Bounty of The Stars

Join Kita, a young and brilliant scientist, as he embarks on an extraordinary journey through the vastness of the galaxy. Fueled by ambition and a desire to uncover the hidden wonders of the universe, Kita seizes the opportunity of a lifetime aboard the revolutionary THS Shore research vessel. Their mission: to study a colossal super structure enveloping a Blue Giant, a task that promises unimaginable revelations. As Kita and the crew set sail, they find themselves caught in a whirlwind of mind-boggling discoveries, each more astounding than the last. Some hold the potential to reshape humanity's future, while others pose unforeseen risks. Amidst the chaos, Kita's fate changes in a way he never imagined. Faced with the unforeseen circumstances, the choices he makes reshapes his future. Now bored with life, Kita sets out on a journey that leads him to navigating not only the mysteries of the cosmos but also the treacherous waters of interstellar politics, Kita strives to leave an indelible mark as one of humanity's greatest minds. His journey takes him to ancient ruins, unveiling long-lost secrets that redefine humanity's understanding of the galaxy. Driven by an insatiable thirst for knowledge, Kita embraces the unseen, unearths the unfound, and ventures into the unfathomable depths of the unknown. Prepare to embark on a captivating expedition, as Kita pushes the boundaries of exploration and grapples with the extraordinary challenges that lie beyond the reaches of human imagination. Updates on: GMT 2:00 PM or 14:00

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Uncertain Approach

Ingot began by projecting a map of the current star system. All the important stuff was already highlighted in red.

They could see their own location, The location of the border patrol garrison and their ships. The Local space station. And a few other parties that were also passing through this star system.

He stood up from his spot and moved to the center to take charge of the meeting.

Kita could see that he was quite nervous. It didn't seem like that he had much experience in doing stuff like this.

But he trusted Nova's judgement.

Ingot first straighten out his cloths before clearing his throat as he began.

"After Mr. Solis put me on the job, I started by charting out everything in this system. As this system had already be charted countless times, So I didn't need to work hard on that. But mapping out the other elements was a bit pain." He looked around after he said that. Seeing that everyone was still watching him, he started again.

"Our Next Lagrange point is this one at the edge off the system. But to reach their, we need to pass through the local garrison. For obvious reasons, we can't do that. So, After I analyzed the local astral bodies a bit, I figured that if we turn back to this point near our previous LaGrange point, We can get a quick boost in speed and maneuver around the garrison altogether!" He said as he pressed a button.

A path appeared on the projection showing exactly what he was talking about.

Using Planets or other astral bodies to get speed boost wasn't a new thing. Humanity had been using it long before They had invented Fusion drives.

It was a relatively simple to understand and was quite easy to maneuver around. They just needed to get the timing right. Everything else would just fall in it's place.

But Kita noticed a slight problem with his plan.

"But the charted path doesn't lead us to the LaGrange point though. There's still a big gap."

"Yes, That's what phase two of the plan comes in. But for this, We need the help of someone else."

"Help of someone else?"

"Yes." Ingot said as he pressed another button.

It showed a group of ships that was parked near an asteroid belt. It was a big group consisting about 40 ships belonging to the Cremer Group. They were a big shot in the mining industry and boasted large fleets of ships.

"The 46th Cremer squad is currently busy doing their business in the system. But I believe that they are going to leave the system shortly. We need their help if we are to get out of this system safely."

"Huh? How do you reckon?" Kita's interest was piqued. He wanted to see what exactly Ingot proposed.

"You see, after we finish our little maneuver around the garrison, We will still need to use normal sub light speeds to traverse the remaining distance. But doing that would leave us vulnerable against any attacks. We need protection during that time. I propose that we get the Cremer's to help us. The local garrison get's heavily paid by the Cremer group. So they won't dare to bite the hand that feeds them."

Ingot reveled his plan.

"I see... But why do you reckon that they would be willing to help us. I mean, they are in cahoots with the local garrison. Why would they go out of their way to help us. A total stranger?"

"With all due respect sir, They won't."

"Huh? Then? Do you just plan on doing it anyway without their consent?"

"Ye... Yes sir. If everything goes as planned, They wouldn't need to know anything. If I'm right, they are gonna make their way towards the same Lagrange point within a few hours. If we can time our paths with theirs such that they overlap at just the right time, Then we can just use them as shields without them even being aware of it." Ingot said as he let out a confident laugh.

Kita's eyes went big when he heard the plan. He looked at Ingot like he was looking at a madman.

He looked towards Nova for a second.

He only got a slight nod from him. It seemed that Nova supported this course of action.

Kita honestly didn't know what was going through their minds.

There was a lot of uncertainty in the plan and everything needed to go just right so that they could get out of system safely.

It would only take them a few minutes to transition into FTL once they reached the LaGrange point. Getting there was the real challenge.

Once they were in FTL, nobody could touch them.

What Ingot proposed was nothing less of reckless.

But Kita liked it.

Although it depended on a lot of things going right, It was a solid plan backed with real analysis.

"Sir, If I may." It seemed that Nova wanted to say something.

Kita gave an affirming nod.

"If things are truly as serious as you say, Then there's a real need for us to get out of this system. The longer we stay here, the easier we are as a target. I know the plan may seem like a bit reckless, But I urge you to trust in Ingot. I vouch for his abilities."

Kita raised his eyes upon hearing that. It meant a lot if someone like Nova was backing him up.

'The Kid must have some serious talent if that's the case' Kita thought to himself.

"Are you sure you can pull it off?" Kita asked looking at Both Nova and Ingot.

They were the masterminds of this plan so he intended to give them the wheel this time.

Nova didn't say anything and just looked at Ingot.

The man quivered under all this pressure. A lot was riding on his plan. If anything went wrong, the results could be quite bad.

But after a few moments of hesitation. He finally gave a slight nod. He was confident in his analysis. He trusted his math and numbers. It had never failed him before. He was sure it wasn't gonna fail him now.

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