his muscles, bones, basically his entire massaged while simultaneously feeling a comforting warmth blooming inside of him giving him a nice feeling.

But that didn't last long, the green light dimmed down again.

Pati looks down at his body searching for some changes but he can't see or feel any, but a couple of messages from the system appear again in front of his eyes.

[Strength stat +20]

[Vitality stat +20]

[Hp point +400]

[You have obtained Zombie Scent level 0 passive skill!]

'Would you look at that, the Brain Eater class is not as bad as I expected'

After reading the system's messages with a smile, Pati then grabbed the plastic bag containing the brains before going out of the ATM counter room. He then glances to the side and saw a tall grey gate probably made of steel.

It's the front entrance of the university, the gate is like a big fence and he can see the outside.

Many Zombies are walking around outside of the university searching for a sign of life. Pati looks outside through the gap on the fence before his eyes land on a couple of Brawlers, an excited smile then appears on his face.

'If eating 20 Walkers gave me that much stats, then how about Brawlers...?'

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