Bounty of The Stars

Join Kita, a young and brilliant scientist, as he embarks on an extraordinary journey through the vastness of the galaxy. Fueled by ambition and a desire to uncover the hidden wonders of the universe, Kita seizes the opportunity of a lifetime aboard the revolutionary THS Shore research vessel. Their mission: to study a colossal super structure enveloping a Blue Giant, a task that promises unimaginable revelations. As Kita and the crew set sail, they find themselves caught in a whirlwind of mind-boggling discoveries, each more astounding than the last. Some hold the potential to reshape humanity's future, while others pose unforeseen risks. Amidst the chaos, Kita's fate changes in a way he never imagined. Faced with the unforeseen circumstances, the choices he makes reshapes his future. Now bored with life, Kita sets out on a journey that leads him to navigating not only the mysteries of the cosmos but also the treacherous waters of interstellar politics, Kita strives to leave an indelible mark as one of humanity's greatest minds. His journey takes him to ancient ruins, unveiling long-lost secrets that redefine humanity's understanding of the galaxy. Driven by an insatiable thirst for knowledge, Kita embraces the unseen, unearths the unfound, and ventures into the unfathomable depths of the unknown. Prepare to embark on a captivating expedition, as Kita pushes the boundaries of exploration and grapples with the extraordinary challenges that lie beyond the reaches of human imagination. Updates on: GMT 2:00 PM or 14:00

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The Deepest Depths of Despair

Jane looked on with horrified eyes as the mountains literally split in half and the ground began to shake more and more.

The vibrations gradually turned into full on earthquakes. And the ground began to shake really rapidly.

That's when she heard a sudden beep in her earpiece. That broke her attention away from mountain. The beep meant that her comm had connected with the local network.

She quickly tried to contact mission command aboard the ship.

The command picked up the call.

"Miss Jane. Are you okay? We received reports that you disappeared into the caverns." The command spoke.

"I'm fine. But are you guys seeing what's happening?" She basically screamed at the commander.

"Yes, we are aware of the developments."

"Why is the mountain splitting in two? What the hell is going on?"

"We don't know what caused this sudden development, but we're guessing that it might have to do with something we did. Further investigations requir....." As the projection of the commander was speaking, an operator from the side came and handed her a tablet.

It seemed to be something important enough to interrupt her.

Jane watched as the Commander's eyes went from calm to full on panic mode. Whatever she saw on the tablet was alarming enough that her eyes were wide open.

Seeing that the Commander was in shock, Jane asked for some clarification.

"What happened commander? What's going on?"

"Miss Jane, Where are you right now? We're sending a shuttle to your location." The commander quickly spoke.

"I don't know where I am, transmitting my location." Jane quickly transmitted her location.

"Sit tight. We can't lose you too." Commander spoke in grave voice.

"Lose me too? What do you mean by that? Where are the others?" Jane asked in panic.

"All the shuttles were destroyed by the falling rocks as they were about to take off, No one made it out." The commander spoke in a grave tone.

Jane remembered that they had parked the different shuttles that they had come in quite close to the cavern entrance.

It seemed that the mountain activity had caused lose rock to fall and crush the shuttles!

As this realization settled in, Jane's expression turned grave.

"So, I'm the only one?"

"As far as we're aware. We haven't been able to make contact with your partner Ojin he never came outside after he went in to look for you."

"What?!?!" Ojin was still inside the mountains?

"Sit tight, The shuttle will be at your location within 20 minutes. just stay away from the mountains." The commander instructed.

"Why did....."

Before Jane could say whatever she wanted to say, there was a loud screech.

Jane quickly looked back at the mountain where the screech had come from.

She froze where she stood after seeing the scene.

The mountain.....

It was moving....

Not just moving. It was alive!

"These aren't mountains at all!" she exclaimed

These were some kind of gigantic quadruped aliens that towered over anything she had ever seen or heard about. They were so huge that they resembled mountains. No wonder these mountains looked so weird.

That's when she remembered about the engravings inside the caverns. The aliens knew what these mountains where. That's why they saw them as deity and prayed to them!

"It all comes together!"

All the pieces fell together as jane made this realization.

Just as she was about to report this realization to the commander, she was cut off by the commander.

"The shuttle is already on it's way.. Don't move from where you are." The commander instructed as she cut off the call. There seemed to be more important things to do.

Jane wasn't about to report her finding to the commander.

As she was about to call her again, there was a loud screech.


It was so loud that her whole body shook.

There wasn't any air on the planet. The sound vibrations rant throughout the planet as it reached Jane. God knew what would happen if there was air to carry the screech.

She looked at the mountain.

There was 4 distinctive leg like structure on which the 'mountains' stood. and there was a head like structure.

Jane watched with horror as the 'mountain' opened up it's mouth.

It's maw wide enough to swallow the whole Nebulon.

What the beast did next was even more frightful.

It pointed it's mouth towards the ground. still wide open.

After a few moments, a light beam, as white as the purest milk came out of it's maw and dug straight through the ground it was pointing at.

Hundreds of tons of Rocks and the planet's crust flew up into the air, scattering everywhere.

Jane saw that as she began to run. Although the mountains were quite far away, the flying rocks would no doubt reach her. So she tried her best to run away from the mountains.

As she began to run a sudden though hit her. She quickly looked at the sky while running.

That's when a sudden burst of light lit up the sky.

That was the shuttle. Her ride back to the ship getting destroyed by the stray rocks in the air.

"Noooo...." Jane couldn't believe herself.

She saw her last hope crumbling before her own eyes. There was no way she was gonna survive the rocks now.

She needed to run. She needed to run fast.

So she quickly enabled all the things in her suit that would let her run faster and began to sprint away from the mountains.

Hoping deep in her hearts that she could get far enough to be clear of the rocks.

Although the chances were slim, she still hoped for the best.

After running for a while, she had reached outside of the rocks paths. So she slowed down as she received a call.

"Miss Jane. Stay safe. We'll send another shuttle as soon as it's safe enough...."

"Please... Quickly se....." Before she could finish her words however. The call was cut.

She saw a thick light beam soar across the sky.

She turned to look towards the mountains when she noticed that another one of the mountains was firing the beam from it's maw.

But why was it firing at the sky?

She followed the beam only to fall into utter despair. Her knees gave out as she fell to the ground. There was no hope left for her.

The beam had destroyed the Nebulon in Orbit.

Jane could see the explosion of the ship from the ground. The sky was lit up too brightly by the stars and the light beam for the Explosion of the Nebulon to stand out.

But the explosion pattern was clear. It was the Nebulon.

Hello again! Here's today's chapter. I loved writing this mini arc for the story. What do you think caused the Tragedy? Let me know your thoughts. Thanks for reading my work. As always, let me know your thoughts and comments down in the paragraph or chapter comments. I'll read em all! And if you have any spare power stones, do send them this way, it helps the book reach more people. Thanks <3

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