1 [Chapter One]

"Yui, is not a test subject!" The woman wearing a white laboratory gown screamed at the man standing in front of her. Tears formed at the corner of her eyes, her emotions of pain and sorrow interlaced with pity overwhelming her system.

"You gave the test subject 3084274 a name!" The man seized the woman's brown locks and pulled her towards him. "You", he started his voice seething in anger as she drags the woman towards a big tube. "You are not to meet with this subject! It is not even a person to begin with---don't treat her as one!"

"What do you mean she's not human! She came from my daughter!"

"It is just a cell left from a dying child!" The man hollered back, veins became visible on his temple and he gnashed his teeth. "Ana, you are a researcher." His voice regaining its calm, seeing as the woman was trembling.

"She ca- came from my da- daughter, then she is still my daughter", the female trembled as her hands flew to grasp the hand that gripping her hair. Her voice trembling from pain, anger and loss.


"I forbid you to see it again." The man said firmly, he turned away from the female that was left sprawled on the floor. "Say your goodbyes, as your father this is the only thing I can do", he said before he left the room.

The woman suddenly felt her breath hitch. I won't be seeing my daughter? She felt rage, her daughter has died at a tender age of four. Her father used his own dead grandchild for his own means. She stared silently at the female child floating inside the glass container as machines work to keep it alive.

"I don't care whether my own father would find the cure or not", she said softly as she pressed her palms and forehead against the glass. She stared determinedly at the face that resembles her daughter, her swollen eyes sparking her determination. She went to one of the machines and pressed a few buttons. It's better if even my daughters' shell could leave peacefully, they have not experimented on her so much. There's not much of a loss. She pulled a knife necklace from under her clothes, she took the tip off and plugged it into the computer. She downloaded as much as she could onto her little drive. If the clone of her child remains alive after this, then there is hope for humanity.

"If not, then they can only blame themselves", after she ejected the drive she wore her necklace again. She stared at the tube one last time before she pushed the red blinking button. Alarms sounded as guards rushed towards her location and dragged her away. The machines malfunctioned simultaneously as other scientists hurried to save project 3084274.

The sun was high up in the sky, revealing what has left of the catastrophic event six years ago. Nature took over the once-bustling streets as people have abandoned them to seek out a much secure place to live. Some tall buildings have succumbed to many earthquakes and became submerged in the ocean, others left on the ground groaned in silent warning against entering them, each one more broken down after chaos ensued. Doors and windows were left not intact with the insides rummaged by passing people. The dust has gathered and thickened overtime, food supplies, and other necessities expired. Trashes littered as it was carried by the wind on the pavements of the roads and bodies of water. Weeds and grasses grew between the cracks as vines climbed high on the infrastructures.

Outside of what used to be the urban area, the once rice fields had turned into a luscious forest filled with life. The rural area seemed less affected by the event, with so much as fewer people living in the rural area that the houses were farther away. The land owned by each person was much more as they used it for agriculture. Each home was consumed by the place, bodies that were once scattered had been decaying over those years. People there died and their bodies were left to the mercy of the elements, animals, and such. The same can be said about Felitchs' family home, the main house was wrecked and random shrubbery grew from the once pristine yard, vines that were once trimmed climbed whatever they could reach. In the backyard, a pile of rubble was left piled up like a mound against the old maple tree. The tree, therefore, was twisted in a way that it seemed like it was trying to integrate the pile into itself. A mangled arm reached out shakily and stiffly, the flesh was rotting off and bones can be seen peeking out of the skin. The owner, tried to crawl out from underneath the rubble. The petite corpse-like child lied faced down, shielding her face from the light of the sun that peeked through the canopy of leaves. Her black curly hair fanning from behind her, the dress she wore was muddy, ripped, and smelled like earth.

After some time, she moved again, her small fingers twitching at first before clenching the tall grasses underneath her. Her face no longer resting on the small patch of earth as she surveyed her surroundings. Her soulless and dull eyes blinking passively, neck clicking as she turned it to every side. She propped herself on to the tree and leaned on it, to get used to the atmosphere and her surroundings at first. When her eyes had adjusted to the light, she used the tree to help her stand. Her legs were wobbly yet her hands took on most of her weight, she took time stabilizing and becoming accustomed to her own body weight. When she saw that her knees do not shake any more, she proceeded by taking a step forwards toward the direction of the dilapidated house. She fell back on her behind on her first try so she crawled back to the tree to be able to stand on her feet and repeatedly tried to walk until she made it to the steps without falling or stumbling. The wooden beams of the house were rotting and a strong smell of decay and dust greeted her as she walked inside. All the expensive materials were scattered on the floor along with broken mirrors and picture frames. The child walked in a daze towards what was once a fireplace. She ran her fingers against the moss-covered blacken bricks, pressing against the fifth brick at the back of the fireplace. The brick she pressed sounded a soft click before the brick beside it fell, revealing a necklace with a knife pendant. She studied the material her fingers grazing against the bump at its back, there were words etched on it. She remembered that it was important to her but she doesn't know why but she shoved the necklace in her dress's pocket without another thought. She felt a sudden ache as she stood from her crouching position, her hand immediately flew to clutch her throbbing head. She swayed a bit as she leaned backward so she could lay down. Her painful head made it difficult for her to move and in her attempt to lessen the pain, curled her body into a fetal position. It was not long before she fainted due to pain.

Her eye moved underneath her eyelids, she entered in a deep sleep causing her to dream. In her dream, she saw the big maple tree and a brunette woman smiling at her. The woman stretched her arms out beckoning her closer, she felt something throbbed painfully in her chest as she walked closer.

Yui, my little Yui~. She could hear the woman's soft voice whispering.

Anna! You came! You came!

I did promise to meet you here. A smile blossomed on the woman's lips as her eyes glittered with happiness.

Mou~ it's time to wake up dear.

The little girl's body convulsed a bit before her eyelids opened. Like before she surveyed her surroundings again. Everything in that dream felt surreal for her, yet she shook her head, she can't remember much about what was in her dream. The place was already dark, her eyes strayed from every corner of the room, her sight passing by the windows with broken glass. The moon was round and bright, the stars shined in their place as the trees swayed their leaves. It was a mystical yet lonely view, no matter how pretty it seemed the place coupled with this scenery give off a desolate atmosphere. She shook her head, her eyes losing the once luster it held, she walked out the broken and slightly rotting oak doors. The front yard was a mess, she thought, as her greenish and pale soles stepped on the grass after passing by the place where the mighty white columns once stood. The wind blew her hair as she walked towards the rusty gates of the place. The tall metal gate has bent into weird angles and the rust made it hard for her to push.


The sound it gave off was eerie, the hinges almost giving up on holding the heavy metal as it was pushed. She felt a sudden kind of unsettling and unwillingness to part. The entire place was bright due to the light from the moon, she slowly tried to capture every single detail of the place where she had awoken. She felt that it was very important to her, she could not however point out the reason why. She stared at the house a bit before deciding to set out, there was no proper concrete road to lead her and everything was nearly integrated back to the earth. No, two places seemed like a carbon copy of each other. Her walk led her to a quiet stream, she was amazed by how the water reflected the moon's light. She edged closer to where the water and land meet and peered down. The water reflected back her image, slightly blurred and hard to see, it showed a childish but grotesque face. There was discoloration on some parts, her cheekbones are peeking from underneath her skin. Her eyes were sunken and her lips were shriveled, she felt nothing was out of the ordinary. She could not recall how she initially looked and she could care less about it at the moment. Her moment of enchantment came to an end when she heard a rustling noise at a bush a few meters behind her. Her body immediately stilled in fear, her mind blanking as she faced the bushes. A white ball of fluff suddenly jumped from it, two tall white things proudly stood up from the side of the creature's head. She fell down due to her shock and initial fear, her eyes closing on instinct when the creature appeared suddenly. When she felt that nothing was moving, she slowly opened one eye after another to see what had startled her. A plump rabbit stared right back at her, seemingly amused at her reaction. She suddenly felt that she was being ridiculed by the bunny as its nose twitch ever so slightly before hopping back to the bushes. She thought that it was enough and decided not to pursue the fat rabbit, it was better if she moved along rather than stay here and frighten herself some more.

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