Bounty of The Stars

Join Kita, a young and brilliant scientist, as he embarks on an extraordinary journey through the vastness of the galaxy. Fueled by ambition and a desire to uncover the hidden wonders of the universe, Kita seizes the opportunity of a lifetime aboard the revolutionary THS Shore research vessel. Their mission: to study a colossal super structure enveloping a Blue Giant, a task that promises unimaginable revelations. As Kita and the crew set sail, they find themselves caught in a whirlwind of mind-boggling discoveries, each more astounding than the last. Some hold the potential to reshape humanity's future, while others pose unforeseen risks. Amidst the chaos, Kita's fate changes in a way he never imagined. Faced with the unforeseen circumstances, the choices he makes reshapes his future. Now bored with life, Kita sets out on a journey that leads him to navigating not only the mysteries of the cosmos but also the treacherous waters of interstellar politics, Kita strives to leave an indelible mark as one of humanity's greatest minds. His journey takes him to ancient ruins, unveiling long-lost secrets that redefine humanity's understanding of the galaxy. Driven by an insatiable thirst for knowledge, Kita embraces the unseen, unearths the unfound, and ventures into the unfathomable depths of the unknown. Prepare to embark on a captivating expedition, as Kita pushes the boundaries of exploration and grapples with the extraordinary challenges that lie beyond the reaches of human imagination. Updates on: GMT 2:00 PM or 14:00

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The Courtroom

Early in the morning, 2 guards with white armor on entered Kita's cell. Kita who was sitting on his bed looked up towards them. He had woken up early that morning, after exercising for a bit, he had to get ready for the trial today.

As he changed into a new set of clothes and fixed his look, he sat on his bed waiting for the guards.

As the guards entered, one of them spoke.

"Dr. Kita, Please come with us. You are to be presented in front of the council to be tried for your crimes aboard the shore while on it's latest mission." They spoke in a authoritative and unhurried tone. But it conveyed clearly that there wasn't any room for discussion.

Kita didn't want to discuss anything anyway. He had spent the last few days bored in here. There was nothing for him to do except to exercise and reminisce about Helen. He was prepared for the fate that awaited him.

After confirming that there wasn't anything Kita wanted to say, One of the guards said.

"Please extend your arms. We're gonna cuff you for the journey."

Kita obliged.

The guard brought out a small marble like device and held It between his two hands. A blue corona came out of it and surrounded his wrists. The energy cuffs had been successfully placed upon him.

"Please stand up."

Kita stood up and the guards positioned him between them, before starting to walk out of the cell.

As Kita followed them he passed through several halls with rows upon rows of cells. The hard gunmetal decks made a *clunk* sound for every step he took. At a first glance, the bare halls didn't look anything special.

But Kita knew what laid underneath the seemingly ordinary decks. The defense system of these halls were state of the art designed to take down even the strongest of armored attackers. It was part of a bigger system that was designed to keep the inmates in, and everyone else out.

Kita had no intentions to perform any shenanigans. So he didn't anything to be afraid of. He continued to follow the guards through the halls.

He soon passed a station where they scanned his identity before clearing him.

The guards them proceeded to walk again. Kita naturally followed without saying anything.

They soon exited the maximum security building and walked towards a landing pad where a transport vehicle was on standby to take him to the courthouse that was on another continent.

As the group approached the vehicle, a small hatch opened up. Everyone entered. The vehicle and Kita was seen to his seat. The two guards sat on each of his side.

As they fastened in, The hatch of the transport vehicle closed. The whole thing began to hum as it fired up it's engines.

The vehicle transport was basically a small aerial transport that ferried passengers within a planet. It's designed varied from one to another based on the purposes it was to serve.

The one Kita was in was designed for MP use and was used to transport special inmates that had a rather high status.

Kita sat there as the hum gradually increased, until he felt the whole thing take off. As he sat to the side, he looked out the window of the other side, he couldn't see much, but he felt that transport had already began to speed up.

As it quickly increased the speed, it zapped through the air. But the passengers inside wasn't affected by the g-force generated by the stupendous speeds. Everything was isolated. And that made for a pleasant journey.

Kita gave up on trying to look outside through the window on the opposite side, it didn't offer much view anyway.

He looked at the floor, the gun metal deck felt cool. Although he couldn't touch or feel it through the shoes, he felt it would be cool if he were to touch it.

That was interesting. Why did he feel that way?

It amused Kita for his quick journey to the court. After the transport landed, the hatch opened again and Kita followed the guards out and into a building that could only be considered as Humongous.

The Courthouse was where all of the military trials were held, It was a huge complex that spanned a stupendous amount of area.

As he walked from the landing pad to the entrance, he could see armored MPs as well as towering Guard mechs patrolling the vicinity of the court.

Kita entered the building and after going through the necessary checks, he was escorted into a waiting room where he was supposed to wait until it was his turn.

There was only a single seat in the rather small room, he was made to sit on that as the two guards stood on either side of him facing the door. There were the 3 people. Kita knew for a fact that there was probably other waiting areas, Why did they put him here? He didn't know that.

But as Kita sat there, he couldn't help but feel a little anxious of his upcoming trial. Although he had received all the assurances from Dr. Kita and others, Nothing was set until it happened. Anything could happen in the next few hours.

Kita took a few deep breaths as he tried to calm himself down. He didn't want to be anxious. He had already accepted everything that might happen when he pulled that trigger. Fretting over it now won't help him in any way.

Kita took a few more deep breaths and looked towards the door. Waiting for his fate.

Soon, there was a knock, One of the guards went and opened it.

It was Peter. He had come to check up on him one last time before the trial.

"Dr. Kita, how are you? Hope these guys didn't mistreat you. Just let me know if they did." Peter said as he entered the room, a smile plastered on his face.

"They didn't. Kita said in a calm tone."

"Good, So everything is still the same. The plan is still the same. You don't have to worry if any hiccups pop up. Just let me handle it, I've talked with Dr. Kbom this morning and he said there might be someone trying to sabotage you. So if the procecution tries to rile you up, please keep your composure and let me handle it.", Peter said with a calm smile.

"Great to know."

"Well then, I'll take my leave. See you in a bit.", Peter said as he gave a nod. Then turned around and exited the room.

'Someone is out to get me huh? I wonder who it is.', Kita thought to himself.

Soon, the guards received a command and 2 other guards came to take Kita to the courtroom. Kita followed them.

He soon entered a huge white room, he couldn't really the celling of it. He could see a bunch of people spectating the trial from the side. He saw, Dr. Kbom, York, Lieutenant Holland, captain Huges in the crowd. And a few unfamiliar faces that he couldn't identify. He could see the council members high up on the opposite side of the room. He also saw peter on another side of the room.

"It seems like everyone is prepared."

They guided him to the middle of the room, where there was a single podium. That was where Kita would stand and be tried for his crimes.

When he entered the room, a small buzz could be heard from the spectators. After he took to the podium, the presiding judge banged his gavel.

"Order in the courtroom please. Let's begin the trial of Mr. Kita Thiels. Accused of insubordination and the destruction of valuable research specimen."

And the trial had began.

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